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Seedlings Baby Line Young Living

August 23, 2018

Well there is a saying; If you can’t eat it – don’t put on your skin. This is something to ponder over especially because babies’ skin is much different compared to adults n children. Although you may say it is a small amount, alarr skit je…but this chemicals will be accumulated and toxins the body, called bioaccumulation. When ada continuous exposure, our body natural detoxification systems jadi overload and ended up these chemicals and toxins stay and build up in our body. And also babies and children less able to expel certain toxins than adults.

Few boxes of this lovely Seedlings products were sent out for my member’s with newborn  – Oiled Since Birth

Research mentioned that there is a link between children exposed to toxins and neurobehavioral disorders. I know some will argue not valid research lah, not proven can say whatever, but I notice it very significant when Uzair shower with those common products you get from the supermarket shelves. I kid you not! It is so obvious; he gets very active. I can even tell which brand can make him hyper. Ada one particular brand, makes his skin mcm habis kena kapur whole body, whitish. Yes, some would say, “nothing happen to my kids when they used”. Well as I said, different body has different capacity of expelling it. Although you kids may expel the toxins well, but remember of the bioaccumulation, I mentioned.

Nowadays, we are being exposed to all sort of toxin daily. Minimize whatever that you have control off.

Oh by the way, do you know that it only takes 26 seconds for the cleaning chemicals on your floor to enter your child’s bloodstream through their feet. You may want to consider the Thieves Household Cleaner to protect your lil’ ones from harsh chemicals.

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