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Im back

December 28, 2013

So much happen that made me neglect my blog. I had problem with my laptop, it often hang. Didnt send it for repair coz it took quite awhile for me to transfer everything into my external hard disk. The man who repaired the laptop said “ive never seen a laptop this bad” yes bak kate syauqi “i am THAT unorganised”, oppsss…I have too much on my plate i guess. And also because we are without maid since May. We decided to be without one coz we feel its better for the kids especially Uzair. Yes the house is a lil (okay, i lie… A LOT) untidy but we feel kids were oblivious to the privilege of living with domestic help. In school, every morning when i drop them off, i see them walk in the gate, place their shoes at their designated shoe rack, place their bags in their cubbies, took their communication book and place it on the table…and walk into the house (school). Everyday i see them doing it without any reminder. All it took is less then a minute and they are already in their classrooms. BUT why do i have to remind them EVERY SINGLE DAY once we reached home “carry your bags in” or else they will just walk out of the car without their bags. Then  i would have to remind them to place their shoes properly. and despite me buying the same cabinet as the school for their cubbies, yet they needed reminder again and again “put your bags in the cubby” Why is it doable at school but not at home? Clearly because they have the maid to pick up after them. Masuk rumah, bag campak je kat tepi pintu, pastu maid amiq simpankan. I was dissapointed with the behaviour. Im not asking much, but some basic responsibility….things they do daily at school. Even their plates and cups, after each meal at school they wash their on plates ( for 6 years old. When they were 4 and 5 years, they just had to carry their plates to the basin). But why the need of constant reminder at home? That was the wake up call for me to discontinue our maid before these behaviours become habitual.

Of coz mom didnt agree with my decision, with 4 kids and syauqi often away. But when Uzair kept running to the maid whenever he doesn’t get his way, I knew for sure….thats it. With Uzair’s condition, we are trying to be firm with him and he is on a gluten free diet.  The maid certainly not helping to make things easier for us. She has her own food ration she bought during her monthly outing, so kids get accessed to various kind of biscuit.

Its no doubt pretty hectic without maid, logistic was madness especially this year coz i decided to put elder 2 in sek agama KAFA standard 1 . Im not sure what made me put them into year 1 although they are 6 years old but im glad i came out with that motherly instinct decision, Alhamdulillah. This would require another entry on its own i think.

Oh with the Instagram, i think it has taken over my blog. Instagram should be with short captions, but mine ended up looking like a blog entry at times. haha. Im without any latest photo since i just got back my laptop, my dslr has been neglected too.

Will sign off this entry  with one of my instagram cum blog entry:




Each time I walk pass here, it feels like im on a holiday, coz only when we are on a holiday we dont mind walking around under the heat, open air although its noon.

While walking just now, i realised my kids needed some break from their daily routine. It has been tough, logistic is a nightmare. I have no choice but to hurry them all the time;  cepat, quick, faster, we are late are among the most common words used daily.

As a child i grew up pampered with the help of a maid around. and now, the decision not to have a maid for the family was the biggest sacrifice I would say. Whenever one sees me handling kids (Uzair especially), they usually say ” you need a helper” but truth is…because of Uzair’s condition we cant have a maid. We are trying to be firm with him…but often he gets his way with the maid. Its either he runs to the maid or the maid comes and pick him up. Imagine seeing the maid giving  him a spoonful of raw sugar! when asked why?!?!?!?? “sebab die nak Cik”, besides tea and coffee…i have no idea what else happen behind the kitchen door.

It has been 6 months since we are maid less. Its tough but doable. Tough for Uwais especially, spending most of his time on the road with interrupted naps.

Just now I took a minute to “pause” our fast pace life. Told the kids, “go run, I will wait for you here “, they looked puzzled of coz. I smiled and nod my head, they surely did run around as fast as they could, to and fro…but this time voluntarily, not because mommy said “faster” / “quick” / “hurry up” but because they are having fun chasing one another. They are far end in this picture.

Rabbi yassir wala tu’assir, rabbi tammim bikhair

#ADHD #Autism

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  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to reading more inspiring stories from you.


    admin Reply:

    thanks. aint too sure though how’s 2014 will be. hope i have the time to sit and type some post, inshaa Allah


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