Itqan Ihtifal 2011

By on December 10, 2011

Yes, im really bad at getting this blog of mine updated on a frequent basis. Masa mencemburi saya, hahahaha. Nway, here’s an entry of the elder 2 Ihtifal. I didnt manage to get much photos though. Harith and Athirah sang different song, and when they were up on the stage, both of them were on the other ends. I couldnt run from one end to another coz i’ll be running pass all the other parents yg nk amiq gmbar pulak kang. Hence very limited photos of them.

Managed to go behind the stage to snap one, two photos. Harith became a brown chicken while athirah dressed as working people. I wonder did athirah know y she was on the stage, as usual, she is in her world…diri tegak looking at others, wondering y lah sume parents beria amiq gmbar.

all the chickens at the backstage

athirah at backstage, clueless y teacher arranging them, tp bagus duduk ikut instruction..skit pun tak restless. y lah u cannot sit still like that when i asked u dear athirah?

And performance time….

ha tgk lah hArith, conquer microphone

after the performance, i asked hArith “harith, y didnt u face infront?” he replied “because mommy asked me to sing loudly, so harith sing lah to the mic, x payah jerit, tp suara jd loud” haha

n ni athirah, “buat cantek”…skit pun die x nyanyi. diri je

The concert marks the end of elder 2 playgroup. Next year masuk K1

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By on November 28, 2011
Been wanting to update my blog on this but as usual, never had the time to do so. Better late than never aight. We had this install 2 months back if im not mistaken. Kids been climbing the laundry line outside smpai nak roboh, scout around for climbing frames for quite sometime for them. Saw some nice wood playground set from Toys R Us US but they do not do delivery to Malaysia. Went to Toys R Us Malaysia to enquire if they can bring in for us, but sadly they cant. Finally mom google up and found those playground company. Price was quite steep though. We agreed to split the bil into half with my parents 😀
Initial plan was to have the climbing frame / monkey bars joined with the slide but due to space constraint, we had to do it separately. Kids were of coz overjoyed of coz.
Uzair mmg pantang nampak pintu bukak. the minute he sees the door open, he will be running out to the monkey bars. Even if we are going out, before entering the car, sempat lagi lari ke monkey bars.
And our lil’ uWais tak padan kecik ye. He loves the slides. The height of the slide is about 1.5 meters. He goes up and slide down by himself
we didnt need to teach him, he used the same concept as going down the steps….leg first
and he will crawl up back to the steps.again and again. he just turned 10 months btw
and this is the boy who will run to the mini playground whenever he gets the chance. even if nak kuar, before masuk kereta he will run there first

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Kuantan Trip Part 2

By on November 1, 2011

On the third day, syauqi’s parents n sister came to join us. Kids were surprise (and thrilled) upon seeing them. TukWan and Maklong rajin layan them play by the beach. Harith did lots of “project” with TukWan; volcano, river, bridge.

I love the moments captured when hArith main kite with TukWan

hAppy that he managed to fly the kite by himself 🙂

oh do u know that flying kite by the beach is as easy as ABC? See, even uwais can do it while asleep! 😀

sound asleep by the beach

The last day, after breakfast kids headed to the beach again. Main sepuas2nye regardless weather

and ni dh mcm trademark shot, kat Cameron aritu pun ade gak lambung camni,

We surely had fun. It was hectic and tiring for us, parents but nothing beat the joy seeing your children happy faces. Bliss. Moga murah rezeki for more getaway, ameen 😀

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Kuantan Trip

By on October 30, 2011

For those who follow me on twitter, you might already seen me tweeting alot about athirah and beach. She would wear her swimsuit almost every other day regardless of the places we went. She went to One Utama couple of times wearing her swimsuit. Yes of coz i get lots of frowning faces looking at me, but those parents walking with kids, they gave me a big smile (im sure they know what im going through) hihi.

Athirah loves the beach. I guess she was making statement to the dad she wants to go to the beach by wearing the swimsuit almost everyday. In fact we found a solution, bought the two piece swimming attire, a top with the surfing pants, thus it wont look that obvious she’s wearing a swimming attire in public places. Anyway, syauqi had annual leave so decided to bring the kids for a beach retreat.

