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Penang Trip (Social / Family Obligation)

September 26, 2011

Second week of raya, syauQi was on leave.  He came back from his usual badminton session late night and mumble to me who was asleep “bsok balik penang lah eh”. I didnt quite register it, woke up the next morning i wasnt sure i dreamt syauqi said it or he really did say it. I asked him, die pulak tgh deep sleep…tak register what im saying and ended up mumble ape tah. Then he woke up almost noon and i asked him again did he say anything about going back penang, die kate ade. I managed to pack everything within an hour,i think im doing pretty good now, packing for 4 lil ones and 2 adults all in one big suitcase. Aritu pegi cameron somehow diapers bawak tak cukup so syauqi kate, just bring one whole pack yg belum bukak lagi.masuk je 1 pack dlm kereta. So that was exactly what i wanted to do…tgk2 pack sume. bag masuk dlm keta BUT we lupe masuk the pack of diaper dlm keta. sbb slalu angkut bag je masuk. Smapi penang, jenuh nak cari kedai yg jual Mamy Poko.

Oh wait, sure u all dlm kepala dok piki all kind of food bile mention Penang. Sedara syauqi  kat mainland bukan island. so slalu balik tak mkn pun all those food org slalu go for and also im not a fan of mamak…so no way i nak gi Nasi Kandar Beratur, oh no thank you. Baru type pasal nasi kandar tekak dh kembang, tu blum bau lagi…

We balik for 2 nites, ajak syauqi jom gi Hard Rock Cafe for a night, then syauQi kuarkn No-do-not–negotioate-with-me punye statement “I am not spending anymore money” , maka saya pun terima seadanye, statement itu.  The trip back to Penang is more enjoyable now sebab elder 2 dah reti nak bersocial with the Tuk2 kat sane. The first night, syauqi wanted to take something in the car, it was late night, tgh nk amiq barang, uZair ran out of the house, had to chase after uZAir to get him into the house, tgh kabut angkat barang, angkat uZAir, suddenly i saw muka syauqi berubah, he was like “oh nooo”. Guess what, the key is in the car and the car autolock. Dannngggg. Called my sister to cari the spare key and was thinking of getting her to pos laju it first thing in the morning the next day. It was a Wednesday, so if pos khamis, we should get the key Friday, insyaAllah.

Bsok pagi tu was telling sedara what happen, and lucky us, one of syauQi’s cousin kebetulan ade meeting in Rawang and mmg pegi balik hari…fuhhh lega. Asked for his help to take the spare key and bwk blk penang. So malam tu kami dh dpt kunci. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Abang Din.

During the day we pinjam kereta sedara syauqi tuk jalan2. Siang tu tak tau nk buat ape…then syauqi kate jom gi island bwk budak main beach. Of coz lah bersinar mata the elder 2. I didnt pack attire for them to play at the beach, thus we went to the nearby shop to get set of attire tuk main kat beach. Elder 2 syok main pasir while uZAir ran straight to the water, jenuh syauQi nak jaga sbb ombak tgh kuat and somehow the surface tu akn tetiba dalam.

Elder 2 had a great time with the pasir

Before this hArith and athirAh tak berani sgt with sea, but PakTeh (or known as Tuk Teh to the kids) rajin layan them, brought them for a walk…terus naik syiok…siap sengaja jatuh2 kn badan bile wave datang.

habis PakTeh basah,he didnt bring extra clothes but sanggup basah. A big thank you to PakTeh, kids had a great time

ke hulu ke hilir athirAh ajak PakTeh jalan

ni hArith, dok asyik rebahkn badan whenever wave datang pastu tekejut air masin “Mom, it’s salty!!!”

Uwais was with the auntie,

I told MakTeh to put uWais down tp MakTek was worried uWAis mkn pasir. I told her takpe, biar je die rase, once dah rase sure taknk dah. And that was exactly what happen

ha ni MakTek tgh jerit ckp “No” kat uWais, baru nk masuk mulut, uWais tekejut…terus look back

i somehow allowed uWais to ‘taste’ it,

after he tasted it, terus main pasir without the need of me checking he masuk mulut ke tak

he surely had fun. Im pretty sure if i kept saying no to him, he will not enjoy the sand as much as he did, sebab each time nk sentuh je i dok ckp no no…all i had to do was to let him taste it a bit, and he will no longer wants to put it in his mouth but enjoy the sand play instead 🙂 Alhamdulillah takde kejadian sakit perut lepas tu 🙂

Oh baru sedar, gambar Maksu takde sbb MakSu tgh gigih jaga barang2..hihi

Bile ajak balik, uzair budak paling tak puas hati

Pastu balik singgah makan kat Padang Kota di mana kami kena tipu harga… 🙁

p/s: kak linda if u reading this, bukak kn page ni kat MakTeh and PakTeh please, thanks

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