On Rainy Days…

By on March 2, 2009

It has been raining almost every evening for the past few days. Well, each time it rains it means I’ll have hard time putting the lil ones to sleep since they have the excess energy course no outdoors activities. Besides that, I also have a hard time dealing with their crankiness for not being allowed to go out. hArith and athirAh now demands to go out after 5pm. Somehow they have their on way to know it’s past 5pm, let me out! hArith will point out non-stop while athirAh will look out the window towards the neighbour’s house and start calling “di-jaaaa”. And somehow when the clock strike 5pm, all their toys dah tak laku sbb kepala dh kt luar.

So I was desperately in need of idea to keep them occupied on rainy days (especially since pApa was not around). So I went to Ikea with uZAir, having “easel” in mind…wanna let them do some paintings. But it was RM99 each…and I need to get two, coz I’m sure both would want to do painting at the same time. I was looking around to see if I could save some money…and the idea of getting a table for them pops out. A table and a chair each for them. And 30meters of papers for them to scribble, paint and what not.

And true enough, it rain yesterday. athirAh was having her nap, thus hArith had a head start with the painting. The first time I introduced them to painting was when they were 1 year 4 months, to do pApa’s bday card…but they ended up licking their fingures. This time around…hArith was happily playing with the brushes and most of the time buzy dipping the brush in the water.

10 minutes later, athirAh joined hArith. However, athirAh is not really into details. She loves exploring…climbing here and there. Whereas hArith can really sit down and belek mende lame gilerr. She was very happy at first, seeing something new…and she loves the part where my sister help her with the painting while doing “sweesh sweesh” sound, macam dalam movie StepMom tu, hihi

See, less than 10 mins she’s already bored. Padahal baru je bgn tido…bleh lak yawn lagi.

Sempat lagi tu korek hidung…ish sungguh tak senonoh ini anak dara…

She left the table with paints all over the table and chair, while hArith continued playing with flour and water…

Oh, have I told you hArith loves being in the kitchen while someone is cooking. The minute he hears ppl cooking in the kitchen he’ll be banging the door asking us to open it. And once he is in the kitchen he insists of being carried so he could see what’s in the pot.

He was smiling happily when I poured some flour in the bowl and let him mix it with water… it sure was a mess.

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I broke down…and cried

By on February 25, 2009

and yelled at my kids.

hArith slept with us last nite coz pAh was not around. He woke up middle of the night crying out loud (not to mentioned putting him to sleep was also a chaos) which woke the other two up. uZAir was pacifiying the whole nite..so obviously b**by ku kering kontang when he wanted milk to put him back to sleep! Thus he joined hArith screaming and crying their lung out which of course woke athirAh up and joined the “choir” group.

All 3 were awake and wanted me to put them to sleep. so melekat mengendel to me. uZAir obviously wanted me bcoz of my b**rby, by having him on my side i can’t put the other two to sleep. But bcoz my b**by was empty, that made uZAir screamed even louder. I failed to soothe any of them…which ended me me joining them crying….YES i cried coz i failed.

Lucky thing syauQi was around. He took uZAir away while i continue trying to put hArith to sleep. He was being fickle minded, one minute he pointed up wanting to sleep upstairs in my parents room. But the moment I brought him up, he get off the bed and pointed to go down. So We ended up going up and down like 4 times and he finally sleep in my mom’s room with my sister accompany him. Then I had another 2 “mission” to be completed..to put athirAh and uZAir to sleep. I let uZAir pacify on me again while athirAh slept next to me hugging on my hand. Bout 5 mins later, Hanah came down to inform hArith awake and started crying again. I was with the other two so I left syauQi to handle him….

From what had happened last nite, it made me ponder…is it true wat grown up (i mean those yg dah jadi grandparents) been telling me, that once ur child sleepss with grandparents…forever they want to sleep with their grandparents. On top of tat my dad kept telling me don’t blame them if my son doesn’t want to move with us when we decided to move to our own house….

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Bali – On Bubbles and Flowers

By on February 24, 2009

Since the bathroom was rather big and spacious enough for the kids to to roam around, thus we hv to take their bath in the buthtub everyday. If we were to bathe them under the shower, jenuh lar diorang bermaharaja lela bejalan rata2, kang ade yg tegolek jatuh sbb licin. pApa had the idea of trying the bubble bath…oh the kids sure did like it! In fact we had to take the bubble bath from my sis and parents’ bathroom…and on top of that we had to call the housekeeping to request for more bubble bath lliquid since we use it in almost every bath time.

