Alhamdulillah we are blessed with another boy on the 24th January 2012. It was an amazing labour experience. 12 minutes into the labour room, and baby pops out! Entered room at 12:58 pm with 5 cm dilated, and baby came out at 1:10 pm. Amazing, MasyaAllah. Parents drove me to the hospital, husband couldn’t make it on time. He just finished his exams. Alhamdulillah Allah ease my labour journey. At age 28+ and I’m a mother of 4. Very much contented, Alhamdulillah

As claimed by most mothers that I know, the more numbers of birth you experienced, the faster the birth process will be. This is exactly what happened to Uwais. It was a quick labor. It was only a total of 12 minutes from the time I walked into the hospital up to the ward in which I delivered my baby.

And so I always tell my friends and colleagues…if only raising kids is as easy as giving birth to Uwais, I may ended up with 8 kids by now.

Uwais had a different babyhood compared to his brothers and sister. He grew up most of the time on the road with me and Uzair. It was another blessing in disguise to give birth to him exactly the time Uzair was diagnosed with the disorder. So, he spent most of his time on the road and at therapy centre. All this made him grew up a lil faster and more independent than his age. He acts like the bigger brother to Uzair now. I can always rely on him as my extra eye. Extremely alert and aware whenever abang is up to something

Once when he was 3 years old, while we were at my mom’s, Uzair was running and jumping about everywhere, as usual, like a non-stop like Energizer bunny. Uwais noticed my aunt face frowning looking at Uzair up and about. He tapped my aunt’s shoulder and said “It’s okay, Allah made him different.”

Oh and he takes charge of the rice cooker. At age 6…he is the only one who cooks rice for the family, voluntarily.

He enjoys sports very much and his energy hardly depletes, mashaa Allah.

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