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October 8, 2014

I just realised i have this entry below as draft. wrote this post back in March!


I cant seem to keep to my words i guess, just after doing a blog post “I’m back” and the next thing i know, that’s like 2 months ago. Where have i been this time around. I did mentioned i stop uzair from EIP didnt i?  We decided to do acupuncture on him, thus our days are pack with acupuncture sessions. We saw great improvements in uzair’s schoolmates (EIP)  who went for acupuncture but i wasnt sure how do i handle him with needles on his head. How do i ensure he doesnt pull it out? As the year coming to an end last year, i saw friends putting up status on the FB of 2013 achievements and plans for 2014…all i could do was sit, ponder and pray for a better year for us. Honestly, i wasnt looking forward to 2014 coz it means uzair turning 6 years old. He is still non-verbal and has other developmental issues to tackle. We are supposed to start registering him for primary school  by this year…oh how im not looking forward to that 🙁

Back to the acupuncture. As time is running out, and i see further improvement in uzair’s friend…i told the husband “lets give acupuncture a try”. Of coz, syauqi looked puzzle (im assuming he had in his head “how?”) I told him, by hook or by crook we just have to do it. We will and we can. (yes, that was my mantra). Had assessment with Master Leong of The Tole ( and he told us to do intensively for 2 months, 3 sessions a day. Per session is an hour and between each sessions, it requires a 30 mins break. That means we gotta spend bout 4 hours at the centre daily. Master sound very optimistic, he told us to do the treatment for 2 months, and uzair will be “normal” (who are we to define normal though).

Yes , some hold to his words and when the kid is not showing expected progress they became angry. They felt cheated and considered it as false hope. As a muslim, i’m aware we can put in effort but at the end of the day it’s all with Allah’s willing. But of coz at the same time i really hope uzair can cure in that 2 months period.

So how’s the acupuncture sessions? The first day seems impossible…we held his hands, walk with him up and down the corridor. Syauqi had to dukung him and all. Second day seems a lil better. His long hair made things a lil more difficult, it disturbed the needle and we had to poke it again…and the crying would start all over again. After the second day, syauqi suggested uzair get his hair cut. It has always been difficult to cut his hair but we now learn it well…whenever something need to be done, we put aside all the what-if….just go ahead and deal with the situation. Surprisingly he had no problem having his hair cut. I was speechless. Syauqi was just too excited that he decided get uzair a crewcut.  (i always prefer his hair long, but it has been syauqi’s wish to get uzair a crewcut)

We notice Uzair’s sensory issues improves since we started doing the acupuncture. He has Sensory Processing Difficulties / Disorders. He always scream whenever we put him on long pants. he only wants cotton. no other material. but thanks to this condition, i now know how sew simple shorts pants for my kids 🙂 he also refused any polo tee. collar is also a big no no. So the day we could put him on jeans and shirt, i was jumping up and down so excited, haha.

After 2 months, we have cut the session to only once a day. it was rather costly to continue 3 sessions a day and also too tiring for me. i was running around like headless chicken with the logistic. Uwais was living like a nomad. most of the time we are on the road. we even have our meals in the car.




And now we are on Essential Oil for Uzair. Alhamdulillah, we do see noticeable improvement in him. not a big leap…but we are certainly happy with the difference we see in him. more to come insha Allah. We are using the Young Living Essential Oil. and i love the fact that I’m making our house more towards chemical and drugs free 🙂

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