Listen to your children – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Listen to your children

September 30, 2012

I watched this video clip sometime back, i did share the video on my facebook too. This, a reminder to all parents. A very well said video clip by Nouman Ali Khan. Please take time to listen to this clip, its less than 3 minutes


and recently i was reminded again about this, found this on pinterest


just sharing this with everyone.  Dont just buy toys with for your kids, but also play with them. that is even more important. I owe this blog an entry on Uzair’s progress. will definitely have to find time to do so. Perhaps we should make a campaign of playing with our children. I read somewhere but cant remember where it was a challenge to spend 30 minutes every day for a month playing WITH your kids. Yes, to play with them…not just to sit, facilitate and watch them but rather to participate along. not while you are on the phone / facebook / twitter / instagram and such but yes to be involved. lets do that, fully engaged, and fully theirs. to enter their world of imagination





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  1. Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes kita terlupa.

    I totally agree.

    Permission to share.


    admin Reply:

    sure no problem, spread the good words around 🙂


  2. hi munirah, u ada contact number dr rajini?


    admin Reply:

    i dont have her personal number, try calling her clinic yg kat Bangsar Village.
    i sent u an email, just few mins ago


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