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Toddlers' Crafty | Kids in Charge

By on November 27, 2010

It all started with patato stamping. syauQi keja that night so he need to get some sleep petang tu, thus i got him to cut the patato in few shapes so i can keep the kids occupied to avoid them from interrupting his sleep…

So yes it all started with patato stamping

and then it move on to foot stamping

their smiles n giggles were priceless, they find it rather ticklish getting their foot in the paint…

and went they wanted to walk on the paper to do their foot printing, they almost loose their balance, it was rather slippery…they took turn to see who managed to get their foot print done without any fall. I couldnt take much photo of it coz was monitoring them, afraid they fall head first.

After penat gelak tegolek bagai, they played with the paint again, he is one happy boy having the freedom to make a total mess with the paint

and my gal was busy making her own mess as well

She even got her face painted and painted hArith back…which later hArith baring on the paper for body stamping. Managed to get only one photo of the body stamping as i was monitoring them as well…

Tgh gelak besar….

And the end result…

not much of uZAir’s photo doing painting though as he is not that interested, he loves his “private beach” (read: sandpit). He spend most of his outdoors activities in the sandpit regardless hot or not. Sunbathing perhaps?

check out his white sandy beach 😉

and with all the mess, of coz they wont allow to walk in, they had their shower outside…lotsa body wash needed though…haha

(the only gmbar yg tgh that doesnt need to be censored..hihi)

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Kids In Charge

Colourful Lil Explorer

By on February 3, 2010

Firstly, wanna appologize for taking quite sometime to update my blog. Sorry to those parents who have been waiting for their child’s photo. Byk sgt gmbar, bepinau gak nk tgk, pilih, resize and watermarking. And now im not sure how do i write an entry on this. Just tempek gambar or do i need to do lil review on it?

i’ll just write watever flow that comes out of my head ya…

Alhamdulillah, weather was very kind to us that day…all were busy in the garden. tp sbb mostly dah besar and ade perasaan malu, ade few yg taknk be on just diapers. Emma even cried when her mom nak change her baju, malu lah depan kawan2 bukak baju

tgk tu, berkaca lagi mata die…

Emma doesnt quite like the idea of getting dirty,

perhaps she was in a lil shocked to see her hands all covered in colours

xpe, there’s always a first time to everything. Its okay if she prefers to watch around. It’s all about the idea of exposing our lil’ ones to different activities

I’m sure she did pick up a thing or two by observing others =) And after awhile, yay her parents managed to get her footprint

and here’s Afif looking very clean at the beginning of the session

and he prefers to stay clean just like Emma

both of them stood in the middle, they prefered to observed others instead =)

anyhow, her mom managed to get her son’s handprint

Ilhan pun at first wasn’t comfortable with the idea getting his hands covered with paint

But ended up he had great time with the paint, in fact he had the longest attention span with the paint

Farah from 5577studio helping out with the foot stamping


It took awhile for Sofea to warm up, but i was happy to see her smiling away after that. Shows that she did enjoy herself too

Smiling away waiting for a new sheet of paper

busy stamping her handprint

oh look at this pic, sofea gigih berusaha nk buat peace, trying to put up two of her fingers while holding the paper

And this is Ammar’s second time joining session by KIDS in CHARGE. He came previously for the baking session.

One of the advantage of having a playgroup is that kids get to mingle and observe others. By observing others, they’ll get more idea and exposure. Below, Ammar pointing to other’s artwork,

At the end of the day, while waiting for his dad, Ammar played with hArith. Ammar’s mom did mentioned during the baking session that he wants Ammar to mingle around. And alhamdulillah this time around, during the finger painting session, he played with hArith. And we were working on to get him to share the car 😉

He likes the car sooo much. In fact dah sorok utk elak kn berebut…tapi ade yg jumpe

And just like the lil crawlers, the explorer had the same fun to end the finger painting session , the water sprinkler…

Ilhan drinking…hihi

And Ilhan didnt want to allow her mom to get close to him…he wanted to play with the water longer. Whenever his mom did and attempt to take him, he’ll direct the water to his mom. Smart ya!

So ended up mak bapak sume diri jauh2

While other kids busy playing with the water, Emma still khusyuk observing

and Afif lak stood still, didn’t move even an inch. Parents die kate sbb jarang pijak rumput. So it was totally a new texture for him

Thanks to all parents that enrolled their children. My Saturday was full with colours, morning and evening =)

and oh hArith had his hand n foot printing too

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Kids In Charge | moments by TRIPLETS plus ONE

Colourful Little Crawlers

By on January 31, 2010

I surely had a great Saturday yesterday. The garden was full of colours. Yes, I had 2 session of finger painting, morning for the little crawlers and evening for the little explorer. I shall do a post on the little crawlers first.

Innitially my intention of having such session was aim for the little crawlers’ age group. But it turn out more interest came from the little explorer, thus i came out with two session. Thanks to Farah from 5577studio.com for helping out to conduct the session, yes she was the one with the tangan seni, came with homemade colours 😉

We had 3 crawlers in the morning, all were happily playing with the colours.  All mom were supporting enuff to allow freedom of colours…hihi

Faheem came with clothes on, i suggested to be on just diapers but apparently their parents had other plan. The wanted to treassure the moment of Faheems first painting session, that they were willing to sacrifice his attire. Purposely put Faheem in white tshirt, and they intend to frame up the attire.

Here’s Faheem at the beginning of the session..all clean and white

And he literally followed his parents’ plan. instead of busy painting the paper he was busy putting the paint on his clothes.

Faheem really enjoyed the paint that he actually put it all over himself

here’s a closer look of his foot

Malaeka was also having a fiesta time with the colours, i think i need not say it more…let the photos show it

I know most parents are concern about the paint, especially at this age..they have the tendency to put everything in their mouth. Of coz this was the few main consideration i did before coming out with this session. Yes, the paint is safe for your lil ones, it is homemade paint…all the ingredients come from the kitchen. Still unsure whether it is safe or not? Let these photos tell you

Need more assurance? How about this?

Baby Mikhail wasn’t really in the mood, was given some ubat for his cough so i think he was a lil drowsy. However tak pulak dgr die batuk. Wah ubat tu must be really good.

It was so cute to see babies crawling everywhere,

And I did email to everyone saying extra clothes are ESSENTIAL for both, babies n mommies. Yes, not only the babies will be full in colours, moms too

All moms were cool enough about letting the kids get their “shower” in the garden. At first tak berani lah nak mandai2 kan coz dah kul 10 lebih, matahari pun dah ade kang flu lak anak2 tu main air under the sun but the moms were saying “alar ni matahari pagi…tarahal” so me pun ape lagi on lah the water sprinkler

At first, Malaeka kena parking dulu near the sprinkler by her mom, and later joined by others

This was of coz wasn’t their real shower. They went in to have warm shower and later i even gave them to sapu vicks on their chest.

Oh ya, besides their “master piece” they brought home souveneir too

I definitely had a colourful morning =)

n hope the lil crawlers n moms enjoyed their saturday morning too

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