A big smile from athirAh when we told her we r going to the beach

Went to Teluk Cempedak Kuantan. Stayed at Hyatt Regency. We love the hotel because of the location. Food is accessible at anytime. Food is essential for my kids or else they will be cranky. And syauQi loves the mee curry at the local shop nearby ( in which we ended up having breakfast there every morning).

tgk gmbar ni rase mcm wuishh berderet anak saya, haha

We reached the hotel almost 5pm, changed the kids and off to the beach. Oh wont they happy! They were thrilled!!! Even Uwais enjoyed himself. Place him on the beach and i’m free be on my own, he doesn’t clings to me. Remember my trip to Penang, he wanted to “eat” the sand n relatives were so concerned, i told them, it’s okay, let him get a taste of it and he surely wont “eat” it again. And that was exactly what happen, he was sooo occupied with the sand and toys we brought along. He helped hArith to scoop sands on to the trucks. For a minute we forgot he is only 9 months young.

He was so amazed to see kite flying,

(photo by phone)

uZAir loves loves the sea. The waves were like a music to his ears. syauQi had problem taking care of him coz he fear nothing, he simply walk into the sea, regardless of the big wave. We then headed to the pool sbb syauqi tak larat dh nk jaga uZAir, the pool water temperature was rather warm, ideal for lil ones especially uwais. confident lak tu turun masuk sendiri, pusing masuk kaki dulu si kecik tu

Oh athirAh and her hat were not separable, loves all the shot i managed to get of her and the hat by okinokiyo

(pic by phone)

her two piece swimsuit, doesnt she look like a beach girl, no? takpe kecik2 biar merasa pakai cenggini, nanti sudah baligh, sila tutup aurat.

and harith

Now amiq gmbar hArith best coz i can atur him where to stand and he will corporate. Unlike athirAh, i need to chase her to get her shot.

And I manage to get a shot of uWais in okinokiyo hat as well

We went there with a group of friends (syauqi’s friends) for two nights and for the third nite, syauqi’s parents and sister came to join us. Dapat lah we all bernafas coz we had 6 extra hands to layan the kids. On the 3rd day it was more relaxing coz we didnt go anywhere, just laze around the hotel. Mase syauqi’s friends were around we went for food hunting. Malam makan seafood Paksu at Beserah, superb place if you are into chinese style cooking! Yummy!!! Next day we went Kemaman for tea smbil makan keropok leko and otak2.

We were out at the beach/pool average of 5 hours a day. Selagi tak gelap, selagi tu tak balik bilik. Caught athirah wanting to join the guys playing volleyball, we gave her a ball to play but she ended up in the court

(pic by phone)

We woke up with this view, masyaAllah

(pic by phone)

Before it gets to heavy to load the page, will stop here and make another blog post on the kids with their TukWan  (to be continued)

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Huggies at FitFor2

By on October 23, 2011

I dont usually attend advertorial event unless it is relevant to me. And this time around it was on diapers,baby massage and healthy living.Just the right combination that i need :). Event was held at FitFor2 so things could not be any better. I could park my elder 2 at the Kidzports (thanks to my sister for accompany them). Uzair was still asleep when we sneaked out. Upon arrival had a chat with Debbie Lee, the instructor. She asked about my pregnancy background and the minute she heard i had 4 kids age 4 years and below she said she need to do an abdomen check on me to ensure it is not apart. If it is apart, i shouldnt be doing crunches and there are certain exercise to get my abdomen back in position. I was a lil panic of coz, alhamdulillah all is fine with my abdomen.

Debbie was talking about healthy living in which it hit me…gosh i havent been doing any form of exercise for quite sometime. or can i consider taking care of 4 kids 24/7 as exercise? We did the exercise with the gym ball. And the best part of it is, all exercise involved the baby.

even when the baby is asleep, i was able to join the exercise,

we were free to take a break at anytime to breastfeed our babies. uwais sound asleep, i then continue doing the other routines

or if the kids get restless, they were free to move about 🙂

after the exercise session, we had a lady to teach us on baby massage. Uwais were already asleep thus i couldnt do any massage on him but i surely took the opportunity to learn. She even taught us how to massage for babies / toddlers / kids who has constipation problem. my girl athirah somehow has problem doing the number 2 business. I learn from the lady, did it on athirAh and wallaa she even poo in her sleep!!! In fact if u have group of mommies with babies wish to learn baby massage, you can get this lady to come over to your house.

After the 2 session, we were given snacks. Oh honestly i always look forward for such events because of the yummy food the serve. And not only it is yummy, it is also healthy food!

Sorry i was too busy getting the food on my plate that i only remembered to take photos after i have done eating, oppss.

I really should give a serious thought on attending the classes by FitFor2 at Bangsar Village 2. I can bring Uwais along, so no reason not to go. The place is really kids friendly, they have a section of toys for kids, a nice comfy sofa to breastfeed and changing table for the babies. And dont worry if you forgot to bring diapers along coz they do provide Huggies diapers for free. Yes you heard me right, for free 🙂

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