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A Zebra Baby Shower

By on April 18, 2011

Continuation from the previous post, who is actually pregnant?

She is,


She’s my sister’s friend since secondary. 1st to get married among their gang. My sis gave me a super last minute notice that she wanted a zebra theme baby shower. Jama loves anything bout zebra…she even claimed zebra’s poop looks good!!! Bday shower on sunday and sis told me on thursday.

Okay, since this is my blog im gonna put pics of my deco first b4 pics of the gal being celebrated 😛

The deco,

Table for the gals

seat for the mom-to-be

made the diaper cake as gift cum centre piece

buffet table

goodie pack, made by ami; hanah’s (my sister) fren

cupcake from bijou

Pagi tu hanah and me kelam kabut giler, nk marinate ayam, nak cut the decos, then she n her friend need to go pick up cuppies and balloon lagi..mmg huru hara. Glad syauQi took care of the api and bakar the ayam. Hanah’s friend came noon and help out to put up the deco. She helped made the rest of the tissue pom pom, me n Hanah sempat buat satu je coz i was actually busy with my friend doing mickey & minnie pinata for another customized birthday.

Jama was really surprised, apparently dah satu minggu die super cranky coz my sis gi salah anta message kat thread yg ade name die asking the other friends about the weekend. She was confused what are the rest talking about, ingat nk gi outing tak ajak die. Kecik hati abis smpai husband die pun penat kot nak layan her crankiness … i guess never mess around with preggie’s hormone kan jama…hihi

Glad she enjoyed the day…org lain dh abis makan but die marah why sume dh stop makan sebab she still nak makan.
Drinks were served in milk bottle
main ngelat…they ended up bukak botol susu tu! 😛
The mom-2-be and aunties-to-be,
The gals had fun main games, the first one was to eat baby food, my sis pilih heintz yg paling x sedap flavour. Ami was vry supporting tried her vry best to finish up the jar despite the taste “someone has to win “said ami. mkn smpai nk temuntah yer
muka ami menahan muntah
muka ami excited die dh almost finish while matun br mkn one spoon dgn penuh sopan santun
mom-2-be was curious of the taste n decided to giv it a try,
this was what it was by the way
my kids were so happy ramai org dtg, athirah as usual sukehati pilih baju, nk pakai swimsuit sbb nk pg beach. when i saw her hair wet i thought she played with the water, checked her clothes it was dry..rupe2nye main x hingat dunia smpai sweat mcm tu skali
to Jama, hope your friends made your day…bak kate mama ” ha x ke rase bodoh skrang 1 week cranky nangis x pasal2″ hahaha

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Kamikaze Blast

By on April 10, 2011

A week ago, met yaya at a party n she told me she would like to give my kamikaze a try. Die dh lame chop if i ever plan to let it go. Sorry yaya, dont think that gonna happen…thus i invited her over to give it a try. Since mak budak yg lebih beria nk main, we had to do this as close invitation…if ajk ramai2 kang terbantut hajat yaya nk try, malu dgn the other dads.

I shall let the photos do the talking…

As usual, syauQi jd tukang campak yg sungguh berdedikasi 😉

hArith yg lari ala2 lifeguard baywatch 😛

akmal, cuteness!!! masyaAllah

adam bersantai,

haaa…ni die gmbar yg dinanti nanti kn…mak budak!

cube u all perhatikan gmbar ni…smpai hati yaya gelak besar kt anak die yg tersalah sliding lalu terduduk,

ha ape kate kite gelak besar kt yaya pulak…ade org tu sliding smpai kuar track..hihihi

What a great saturday it was, we were a lil panic takut hujan, jenuh dari pukul 3 i dh buzz yaya suruh cepat dtg takut hujan sbb hari dh mendung…alhamdulillah it didnt

abis main air…ape lagi, isi perut lah. yaya brought cake while i “cook” bihun goreng, quiche and apple crumble. Yaya, sedap kn i masak! 😛

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