Gold Coast with Children | Part 1 – TRIPLETS plus ONE
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Gold Coast with Children | Part 1

August 23, 2018

I wanted to do a post to share some travel tips we had last year to Gold Coast…but procrastination happen huhu. and we ended up with another trip this year. This time around I have to make sure I share the lovely part of the trip. The accommodation. It was perfect, the unit, the location and everything about it.

We wanted to book this place last year; O Residence, but it was all fully booked. Thus we settled with Chevron Renaissance. The unit is perfect, lovely place and bigger than O Residence, but the location of O Residence deserves the Trophy over Chevron.

O Residence is actually same building as Hilton, but they have few floors taken up as Residence units. It is only bout 30mtres walk to the Esplanade, or maybe 2o metres, just 2 minutes walk. Plenty of Halal food around. Nearest was Oporto. It was very convenient, most of the nights we cook rice and bought whole chicken from Oporto and add on few other simple dishes…omelette and our trusted Sup Kambing Adabi hihi. Halal Chinese (Malaysian) restaurant is just bout 200metres away. The beach is also 200mtres away.

     took this photo from our balcony. the stretch of walk to the beach

Here are photos of our unit. It is a 3 bedroom apartment with a complete kitchenette, washing machine n dryer facilities. Sofa bed in the sitting room. Basically, it sleeps 8 comfortably.

All rooms with a superb view of the sea


For the master bedroom, what harith was pointing…is the view  in next photo below

After dinner..we would go down walk along Esplanade and spent time at the beach. The weather was perfect for me, it was around 16-18C at night. Kids go crazy on the beach.

Oh what happened last year was, it was chilly but since kids were running everywhere, they didn’t feel cold. Unfortunately, athirah ended up vomiting on the last day coz of wind in the tummy. Athirah has always been the sensitive one with wind since young. I thought she outgrew it, dangg i was wrong. During previous trip, lucky thing it was our the last day she unwell.  Can’t imagine if it happens from the beginning of the trip. We learn our lesson this time around. I applied Aroma Ease essential oil on her tummy every morning, so if she’s without layers at least she is a lil more protected. You know, kids refused to wear layers when they are going up n down the rides at the amusement park.

How was Uzair during the flight? Alhamdulillah, no fuss from him. We took the night flight, he slept throughout. Besides the help of Essential Oils, I pretty much feels he knows the drill, where we have to wait for boarding and in flight you have to sit throughout. Tranquil essential oil was a great help during our recent trip for Umrah, it really helped settle him down. For someone who loves jumping for sensory seeking, he waited long hours seated at the airport before boarding, it was about 4 hours wait. And once boarding, we got on the plane and had to wait another 45 minutes on ground. He fell asleep even before the plane took off.

We will never travel without Tranquil. In fact, we pack extras for just in case 🙂



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