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Kids, Sports and Maturity

November 16, 2018

I think I have mentioned this again n again, when I enrolled my kids for sports activities, it was not with the primary intention of turning them into a great athelete but more than that. It is about development of personal self-esteem and confidence, decision making, time management, discipline to name a few.

A number of times, kids schedule clashes and I gave them the full liberty to make their choice, they would weigh between the two and come out with their decision. Previously Harith had to choose between rugby tournament and school camping, in which he chose the later. Putting into the consideration it is not often school organize such camping trip. There were a few other decisions they had to do. Can’t recall exactly what it was though. I find some joy in it..haha, seeing how they are going back n forth thinking which one should they choose.

This weekend, they have to choose between their School Exhibition and their home ground rugby tournament. Harith had a hard time thinking, secondary boys are much more involved for the exhibition and of coz he loves the hands-on projects and such. He came out with his plan, he will help teachers n friends for all the preparation of the exhibition n booth, including staying back after schools, and will rush to the venue immediately after game over. He was even considering to tell the coach, can he play the early games, then later get the sub to play if the tournament finishes late and he wants to take off for the school event.

Uwais, no brainer. He immediately gave his answer “I’m going for rugby”. Well, of coz u might say…he is 7 years, obviously he would choose play over the exhibition. But yesterday he surprised me. Their after-school football club which was supposed to be on Friday got carried forward to Thursday (to give room for exhibition preparation next day…but it clashes with his extra Mandarin class. Without me saying anything..he knew he had to choose between the two, while Harith chose football (and I expected the same from him), without hesitation, he said: “I’m going for my mandarin class”. I did not expect that from him, not the slightest bit…its mandarin class over football. “lots of other time I can play football, during play time, free time…but Mandarin class is scheduled. just twice a week. I’ll go for Mandarin. and I also think I have more than enough play. I’ll have my rugby over the weekend too”

Oh boy, mashaa far you have grown. You will never know how interesting it gets by giving them the power over their life. Having to weight their decision. Try it parents, don’t make every single decision for them…

Can I get everyone to visualise Uwais and his teammate will be going home with Champion Cup tomorrow, Thanks! 🙂

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