Bali – On Avacado

By on March 10, 2009

While we were in Bali, all anak beranak (xcept En Suami) jadi hantu alpukat. We had avacado juice in every meal.

Believe it or not, hArith drank in one shot…sedut taknk lepas smpai habis. tgk lar pipi die tu…

And this lil boy enjoyed the juice too! He had it non-stop. Lambat suap jer die melalak.

Gosh…its so yummy. There was once we got our driver to belikn the juice for us. Die gie area pasar and we told him we want really think, no water added. And he came back with such a yummy-licious juice…and best part of all that was the cheapest of all. Other places average of 10,000rupiah. some places even charged 20,000 rupiah. but our driver belikan yg palin kaw kaw pekat sedap nk mampus at only 5,000 rupiah…yummy!

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Magazine Survey

By on March 9, 2009

Mom’s out there, I would like to do survey on parental magazine.

1) What parental magazine do you usually read?
(i.e. Pa&Ma , Young Parenthood etc.)

2) Why do you choose that magazine?

3) Other than parental magazine, what magazine do you read

Hope dear readers would leave the answer at the comment section. Please please please

I thank you in advance

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Sophea Dania

By on March 8, 2009

Went over to syauQi’s friend’s house today to welcome baby Sophea Dania to the world. The couple sure look happy entering the new world of parenthood. We took the opportunity to turn 6 days old Dania into our “guine pig” …hihi. But we dare not experiment too much coz we wouldnt want to make the anxious parents worry too much. Hopefully with the few shots we made would gain the confidence of these parents to allow us tonggeng tonggang tebalik kn Dania in our next visit.

I luv the tiny toes =)

And more pictures of the proud parents with their bundle of joy

Ni gmbar sekadar hiasan, we brought uZAir along with us


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PhotoClinic – Lake Garden

By on March 7, 2009

Yesterday brought all 3 to Lake Garden for photoclinic by ThePhotoMama. (yup, who said it’s juz online tutorial…we do hv physical lesson from time to time). Unfortunately on Friday syauQi was called up for a flight coz he was on standby. It sure was a struggle to bring all 3. Lucky thing I had extra help frm my sis and SIL. However having ratio one kid to one adult makes it difficult to take photos. The moment we let hArith n athirAh off the stroller, they were everywhere. Mmg tak dpt nk snap gmbar sbb kena monitor takut ade yg jatuh tegolek from the playground. athirAh was very close to jatuh tegolek.

I let uZAir roam around on the grass. At first he was okay with it…curious with the new texture. Pastu dh boring, mula lah nangis minta diangkat. Sedihnye, not much of beautiful shots were taken…again reason being sbb tak cukup tangan. Gambar2 kat bawah ni hanya sekadar mewarna warni kn post kali ini…

Taking hArith and athirAh’s photo were almost impossible. The were running around constantly. Then finally athirAh stood still sbb dapat bubble cum wisel from another boy. Excited dpt tiup wisel…

Ni, muka dah tak larat, nak balik. Even my sister pun dah tak larat chasing after them

Anak teruna ni dah teduduk keletihan…

and uZAir pun ajak balik….

we then smbung kat kopitiam for breakfast…

p/s: PhotoMama having promotion frm now till the 11th, subscribe at a reduced price of RM230. I have two coupons to let go if ade yg berminat

**updated: only one coupon left

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