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6 Jun 2011

6 years n Counting

Alhamdulillah we reached 6 years of marriage on the 3rd June n blessed with 4 kids. (n of coz i cant stop wondering how life would be if we have our late Alesya Zara with us).

Previous years we never celebrate our anniversary, maybe because it is not a norm for my parents to celebrate it thus we dont see it as necessary. or maybe because we started courting when we were 15,back then mane ade duit nak celebrate bagai..thus we ended up sticking to tat way sbb dh biasa mcm tu.

but since lately syauqi been mentioning bout the revolving restaurant at KL Tower, more of curious how the place is thus i decided to give him a treat. It wasnt easy, byk org involved in order for us to be able to hv lunch just the two of us. Mom n sis were willing to bring elder 3 out so we cn hv our lunch. Uwais alhamdulillah can take bottle feeding now, express milk n left him with maid. The minute elder 3 left the hse, told syauqi to get his shower (he was half awake,lazing on the bed). he has no idea what was going on. he asked mane kids, told him dh kuar ngan mama n hanah ( he then had the impression they kuar dulu n we meet up with them later sbb die lmbat sgt nk get ready, thus i decided to play along)

he then asked, nk pegi mane, nk choose appropriate baju. told him collared polo is good enough. then tanye pulak, “ade aircond x,nk pilih material tee” i pretended tak sure “err ntah,ade kot..mayb xde”

then masuk keta, i key in gps sbb i pun mmg xtau jalan. told him ikut je gps. he played the guessing game. memula die teka kl tower, but when gps asked to head to jln raja chulan he guess Pavillion sbb last week g Pavillion via tat road.

Best part was he has no idea mane kl tower actually, so bile dh smpai simpang kl tower he was still guessing it wrongly,smpai kt gate entrance he saw written KL Tower, baru lah tau where we were going. And till tat point he still thought we gonna join the kids. We saw a boy riding a pony mase nk park the car n syauqi said “harith ke tu?”, so i was vry confident he thought kids dh smpai dulu. tp die tanye asal kids pg dulu, i said “sbb they nak gi naik observation deck tgk view dulu”

a pic frm the parking lot



went up to the restaurant n was given a table for two. mase smpai tu syauqi looked happy sbb mmg x penah smpai situ. he asked again “kids join x, y table for two?” kebetulan next to us ade table for 6, so i pointed to him “tu our table gak. go get ur food b4 kids smpai”. he took his first dish, pastu ade tinggal skit lg the mee kuah. he asked again “bdk join x?” by then i tot die dh budget i tipu coz i reckon he read my tweets..tgk2 he mmg expect kids ade,i replied “of coz not!!” he replied “laahh buat penat je mkn laju2, siap tinggalkn skit tuk athirah so die bleh mkn while we take food for them.”

this was the our view when given our seats


lepas dh tau kids not coming, baru lah take own sweet time to eat n take photos of the view.alhamdulillah weather was good, clear sky. can see smpai Shah Alam blue mosque and the Coast Line.



u can see Stadium Negara, Stadium Merdeka and Victoria Institute School in pic below,


Both of us x senang duduk kot x buat pape sbb slalu tgn handle the kids while makan. so ended up tgn dok update fb n twitter,photos of the view..hihi. After almost 2 hours, its back to reality. mom n sis dh penat trying to kill the time with elder 3 at OU. they called bgtau dh nk blk. perut kami pun dh kenyang, thus zasss we head home.

Oh boleh x, after dpt tau kids not coming, syauqi asked me… ni mkn tuk ape? saje2 mkn weekend ke anniversary? sape bayar? Haha, it feels weird i guess x penah2 celebrate anniversary..tetiba we r at a table just two of us with a spectacular view, subhanallah

A big thanks to my mom n sis for babysitting elder 3. Blk rumah b4 harith tanye we pg mane i asked him “harith pg mane? mommy cari kt one utama x jumpe pun” he replied “mommy cari kat old ke new one utama”. “at old wing”. “x jumpe lah sbb harith ade dekat new one utama” hihi

And Thanks for all the well wishes 🙂

*all photos taken using phone camera

1 Jun 2011

Avillion Port Dickson

Last two weeks, we plan to to go Avillion PD since we’ve been hearing good comments about the place. Was extremely delighted when syauQi ajak pegi but after seeing the weather forecast saying every petang hujan, we hesitate to go or not to go. Of coz deep inside i was screaming to go…haha. tapi was worried if hujan, ha i pulak kena scream ngan syauqi “TOLD YOU!” . So i listened to him and cancel the plan.

It was Friday, picked up the kids as usual and when we returned home, syauQi said “you, pack the bags!” a lil confused…he continued “we r going to avillion”.  i wasnt sure he was for real or not…so muke masih tenang tak tunjuk lg gembira. i asked him further details, oh apparently rooms dah buat reservation, pegi after his Friday Prayers. And another surprise…bro and sis-in-law coming along…supercool! that’s 4 extra hands!!! But since they need to be home next day by noon to attend wedding, we decided to go on separate cars.

Kids were so happy when i told them we were going to the beach. Prior to that, athirAh been wearing her swimsuit at home almost everyday for the past one month, sbb nk pegi beach. ape die ingat beach tu belakang rumah athirah? Elder 2 insists on wearing their swimming attire from home. Ha dlm keta tertanya2, mane beach, mane beach. Lil did they know it will be an hour plus journey.

Reached Avillion at 5pm, thought we were there way passed the check-in time (3pm) but to our surprise rooms were not yet ready. Syauqi requested for late check-out in return, we then got a late check-out at 2pm instead of 12pm. athirAh dah restless nk jump into the water already. Once we got the room key, we head straight to the room ,perform our solat and to the beach we go!

