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October 9, 2012

Yesterday i wrote about Uzair, today i shall put up random photos of my other 3 kids. Alhamdulillah they are growing well. Uwais has started picking up lotsa new vocabulary. Its cute seeing how the elder 2 being so alert whenever uwais picked up new words. They will be happily telling me, mommy uwais said this and that. After experiencing their brother Uzair having speech delay, they tend to be so alert of new words Uwais can say. And each time that happens, harith will say “mommy, Uwais will soon talk like me” . Harith and Uwais are very much attach to each other. Uwais gets so excited each time Harith returns home from school, will run towards harith and hug the big brother. And Harith will always gives in to Uwais, and prob now is..Uwais’ thinks it is always his right. Now sume org lah kena beralah dgn die…even athirah ended up having to give in to him.



Harith has been asking to go on a camping trip, told him we can set up a tent in the house compound/garden but he said he wants campfire. That is certainly not possible to set fire on Pah’s grass. Here he is setting his imaginary campfire,


but within seconds, this boy will come and disturb (read: destroy) the campfire

of coz Harith gets all upset and frustrated…but here’s the trick. I will act like as though i gonna scold Uwais..immediately Harith will say “it’s okay mummy, i can set up another fire over there” Yup, thats the trick, act like im gonna get angry with Uwais, Harith will ended up protecting Uwais and ensure Uwais doesnt get scolded.


And my girl, she certainly has grown up..no longer my baby girl. MasyaAllah look at her now, my 26 weeker baby, our miracle baby


She may look all dainty in the pic above…but climbing is her favorite. She really loves the rope ladder


and spend most of her time on the climbing frame too.




These children, they are such a blessing, subhanAllah 🙂



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  1. Salam,
    Boleh sy dapatkan contact no supplier utk monkey bar/slides/swing. Thanks..


    admin Reply:

    i misplaced it, still searching for it sbb ade few kawan lain dok tanye gak..


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