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More of Hanging Uwais

By on February 4, 2011

Day 12

I cant decide which photo i like better,

I like this coz he was hanging up in the air higher than the 2nd pic

but i love this too, coz he is actually looking at the camera,

which one do u prefer?

and this photo, he was actually urinating while the photo was taken…haha

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Moments by TRIPLETS Plus ONE

Hanging Uwais

By on February 3, 2011

I wanted to take these photos without his clothes on,coz i love newborns in as little as possible,to capture the delicate beauty of a new baby’s soft and translucent skin. but after his shower…he wasnt in his best of mood. Thus i canceled the plan of taking his photos.

however after i put on his clothes, gave him milk….he was sound asleep. Didnt want to risk it; take off his clothes…thus we ended up with these photos.

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Ahmad Uwais bin Ahmad Syauqi

By on January 28, 2011

It took us awhile to figure out a name, through out the pregnancy we didnt have a list, even after the baby pops out, we were still clueless of a name. But we have to register his name today sbb after this syauQi dah takde off day to settle his name.

Past few days, we had Idris and Uwais in mind. My mom thinks that Uwais susah org nak sebut, but i love the name. Uwais Al-Qarni is a great companion of Prophet with such amazing stories of him. syauQi wanted Idris, i do love the name too hence i propose Ahmad Uwais Idris. Tapi syauQi thinks panjang sgt name tu..nanti leceh passport name panjang. Another major prob would be name in ticket tak kuar penuh, nanti tak same dgn name dlm passport…leceh bleh sangkut custom and what not. But if im not mistaken my name pun tak kuar in full dlm ticket btu so far alhamdulillah no problem. However before it happen and confirm if berlaku any prob, sure i kena bebel sebb degil nak jugak 3 name…i better listen to him, or else sure smpai sudah kena marah whenever such prob like that happen…hihihihi.

Lagi pun since hArith,uZAir and the dad cume 2 name; Ahmad Harith, Ahmad Uzair and Ahmad Syauqi…so might as well “uniform” kan name diorang..just 2 names. But i was telling my sis…”okay ape 3 name, baru baloi penat bersalin!” hahahaha

But the fact that syauQi chose Uwais over Idris…i’m definitely one happy mom since Uwais is my first choice 😉

Thus, although his name registered as Ahmad Uwais bin Ahmad Syauqi, we would love to introduce him as Ahmad Uwais Idris 😀

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Moments by TRIPLETS Plus ONE

Amin Danial First Day at Kindergarten: Newborn,Babies,Children & Family Photography | Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

By on January 8, 2011

When Amin’s mom emailed me to enquire about a photo session on his son’s first day at school…i was like “wow, this is something new…a memorable day that one often take for granted”. Yes all moms would admit sending their kid to school on the first day is indeed a life history…but i myself never thought of getting it captured properly. The common scenario is; we take a shot of them in their uniform before they leave the school…and thats about it. Coz once we reached the school, we will be too busy trying to calm our kid.

So here’s some shots of Amin’s first day at school

Amin was sooo cool! he had no problem at all. He went in and straight away get himself occupied with the materials, look how focus he is, getting the beads into the string

opps, look at this…the boy felt asleep. The boy in yellow kept pushing his friend’s head away each time the boy lentuk on his shoulder…hihi

Yes, didn’t i mention how cool Amin was, the mom had no problem waving goodbye to him…skit pun tak nangis, steady je

Btw, Amin is attending the IIUM Montessori in Bandar Seri Putra. I was there for two hours and witness their circle time. It was amazing to hear lil one’s singing to the song of Asmaul Husna, selawat and recitation of du’a. MasyaAllah. Beautiful! Period

Thus, 4th January 2011, mark a historical date in Amin’s life.

Amin looking up at the historical date 🙂

Thanks once again to Amin’s mom for giving me such opportunity to Capture Moments for Lasting Memories 😀

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