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September 10, 2012

Yes yes, it has been awhile. It seems to be consistent now, each time i update, i will be apologizing for the hiatus..haha Free time is always something we all wish to have dont we? Sadly that doesnt happen to me often. Oh,no…im not complaining 🙂

Anyway, for the sake of updating this blog…i would like to share something that my kids enjoy doing, in fact almost every other day my kids do this. Something you can get from your kitchen, doesnt cost you much but endless happiness 🙂

This slimey gooey is just soo fun. Its a magical consistency i shall say. Watery when hold but solid when stationary . I never failed to enjoy myself too each time i do this with the kids. Only managed to take photo with the phone since my hands were always messy when we do this

And this playdough is what Uwais plays every morning. Yes, every morning.

 * cream of tar tar is NOT the same as tartar sauce. Its in powder form, can get it from bakery shop. However, it works just as well without it too i think. Its soo much cheaper than buying playdough. Do it yourself :). Kids enjoy the part where they get to mix all the raw ingredients…let them dig their hands in the bowl and start mixing all up 🙂


Oh by the way, have you heard of Alesya (Fi Zikraa), check their FB page, exclusive Bawal Shawl. They have it in plain colors, with chiffon borders and also with pattern chiffon borders


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