It was priceless seeing the joy in the kids’ face. Priceless. Nothing beats that feeling. In fact i even tweeted then, “nothing beats the feeling seeing the joy in the kids’ face. not even a spa session” athirAh keep on saying “athirah at the beach” uZAir was jumping about on the sand while hArith busy digging. uZAir was very confident to masuk air. Yes i know the water is not clear nor clean…but for kids, they are totally fine with it. They enjoyed it. (hmm wait till the see the sea water at the island, they might not want the sea at PD then…hahah)

Didn’t bring my camera as i wasnt sure will i have enough hands to even handle the kids ape lagi camera. So all photos taken from bro’s compact camera. Had problem taking photos of the kids, they were everywhere….

uWais had his first experience with the sand,

Bro and wife rent the canoe…hArith gave it a try, happily singing “row row row your boat….”

and uwais felt asleep after much of sand play

Then ajak kids pegi pool pulak. tp ni budak taknk kuar dr air

at the pool, athirAh turun the water slide definitely more than 2otimes during the 40mins period. nonstop turun slide. It was already maghrib, had problem getting her out. Bro had to dukung her to the room while she meronta2 “taknk balik , taknak balik”. For dinner few people gave us suggestion where to eat, but we didnt want to stress up ourselves kuar makan with 4 kids, thus we ordered room service. boleh makan dgn tenang. Oh my sis-in-law came well prepared, with a big tupperware of cut watermelon AND brownies!!! Heaven. We munched on those while waiting for the food to sampai.

After we had our meal, we ordered vanila ice cream to go with the homemade brownies…marvelous  😀

Next morning after breakfast, we went to the petting zoo and had another round of swimming for the kids. Everyone had a good time, even mommy. And best part of all…the dad remain cool all the time. You know when bapak budak jadi cranky, it can be worst than 4 kids cranky…hihi. Thus a BIG thanks to the dad for brining us and for being cool and calm through out :D. We love you 😉

17 May 2011


Its been awhile since i last put up photos of my kids. Free time is no longer in my vocabulary. When elder 3 in skool, i’m occupied with uWais. baru sempat nak bernafas, sedar2 its time to fetch the kids from school.

uWais is 3 months young already, how time flies. Sadly i dont have much time to capture his photos…gonna have to make time for it

uwais ikut pattern muka uzair. he look very much like me (i think…)

if u notice rambut uwais same cam uzair.yg cover depan tu its actually rambut belakang die. depan tu anak rambut je. so now we all tgh contemplating to cukur his head tak . takut kang smpai umur 3 thn pun masih dahi jendol..hihi

more random photos of the kids


rambut die now mcm haircut bdk darjah satu

Elder 2 will be 4 nxt month…wow they r turning 4 real soon,  alhamdulillah 😀

oh btw, i hv new ones in hand now. email me at if u r interested. RM210 for unlimited time of sliding 😀

please email instead of comment, too much spam lately, i might miss ur comment.

15 May 2011

Sugar Level

Remember this previous post of mine? I talk about sugar intake. Some products do  not mention the amount of sugar, but dont be trick, u can actually know the amount of sugar by looking at the level of carbohydrate. The higher the carbohydrate, the higher the sugar. And some use a substitute name of sugar; corn syrup solid, glucose syrup solid and sucrose. These are all the same; SUGAR.

When you hear of coca-cola, I am sure most of you know that a can of coke contains a lot of sugar. And to my shocking knowledge, I found out that even babies’ powdered milk could also contains a lot of sugar! Yes this can be shocking news to know the amount of sugar we feed our babies and imagine our babies drink 5 – 6 bottle of milk daily! And we often wonder why our child is so active, never ending energy. And we also real cute chubby babies. Yes of coz they are cute, feel like pinching their big thigh..geram. But have u ever wonder, the baby could be obese due to too much sugar intake? Of coz some say…”oh she/he has not start on solid food yet, just milk”. And have u actually taste your child’s milk? Give it a try, it is indeed sweet!

I found this cool website where u can calculate ur babies’ sugar level in the milk powder. Check it out!

Give it a try and see whats the shocking result you get.  You might be concern by now and would like to change you child’s milk. So what milk should you switch now?

The new Anmum Essential has no added sugar and 100% more DHA, yes growing up milk powder is the important source of nutrition for children growth and development , thus it is very important to ensure that there is no sugar added. Sugar is definitely not necessary in your child’s milk. They can get the sugar from natural / intrinsic sugar (i.e fruits )

It is important to check on your child’s milk to ensure no excessive sugar in it, do check the label of the product to know the level of sugar . Do inform your friends and relative to check their children growing milk. Use the sugar calculator and to calculate the amount of sugar the product has. It can be a real shocking news to some of us!

11 May 2011

Water Slide FOR SALE

Remember the previous post kids AND mom had fun?

You can have one now in your very own garden! Believe me, you will ended up sliding more than your kids…you will ended up saying this to your kids “lalu skit, mommy punye turn!”

RM210 for unlimited fun time sliding!!!

Yup, not just for kids but adults can have as much fun too!

First Come First Serve Basis (no reservation).

Im not sure whats the postage fees, thus we recommend Self Pick-Up unless you are willing to bear the postage.

Email me at

*you will need a “gadget” for you to attach ur garden hose to the waterslide, can easily be purchased at hardware store

The water slide sold like hot cakes…all sold within 2 days after i posted it here.

If you wish to have the same thrill like the others…im taking in orders. 50% deposit is required to ensure you r a committed buyer. Items will be in my hand, in 2 weeks time, insyaAllah

this is ideal for our current hot weather 😀

and for the adults; in each of us there’s a child dat lies within hehe..!

email me at 😀

Guess, which tummy is the mom-2-be,

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