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Toddler-friendly Recipe

By on March 11, 2011

As some of you might already knew, hArith loves helping around with the domestic work. Among his fav is baking. Those who attended the aqiqah had the chance to taste harith’s choc chip cookies. Yesterday he did butter cupcakes to bring to school, they r having a bday celebration today.

Wondering how harith bakes? Here’s a custom made toddler-friendly recipe i did for him, something “readable”.

And here are photos of him in action.

I asked him to take out all the ingredients and utensils needed.


measuring (the custom made recipe is by his side)

sift the flour ; his fav

ha smpai nganga2 mulut nk make sure x tumpah

athirAh dtg part nk masuk choc chip sbb nk masuk some dlm mulut die gak. tgk muka harith, making sure athirah do it the right way

and the best part, he will take care of the dishes too 😀 .  i need not worry coz he really washes it thoroughly.

and here’s the end product, proudly brought to school tadi 🙂

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Sugar Level n Bedtime

By on March 10, 2011

I think most parents will go through the phase where their kids bedtime goes haywire. For now, alhamdulillah elder two’s bedtime are rather consistent. Uzair’s bedtime will be at 8-ish IF he didnt sleep during the day, regardless a short or long nap. If he takes his nap…he’ll ended up sleeping pass midnite. As for the newborn, uwais..alhamdulillah his sleeping routine is consistent too.

Besides making sure uzair does not take his afternoon nap, i’m also controling his sugar level (since its obviously correlates with his energy level). I have stop giving him milo too since i was told milo do contain lotsa sugar. I believe now the government, NGOs and other consumer association are all rising the awareness of excessive sugars intake. I really have to control my kids’ (and mine of coz) sugar intake since we have history of diabetics in the family. Its not easy to stop my kids from eating sweet food,(cant blame them coz i have sweet tooth too…hihi) thus the best way is not to stock it up at home. I have stop making the milo visible to them. My kids love munching, they will be in and out of the kitchen “self-service” searching for food. Thus its important to control what we keep in the kitchen. There was once, nothing much left in the fridge, athirAh ended up munching on one big cucumber she found in the fridge, we then stock up more vegetable that can be munch (i.e baby carrot)

Im sure u are aware there are two types of sugars, the natural sugars where u get it from fruits, vegetables n honey and the other type is the added sugars which added to the processed food and drinks while they are being made by either the manufacturer or when we cook. And dont be surprise some even add sugar directly to the food. I was shocked to see a friend of mine makan roti canai with sugar. She add a spoon of sugar dalam kuah dhal die.

At times we overlook the product’s sugar level coz it uses a different terms to replace sugar, among the common names of added sugars found in children’s product are sucrose, corn syrups solids and glucose syrups solids. And do you know that if the sugar level is not stated on the product lable, you can check the carbohydrate lebel. The higher the carbohydrate means the higher the added sugars level.

Everyone knows besides diabetics, these added sugar can cause other health issues like heart disease, hypertension, obesity and dental problem. However we cant completely avoid taking sugar coz we do need it to give us energy to perform our daily task. But with excessive sugar intake, i will be having a jumping uZAir till pass midnite, making noises disturbing the other siblings who are already a sleep…and of coz that automatically makes me a zombie mommy the next day.

People are getting more health conscious nowadays, u can see lots of product labeled “no sugar added”, i do buy syrup for my kids from the organic store with the “no sugar added”. Since its difficult to stop them from drinking coloured drink (syrup), thus i get those organic syrup from them. Im rather impressed with some of my friends’ children who doesnt like any coloured drink, they prefer plain water. I have a friend who’s daughter feels that coloured drink is “dirty” and refused to drink it.

Can anyone out there who has children that dislike coloured drink teach me how to train them in such manner, hopefully i can train the same on Uwais, insyaAllah

Lets leave a healthy lifestyle 🙂

the dad running around with them, to burn their energy level hoping they sleep early at night..hihi

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Ahmad Uwais' Aqiqah

By on

Well i think’s event can be synonym with last minute. Every time we wish to have an event we can only set the date last minute coz we have to wait for the 3 rosters to be out to ensure all the orang udara be on ground on the same date. And this ain’t easy! Just like the previous aqiqah and birthday parties, we had problem in fixing the date. This time around on the dates i can get all the men to be around, caterer lak not available. Alhamdulillah managed to get a date and i had one week to prepare. I was still in my confinement thus i cant go out to get the things i wanted. I list down the stuff i want and on the day i gain my freedom, off i go. Went to ikea with all 4 with my mom. Then cuci gambar for my centrepieces.

