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17 May 2011


Its been awhile since i last put up photos of my kids. Free time is no longer in my vocabulary. When elder 3 in skool, i’m occupied with uWais. baru sempat nak bernafas, sedar2 its time to fetch the kids from school.

uWais is 3 months young already, how time flies. Sadly i dont have much time to capture his photos…gonna have to make time for it

uwais ikut pattern muka uzair. he look very much like me (i think…)

if u notice rambut uwais same cam uzair.yg cover depan tu its actually rambut belakang die. depan tu anak rambut je. so now we all tgh contemplating to cukur his head tak . takut kang smpai umur 3 thn pun masih dahi jendol..hihi

more random photos of the kids


rambut die now mcm haircut bdk darjah satu

Elder 2 will be 4 nxt month…wow they r turning 4 real soon,  alhamdulillah 😀

oh btw, i hv new ones in hand now. email me at if u r interested. RM210 for unlimited time of sliding 😀

please email instead of comment, too much spam lately, i might miss ur comment.

15 May 2011

Sugar Level

Remember this previous post of mine? I talk about sugar intake. Some products do  not mention the amount of sugar, but dont be trick, u can actually know the amount of sugar by looking at the level of carbohydrate. The higher the carbohydrate, the higher the sugar. And some use a substitute name of sugar; corn syrup solid, glucose syrup solid and sucrose. These are all the same; SUGAR.

When you hear of coca-cola, I am sure most of you know that a can of coke contains a lot of sugar. And to my shocking knowledge, I found out that even babies’ powdered milk could also contains a lot of sugar! Yes this can be shocking news to know the amount of sugar we feed our babies and imagine our babies drink 5 – 6 bottle of milk daily! And we often wonder why our child is so active, never ending energy. And we also real cute chubby babies. Yes of coz they are cute, feel like pinching their big thigh..geram. But have u ever wonder, the baby could be obese due to too much sugar intake? Of coz some say…”oh she/he has not start on solid food yet, just milk”. And have u actually taste your child’s milk? Give it a try, it is indeed sweet!

I found this cool website where u can calculate ur babies’ sugar level in the milk powder. Check it out!

Give it a try and see whats the shocking result you get.  You might be concern by now and would like to change you child’s milk. So what milk should you switch now?

The new Anmum Essential has no added sugar and 100% more DHA, yes growing up milk powder is the important source of nutrition for children growth and development , thus it is very important to ensure that there is no sugar added. Sugar is definitely not necessary in your child’s milk. They can get the sugar from natural / intrinsic sugar (i.e fruits )

It is important to check on your child’s milk to ensure no excessive sugar in it, do check the label of the product to know the level of sugar . Do inform your friends and relative to check their children growing milk. Use the sugar calculator and to calculate the amount of sugar the product has. It can be a real shocking news to some of us!

11 May 2011

Water Slide FOR SALE

Remember the previous post kids AND mom had fun?

You can have one now in your very own garden! Believe me, you will ended up sliding more than your kids…you will ended up saying this to your kids “lalu skit, mommy punye turn!”

RM210 for unlimited fun time sliding!!!

Yup, not just for kids but adults can have as much fun too!

First Come First Serve Basis (no reservation).

Im not sure whats the postage fees, thus we recommend Self Pick-Up unless you are willing to bear the postage.

Email me at

*you will need a “gadget” for you to attach ur garden hose to the waterslide, can easily be purchased at hardware store

The water slide sold like hot cakes…all sold within 2 days after i posted it here.

If you wish to have the same thrill like the others…im taking in orders. 50% deposit is required to ensure you r a committed buyer. Items will be in my hand, in 2 weeks time, insyaAllah

this is ideal for our current hot weather 😀

and for the adults; in each of us there’s a child dat lies within hehe..!

email me at 😀

Guess, which tummy is the mom-2-be,

13 Apr 2011


Previously harith was in the phase where his underwear must matches with his attire. But now he is going through the phase of wearing bright colours underwear. Gave him a black underwear but he refused to wear it..and started searching for a different one (red to be specific)

Me: Harith, why you dont want to wear your black underwear?

Harith: Because it is dark


hArith: I like bright underwear…like red

13 Apr 2011

Want to take up the Challenge : Part 2

Remember this last post on “want to take up the challenge” , Adam updated me with his 2nd part of the journey…his 3rd and 4th week. Below is his story:

Munirah! my final testimony… 🙂

USANA Challenge Week 3-6 (15 February – 14 March 2011)

It has been more than a month that I started taking USANA. Up till today, my left knee shows only the tiniest form of discomfort. I think USANA has done its job well. I can walk, run, jump, crawl (when you have a toddler, crawling is a necessary skill!) drive without any soreness or discomfort.

This is amidst the fact that I have been playing futsal every Saturday night for about 2.5 hours non-stop. What seems very strange to me is that I do not feel much pain when I put pressure on my left knee as I start to sprint or make a quick turn when playing futsal. Last Saturday, I felt like I was given a new lease to my left knee.

I must admit that during week 4-6, I was not that consistent in gulping the three pills and occasionally I would substitute it with some other (smaller) supplements but I know that the effect that I am feeling now was certainly because of USANA. It may not have given me an immediate impact like how everyone would have hoped when they try USANA but through time, one can really feel the difference.

I am grateful to Munirah Hanim and Ahmad Syauqi for their convincing effort and kindness in getting me to take on this USANA challenge. May Allah reward them, their children and family with greater successes in this world and Hereafter. I love you guys! J

Syed Adam Alhabshi

27 years old

(Disclaimer: As much as I believe that the healing process is because of God, The All Mighty, the taking of USANA is clearly the effort and reason for such satisfying result.)

Usana do have various supplements for other health condition too, insyaAllah.

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