And this lil boy was simply curious of the bubble’s taste….

testing testing…

oh wow, yum yum…taste good!

Oh, the villa gave complimentary cake to all rooms on the 14th, Valentine Day. Althought we don’t celebrate it but i took the opportunity to ask for free stuff…hihi
I asked the lady that send us the cake if it’s possible to get flower petal for the bathtub since it’s Valentine, and she said it’s possible…i just have to ring the reception. Thus, i called the reception and asked “hari ini Valentine, kok bisa diberi flower petal nye gratis?” (it’s valentine today, could it be possible for me to get free flower petal?) Ye yang penting perkataan gratis tu yer…takut lak kang sedar2 dlm bil diorang charge.

the cake

So who enjoyed the flower bath the most? Of coz the kids =)
Tapi hArith boy, so die tak heran sgt with the flower petals…

Tapi anak dara ni mmg amiq the petals and sental kaw kaw kat badan die…hihi

And budak kecik ni pun tak ketinggalan yer “mandi bunga”…hihi

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Delay in Speech?

By on February 21, 2009

Initially my main intention of having this blog was to share my experience of triplets’ pregnancy; it then continued to share our experience of ups and downs in raising our miracle babies. Their journey and battle to live. Months and months of hospital stay, enough to make us suspend every now and then. Al-hamdulillah they are doing well now. They are almost there catching up with their chronological age.

Now that we are blessed with a full term baby; uZAir, we can see the difference of a full term and premie baby. It was a good thing that the premie came first then uZAir or else we would be so worried of hArith n athirAh’s progress coz we have a benchmark to compare (uZAir)
I’ve been wanting to write up on the difference of premie and full term from what that I have observe so far. When times permit me to do so, I will.

So far, I’m glad that we have taken the action of sending hArith n athirAh to the playgym class. Based on the last check up, their progress in term of physical development is at par. Of cause I can’t say for sure that the playgym helps them but I’m sure in a way or another, it does help. And of coz the toys we bought were being helpful too. Especially the mini climbing frame.
hArith and athirAh started crawling when they were around 9 – 10 months old (corrected age would be 6 – 7 months). And they stared walking when they were 16 – 17 months ( corrected age; 13 – 14 months). That’s consider good progress coz articles I read, there are premie who only started sitting at 14 months. Al-hamdulillah their playgym has helped them with their agility.

Them when they were 9 months

see, others could already sit but hArith n athirAh couldn’t at the time they started the class

However, my concern now is their speech capability. The few words they can say is pApa, pah, baby and a-ti-yaaahhhh. Lately athirAh been calling out for Dija, she will look out the window towards the neighbours’ hse and say di-jaaaa. im not so sure if that were coincidence or she really means it. Other than that hArith would just point to what he wants. They are now 1 year 8 months…do u consider this as delay in their speech? However they have no problem in understanding instructions.

Dija; The Neighbour

I know some premie still cant talk a word at age 3 and some ended up needing to send their children for speech therapy. Yes, no doubt it’s even usual for some full-term baby to talk later but the thing with my kids…they have 2 reason for talking late (based on articles tat I read)
1. Being premature
2. Multiple babies; yes it is said that multiple babies tend to talk later because they can understand between them (baby talk) so they don’t see reason for them to learn to communicate with adults. Coz they already have their companion.

So the question now is, are my kids not talking just because they are among other full term kids who lambat cakap or because of the above two short coming? How do I know?

If it is because of the above two I do think it is important to counter the issue now to enable them to catch up with their chronological age vocabulary. Just like what we did for their physical development. Well, at the moment I have daily ‘playschool’ in my mind. That would allow them to socialize with others, hoping it could help their speech. When I was working in Cosmotot I could really see improvement in those yg ckp pelat nk mampus smpai kena teka2 ape lar budak ni tgh ckp jadi clear, terang n jelas in a month or two. But syauQi thinks there’s nothing to be worried about. I mean they fall under same cam other full term yg happen to cakap lmbat
Oh tapi kenapa fees playschool mostly sume cekik darah! And most of it nk kena bayar by semester, 3 bulan skaligus, not to mentioned starting kena bayar annual fees ah, deposit lah…jenuh lar kami nak bayar lump sum tuk 2 kepala. Ya Allah ya tuhan kami, murah kn lah rezeki kami. Ameen

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