Wanted to cari baju for uWais but mission not accomplish for that. Yup that’s the thing of being the 4th child, uWais wears all the hand-me-down baju…we didnt buy anything for him, not a single baju since the brother’s baju still in good condition. Balik i was searching high and low for uzair’s baju aqiqah but couldnt locate it. And on the aqiqah day itself, at about 11pm, my sis went out to cari new baju at BSC, fuuhh mujur ade. I wanted something white.

Anyway, the event acually started at about 10pm, we had bout 10 tahfiz came over to read the Quran and khatam it. They arrived a lil late thus my dad, bro, syauQi and another dad’s friend started reading first…managed to complete 9 juzu’ before the tahfiz came. Once the tahfiz arrived, they divided the juzu’ and khatam it. After that ade a marhaban siap kompang bagai, hArith was the happiest boy ever!

each were assign the juzu’ to read, syauQi chop juzu’ 30 tu die relax dah habis dulu..hihi

Mom invited her guest at 1230, so mase marhaban tu guests started coming already

hArith well behaved, syiok dgr marhaban with kompang

After settle marhaban…laju sume org gi ke food. We had lamb mandey from Wadi Hadramaut (Jalan Ampang). Previous aqiqah we had lamb mandey from Alrawsya tapi their timing tu cam tak punctual sgt…thus we opted for Wadi Hadramaut lak this time

Besides lamb mandey, we had nasi putih with lauk; daging salai masak lemak, kerabu mangga, ulam sambal belacan, ayam goreng berempah, sayur campur, kari munggai and also mee rebus. I was a lil dissapointed with the caterer..they tak efficient bab top up food. At the end of the day we had seperiuk besar of daging salai and lauk lain pun byk lagi. . Lamb mandey 2 ekor habis begitu laju my frens yg dtg 2 onwards byk yg tak dapat makan. But alhamdulillah most of the guests said food were good.

Oh i also managed to get Pakcik Daud the Apam Balik yg slalu jual kt depan Pasaraya Taman Tun to come over

He was around till 430 and did a total of 600 apam balik! Besides that we have ABC and kuih muih, cake and fruits

Since i didnt have much time to prepare for this aqiqah, i decided to decorate just the dessert table

I tweeted to ask around where can i get the white branches, didnt have much time to go around and cari…tweeter friend suggested to take any branches and spray paint it. I wasnt sure if i had the time to scout around for it..but alhamdulillah it wasnt that difficult. I send the kids to school with my mom (confinement over), i told my mom…im on the look for branches, so i’ll say stop the minute i locate it. Managed to get what i wanted with a lil problem getting it into the car…patah kn into smaller branches and bejaya sumbat  masuk kereta. I hang few sugar cookies on the branches.

I even had a write up on Uwais Al-Qarnee, in which Uwais was named after. I had lotsa people gave me a puzzled look when i said my newborn’s name is Ahmad Uwais and i foresee that i’ll be getting more of the puzzled face during the aqiqah, hence the write up

Thanks to my friend, Syed Adam who happened to have a write up on Uwais AlQarnee in his blog, thus i conveniently adopted it from his blog with some additional i took hasil dari google. Here’s the write up that we placed on the dessert table

May Ahmad Uwais be as great as Uwais Al-Qarnee insyaAllah. 🙂

On Saturday, hArith n i bake some cookies for the dessert table,

The cookies laku, and the youngest fan of the cookies is this lil darl; Kazim

(pic credit to @nannoor)

We had 2 choc cake, one of it with edible picture of Uwais, tp cam ramai x smpai hati cut it until  i did the first lah org start mkn.

and people tak smpai hati nk makan the face, it was left untouched

Alhamdulillah we also have enough air zam zam to serve the guests

It was a big crowd I shall say, terharu tgk sedara mara yg dtg full force, slalu the parents je dtg, but this time around byk yg dtg dgn anak2. My ex-rector UIA, Prof Kamal Hassan pun dtg..felt soo honored. My brother’s in-laws also came despite their tight schedule.

and my aunt buat suprised dtg all the way dr pontian, johor. Mmg firasat dh agak aunt akn surprised me…hihi. im close with her..semenjang gayut tepon with her

oh boleh pulak kawan syauQi came n i happened to be besides syauQi when he arrived. He was a lil shocked to see me dukung Uwais, he thought we buat belated aqiqah for Uzair. he had no idea ade newborn although cam almost every week syauqi jumpe die

hArith was the happiest boy ever! die jadi “disorientated” tak tau nk main ngan sape. Coz usually its either anak2 blogger, cousins or my skoolmates punye anak. But this time around sume ade at the same time…die cam tak keruan tak tau nk main ngan sape…hihi.

