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Random Babbles

December 26, 2011

School holiday is testing my limit, kids’ sleeping hours are haywire. Harith n Uwais are morning person, regardless how late they sleep, b4 8am they will be up dh tepacak bangun leaving me no chance of sleeping in. Uwais is only 10 months but is taking less nap now since the other 3 are home, he finds it more interesting to be up to play with them. Yesterday uwais slept 5 mins to midnite, he only had nap twice during the day in which total hours slept not even close to 2 hours. Uzair as usual sleeps late and he will sleep in. Due to various sleeping pattern of the kids’, i ended up sleeping late but waking up early. Putting all 4 to sleep is a different battle everyday. At times i wonder does syauQi ever wonder how do i managed the 4 kids alone when he is away.

As i mention in previous entry, uzair likes the crashing game, now he crashes on me all the time. he is 14 kg and i’m 43kg…that’s about 1/3 of my weight crashing on me. I used to sleep before him and let him fall asleep by himself but due to these crashing seeking thingy, he tend to jump on me every now and then when i am asleep. Thus alternatively, i cant sleep but belek2 die instead, rub oil on his body and such. Asal nampak i pegang botol baby oil, wahh laju je die pasrah kan diri baring hulur kaki suruh sapu2. lepas kaki hulur tangan lak, pastu selak baju pastu hulur kaki balik….

I really need to increase my patience n tolerance level, besides getting crash onto, uwais is teething…i get bites every now n then. And he has this habit of one hand thumb sucking and the other hand grasp on my hair..ended up getting my hair pulled every now and then. Oh have i mentioned here? Uwais has started walking! He started walking a week after he turned 10 months, Subhanallah. We are rather surprised to see him walking that soon, in fact he is already busy kicking balls. He started crawling pun cepat, when he was 5 months plus. Lets hope he starts talking fast too..hihi Or at least no a delayed speech issue, insyaAllah.

No, uzair is still not talking and has his tantrums every now n then. BUT when he is without tantrums he is much of a cheerful boy. He laughs and giggles more when he is not in his tantrums. Do the crashing game with him, he will be one happy cheerful boy! It need lots of energy to play with him, he likes adventure seeking kind of play.

uZair in a cheerful mode

hArith is attending holiday programme 12 days Swimming Crash Course. Initially we enrolled athirAh too but she refused to corporate. She wanted to be in the small pool je taknk masuk the big pool. For their age, they not able to swim yet after the 12 days but they teach survival skill, i.e floating and kangaroo hope in the water. Tomorrow will be their last day. I plan to pinjam my SIL underwater camera to take few shots of them in the water. Meanwhile here are few shots i took with my phone

“Blow bubbles with your nose, not your mouth”

starfish float, he can float but not confident to do it at the big pool

kat big pool, kept telling the coach “dont let me go”

The crash course swimming lesson is at Glenmarie Golf Club 4 times a week (weekday). yup mmg mcm cari pasal namenye,have to redah jam every petang for the swimming lesson (5-6pm) But im not complaining, dok rumah with them pun just as tiring. I would love if hArith continues the swimming lesson, once a week (weekend). Currently he is at Nemo 1 level, so if smbung monthly he can masuk level Nemo 2. Syauqi doesnt seem to agree with me, he said tak baloi spend hours on the road to bawak sorang je. Well, dah age anak lain2, different anak lain needs lah kan? His exact ayat was “i want you home” im not too sure does that mean he wants me home because he wants to spend more time with me or because he wants me home as in dont-leave-me-to-handle-the-other-3 kids…hahaha. Welcome to my world syauqi 😛 2 – 3 jam jer im leaving the kids with you … it is a nice break for me 😛 (even though it means stuck in the traffic jam)

It is no doubt tiring dealing with the kids, hope besar nanti pandai lah they take care of us, parents pulak. Regardless how tiring the days are…seeing moments like this,how well they bond together…will never fail to put a smile on my face,

and sweep away all the kepenatan, (but that doesnt mean i dont grumble on how tired it is…hahaha)


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  1. munirah, nk tanya u sket la.. all ur pics cantik sgt2.. nk tanya u guna lens aper yek?


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    i hv two lenses, 18-200mm and lagi satu 50mm f1.4


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