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Mommy's Social Activity

By on March 25, 2011

Yes, mommy need social activity too. When ur life 24/7 revolve around 4 kids…there are times u simply need a breath of new fresh air to keep ur sanity. At times when im too occupied with my kids and hampir bertukar menjadi hulk atau naga..i stop to ponder and reflect. I hardly have me time and of coz social deprived. Yes, alhamdulillah i feel blessed and very much contented blessed with 4 lil caliph but as i walk down the mall, i just cant stop to look at others n wonder; am i missing what others in their 20’s are doing. In fact having a decent meal is almost unreachable luxury. Good thing im not much an eater, often i go through the day with just one meal .

Most people would suggest, i should find time to have some me-time. but i have this biggest problem ever, i would feel the greatest guilt for leaving the kids behind. rase sgt bersalah ber-enjoy sakan and anak pulak kt umah. lagi2 bile balik kang sume muke cebik.

Wuish panjangnye mukadimmah, main intention of this entry is to share an extremely belated entry, the mom’s blogger gathering kt umah yaya in december last year. We had pot luck. Hope i recall this right, lana brought her signature brownies, jua; signature red velvet cake, fiza; ikan bakar (believe it or not, that was my first time makan ikan bakar..selama ni tak hairan tp sbb member buat, trus terasa nak makan), siti and me bawak marinated ayam for the bbq.

The kids had fun splashing water away, tapi Adam sgt otai smpai org lain takut nak join die..hihi

anak dara saya duduk sipi2 je

uZair, baru bgn tido so lepak kt luar je

anak dara fiza, swimming suit sgt cantek, i ingat kn die pakai dress

En syauQi rajin volunteer tuk jaga ayam

tp sebenarnye ade udang di sebalik batu, if die occupied jaga ayam..maka die tak perlu lah berlari kejar / jaga anak.. kan syauQi? kan kan? hihihi πŸ˜›

anak teruna saya, mmg parking buntut kat meja makan

yaya did bihun goreng, all 3 kids of mine had 3 serving of the bihun! sume anak kaki makan.

among the food served,

i certain had a great time πŸ˜€

so when is our nxt gathering moms?

oh chop before i end this entry, tgk lah si comel anak yaya ini

will share another entry on moms gathering soon. had frens over at my hse smlm, sgt syiok πŸ˜€

p/s: yaya, i suke baju tido adam. u beli mane ye?

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My Lil Caliphs Activties | Parenthood

Toddler-friendly Recipe

By on March 11, 2011

As some of you might already knew, hArith loves helping around with the domestic work. Among his fav is baking. Those who attended the aqiqah had the chance to taste harith’s choc chip cookies. Yesterday he did butter cupcakes to bring to school, they r having a bday celebration today.

Wondering how harith bakes? Here’s a custom made toddler-friendly recipe i did for him, something “readable”.

And here are photos of him in action.

I asked him to take out all the ingredients and utensils needed.


measuring (the custom made recipe is by his side)

sift the flour ; his fav

ha smpai nganga2 mulut nk make sure x tumpah

athirAh dtg part nk masuk choc chip sbb nk masuk some dlm mulut die gak. tgk muka harith, making sure athirah do it the right way

and the best part, he will take care of the dishes too πŸ˜€ . Β i need not worry coz he really washes it thoroughly.

and here’s the end product, proudly brought to school tadi πŸ™‚

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Berderet deret

By on March 7, 2011

The day my confinement ends, i “celebrated” it at ikea. Went there with all four and my mom while the dad went for his Friday Prayers. We used two double stroller. We had lots of eyes on us…over heard few remarks. We were waiting for the lift to open, those in the lift were quite shocked to see us outside, we could see one of them with a shocking face and commented to her friend “Oh my god!!”

Another remark we heard was “wuish berderet deret”.

But the ultimate one was when i was with hArith and uWais while my mom were few metres away with athirAh and uZair. A lady was with her daughter and cucu. She tegur me and asked how old was uWais…told the lady uWais is a month plus and she then asked hArith’s age. Apparently her cucu is also the same age as hArith, the lady then told her daughter (mother to the cucu) “ha tgk same age, 3 tahun…dah boleh ade adik dah” hinting to the daughter i guess. I then replied “err tapi yang ni ade 3 adik actually” . Mmg lah kan tekejut bulat both of them…hihi

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Harith prepared his own breakfast

By on February 17, 2011

* This is a 48hours sticky post

Oh remember on my previous post on brain cells connection and how kids at such young age can actually make their own connection of things that happen around them? Yup, gangliosides is a nutrient crucial for brain cell connections for faster development that allows faster learning. This morning, i was impressed by my 3 1/2 year old boy hArith who made breakfast by himself.

I was busy doing the customize bday party on the dining table, he came over look at me and walk away. While i was occupied with my work, i saw him busy going in and out of the kitchen. I observe him silently to see what was he up to. I was surprised to see him climbing up the cabinet to take the bread, open the fridge, reach out for the garlic spread. Took butter knife and spread the garlic on two slices of bread and started eating. Once finish, he actually took his plate to the sink and WASH it. I was like, wow masyaAllah, my boy has grown. At such young age he prepared his own breakfast since he saw me rather occupied with my work.I guess he must be saying to himself, “mom is busy with work, it would be faster to do breakfast by myself” hihi. He definitely learn pretty fast!. Now i wonder, is it too early to teach him how to cook sunny side up egg since he is soo much into cooking πŸ˜‰

Here’s a video i would like to share with readers out there, on how tots connect things πŸ™‚ Oh the video is pretty cool,its clickable. u can navigate it, click on the right answer at the end of the video πŸ˜‰

for more details on brain connection and connected tots, head over here

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