And yes, the best part is of coz i get to see my tweeter frens. Thanks for coming!! sorry ade yg tak dapat makan kambing. Tu lah patut dpt kembar two boys kan..confirm cukup kambing since kena sembelih 4 ekor…haha

Didnt take any photo with them, sbb by them camera dah kt mane tah. Ni photos i amiq from their blog;

*photos credit to @anitaazizan

and here’s a group photo, credit to @nannoor

Thanks darl for coming over, sorry for any shortcomings..a lil crowded and such. It was nice to see all of u…though tak dpt duduk borak sgt but seriously having u gals around in twitter world helps to keep my sanity. Yes i need to vent out somewhere to keep my sanity and the twitter world sure come in handy.

My highschool friends pun datang but sadly didnt get to take any photos with them. Kawan syauQi pun boleh tahan ramai yg datang.

Nway, i told the guests…after this they wont be coming for my anak’s aqiqah anymore, but my bro’s anak pulak…insyaAllah. and one of the guest asked me back…”are u sure u can keep to your words?” hahaha. Yup its time to decide on…errr, iucd, implanon,jab?

Oh tadi uWais was behaving well..and u know how angelic babies’ face when they behave so i said to syauQi “u, cube tgk uWais, cute kan?” when he replied yes..i asked him “taknak lagi satu cute mcm ni ker?” hahahah. He looked at me and asked “girl pulak?” wakakak. Oh kay, iucd, implanon, jab??

** the other day syauQi mentioned bout aqiqah to his non-muslim friend, he then asked “aqiqah tu ape? short form for akad nikah ker? hihi…. i find that creative.

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Berderet deret

By on March 7, 2011

The day my confinement ends, i “celebrated” it at ikea. Went there with all four and my mom while the dad went for his Friday Prayers. We used two double stroller. We had lots of eyes on us…over heard few remarks. We were waiting for the lift to open, those in the lift were quite shocked to see us outside, we could see one of them with a shocking face and commented to her friend “Oh my god!!”

Another remark we heard was “wuish berderet deret”.

But the ultimate one was when i was with hArith and uWais while my mom were few metres away with athirAh and uZair. A lady was with her daughter and cucu. She tegur me and asked how old was uWais…told the lady uWais is a month plus and she then asked hArith’s age. Apparently her cucu is also the same age as hArith, the lady then told her daughter (mother to the cucu) “ha tgk same age, 3 tahun…dah boleh ade adik dah” hinting to the daughter i guess. I then replied “err tapi yang ni ade 3 adik actually” . Mmg lah kan tekejut bulat both of them…hihi

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Walid is their uncle

By on February 25, 2011

Today elder 2 ade sambutan maulidul Rasul school level. They were asked to wear their baju melayu / bj kurung. hArith decided to wear the baju myu he wore during my bro’s akad. FYI my kids call him Walid (which means father in arabic) n they call my other brother Ayah.

While putting on his baju, harith was telling me “baju ni mcm tuk hari raya tapi harith pakai untuk walid kahwin dgn auntie nuha kn mommy”… then it strike in my head…what if he says the same thing to his teachers…sure cikgu tu ingat syauqi kahwin dua kn (nauzubillah!), sure cikgu piki when harith says walid, as in refering to his dad lah kn. Thus during the conversation i told hArith, “tell teacher walid is your uncle tau!” hahah

on another note, there was one time when i picked them up frm skool (b4 my pantang that is) my kids were taking their own sweet time to wear their shoes. To get them to move faster i told them “faster faster, nk pegi umah Walid ni, auntie Nuha tunggu tu” …hmm, to think of it again, sure time tu cikgu dgr might think “eh parents ni divorce ke (nauzubillah!), nk gi umah walid n auntie nuha?”

pg tadi sempat amiq gmbr dgn phone je…

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