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Handwriting; could it be the essential oil?

October 23, 2014

Im not sure how to start this post, but as most of my readers know that i have premature born babies. They were born at 26 weeks weighing 760 gram and 600 gram. We were given a great length of briefing regarding premature babies by the doctors when they were in Special Care Nursery (SCN), we were told of the two end of spectrum that our kids might have. Alhamdulillah, they are growing beautifully, now age 7. If someone new to us, they wouldnt know the kids were born premature. They are just like any other 7 years old. However for my gal, she has some focus issue and errrr extremely untidy handwritting. Initially when she was in preschool, i didn’t take serious on that issue as i was assuming she took my genes on that matter. Harith on the other hand must have had the father’s genes on this matter. Somehow, there was a wake up call in regards to her handwriting when she went for an islamic private school assessment test to enter Year 1. Her handwriting were raised and plus few other issues, and we ended up not getting a slot in that school. Yup, how shocking it was to us…just because of handwriting it became a major concern and not getting a spot in the school. We tried being proactive in that matter, did some intensive cross patterning exercise (crawling) as suggested by the school principal and went again for an informal assessment test. again, the issue of her handwriting was raised. We were told to arrange for another written assessment test in a month time. And the day came, the school called me but i was busy and couldnt attend to the phone. The school called the husband instead…and he had enough of this unnecessary pressure. Told the lady that we no longer interested in that school.

So over the year (Year 1) she really had a terrible handwriting. I suspected it was because of her eyes. She did Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) twice when she was 2 months old. She had lazy eye before and i came to realise she have problem doing eye tracking (where her eye balls are suppose to follow movement of my finger). We’ve been doing eye check up for her but it indicate no power. just slight astigmatism. I do notice she had problem to estimate the spacing of each letter. she would write ; th    e bal l isr ed. (the ball is red). but now since her primary school made it compulsory to do cursive handwriting, she overcome that spacing problem coz each letter in a word need to be joined . she tend to write words close to each other though, inconsistency in spacing. Oh another thing i suspect was,  she have problem copying from the whiteboard. Since whiteboard doesnt have lines, when she copies…she get lost half way, not sure where was the last word she copied. to look back and forth at the whiteboard and her exercise book was a major task for her. and automatically she got demotivated to complete a work from the whiteboard. it just took so much effort for her to copy the work.

However, something surprising happen;

This was her work on Thursday, her usual handwriting….



And on Saturday , yes just 2 days apart….she gave me this handwriting while doing her school homework.

photo 1


I was so shocked. amazed at the improvement, mashaa Allah. I dont know how that happen. and the only additional thing i’ve been doing on her is applying essential oils. Since we started using essential oil on Uzair (will write a different post on that) i decided to get oil for her eyes. We are currently using the Young Living Essential Oil.   Well i cant say for sure its the oil that helps her but yes thats the only different thing ive been doing on her. Oh there was something else happen. I had a general meeting with her principal. If it was not the oil, maybe perhaps because she got panic she might need to face the principal since she got to know i had a meeting with her principal.  Besides her handwritting, she has better control of her eye balls too now. Alhamdulillah

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  1. MashaAllah Athirah has a beautiful handwriting.
    Well done dear. Yes, please share more on the essential oils.
    My ex-prem 6 yr girl pun akan enter primary school next year.


    admin Reply:

    mashaaAllah, amazing kan how small they were before as premie and now alhamdulillah growing up like other kids


  2. Salam Munirah..been reading your blog n really appreciate your sharings! May i know what are the oils u use for your girl?


    admin Reply:

    Hi, we’ve been oiling quite a lot actually. depending on the issue u which to tackle


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