Ahmad Uwais turns 2 – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Ahmad Uwais turns 2

February 3, 2013

Alhamdulillah, our lil’ man turn 2 on the 24th January. How time flies. I can clearly remember rushing from One Utama to home, nak mintak tolong my mom to drive me to the hospital. I could have driven myself but thinking that parking would be a problem to get..decided to get parents to drop me off instead. Went up to the ward and straight into the labour room, it was 12:58pm when i stepped into the labour room, and I gave birth to Uwais at 1:10pm. Syauqi didnt manage to make it on time, he had had just finished his exam and was on the way to the hospital. He was searching for a parking space when i called him to say i dah deliver. Felt so grateful Allah made it easy for me.

Here’s the birthday boy, enjoying his cake cutting




with siblings and cousin



yes we had 2 cakes for him. instead of getting one big cake, we decided to get 2 small cakes so we will have 2 different flavours 🙂 We bought icecream cake, thus no issue of gluten for Uzair, alhamdulillah.
I sew a corduroy pants for the birthday boy, with a side patch pocket and sew number 2 of the matching fabric of his pocket on a plain white tshirt. Managed to sew it before birthday boy wakes up.
He is growing so fast, mashaa Allah. Talks a lot, in fact keja die memerintah orang unfortunately. Loves remote control plane a lot, a lot. There are times i feel like throwing it when he throws tantrum coz he cant be patient enough to wait for the battery to recharge.  But i would say, he maneuvers the remote control airplane, better than me! Loves outdoor just like his brothers and sister. Enjoys all the sensory play we often have. Eats almost about everything. Pantang lalu kedai makan, he will say  “mommy, jom makan” . In the process of potty training . Oh like any other boys, he loves football too 🙂
May he grow to be a good khalifah of Allah, amin
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