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25 Oct 2010

Bedtime Solution

Well, im not sure if this solution will last for long. Maybe soon they will adapt to the routine and their bedtime will be late like usual. Last Friday, weather was rather gloomy, it was only 330pm btu the kids saw the kind weather and insists nak play outside coz they thought it was already 5pm. (i usually let them out about 5-ish). So they were running about in the garden till 6-ish. That got them all tired and all slept by 945pm! That was just amazing. All in bed before 10pm.

The following day and yesterday, they started playing outside at 3-ish too. It was still hot, thus they play their bike and all at the patio. Again, on Saturday, the elder two slept at about 930pm and uZAir slept passed 10 but he wasn’t jumping making noise,singing and such…he lay down on his bed…looking at the empty ceiling and finally fell asleep. That was close to 11pm. As long he was not making noises, singing and dancing, it was perfectly fine to me.

Yesterday, they were out by 3pm! running around, sat on the swing, ride their bike and i did painting with them. I got them to lie down on the paper, drew a shape of their body and asked them to paint their body with clothing, eyes and all. At 6pm, brought them to the stream, they were all wet and continued playing at the playground. athirAh slept by 9:15pm, followed by hArith close to 930pm and by 945pm uZair was asleep too. And by 10pm I was asleep!!! Yup, i was extremely tired after 3 days of such routine.

Yup, as u can see, my kids dont take afternoon nap. I’m not sure wat’s the sleeping quota hours for toddlers, but dont think my kids fulfill those quota. They wake up latest by 830am, if they are not awake, i will carry them out of the bed. Or else they ended up sleeping pass midnite if i allow them to wake up late. But since i consistently pulled them out of bed latest by 830am, they now wake up by themselves by 8am.

So for now the solution to early bedtime (if you were to consider 945pm early, that is), i will have to let them out in the garden by 3pm instead of 5pm, let them run about till 630pm. And you wonder why am i small? 6 months preggie and im only 45kg.  Coz i burnt my calories everyday, need not head to the gym, i have 3 personal trainers at home! My gym is open to all, no fees charge..hahaha

I was cleaning up my SD Card and found these photos, photos of the kids’ pre-birthday preparation. The effort we put in to make a photo booth but sadly on that day i wasnt in my best of health (i was bout 2 months preggie then,nausea and what not) thus i totally forgotten to put it in the most strategic place. Ended up the photo booth were left unnoticed by most of the guest.

Managed to get a big tv box from my in-law and got my sister, Hanah to sketch a big red car for me. It wasn’t easy to cut the cardboard, we ended up using the gardener’s scissors!

Got syauQi to help us make a hole for the “windows”

after the sketching n cutting, the dirty job begins, painting….

and of coz the kids get themselves dirty too

athirAh mcm keja kat bengkel kereta lah pulak, look at her kaki and panties

Though not much ppl notice the photo booth, i manage to get this photo from syauQi’s facebook, his friend’s sons:

It was fun indeed doing the preparation for the kids’ bday (click here) , lots of printing and cutting to do. syauQi sampai geleng kepala tgk me been cutting non-stop. But i enjoyed it nonetheless. In fact im thinking of providing such services. Customize birthday party, you name the theme, we’ll design, print and cut for you. This include the cupcake toppers, banners, party favor box, food label, party signs, straw flags, water bottle wraps and more. Interested? You know the drill, email me at

23 Oct 2010


My 3 kids are getting a lil adventurous. We been having the swings for about a year plus (we fix it July 2009) but they sat on the blue swing and the tyre most of the time and hardly try the disc swing. Maybe they were not sure how it works. I used to get them to try on it, hold on to their kaki and ask them to cross their legs and kepit it…but they didnt enjoy it i guess until the other day we had a few kids over at my place and played with the disc swing, (kids were older than them) . I guess only then they know the joy of using the disc swing.

And to my surprise, today they did it by themselves


and when hArith got down, suddenly athirAh pulak naik…but she didnt sit on it, instead she diri… i wasn’t prepared mase tu to take photo, thus the angle wasn’t so good

it is not that easy tau to stand on this, tak caya…tanye Yaya, ni percubaan die nk diri on it last year during my kids’ bday party, hihi

and after that the elder two became adventurous, both were on it,

pastu tegelak2, sbb tegolek..haha

uZAir lak still in the comfort zone of the blue swing

BUT he wont just sit…he also has his own adventurous stunt…

and i guess all kids are the same, they can never see water. tgk muka die bersinar2 dpt main air

and hArith lak dok ajak main cak-cak suruh take his photo..hihi

the weather was good today, by 330pm it was rather gloomy and kids thought it was already 5pm, time for them to play outside. They insist on playing outside early (345pm they were running about already) and that resulted in early bedtime tonite. By 10pm all 3 asleep! amazing! So do i need to let them out everyday at 345pm instead of 5 then? haha

22 Oct 2010

Activities for Toddler

It will be a loooooong week for me. Syauqi just left for work. Will need to start brainstorming on activities for the 3 kids. I can foresee a tried evening everyday, running around with them at the garden, teman them jump about on the trampoline, getting hands dirty doing painting and also getting dirty in the sandpit. perhaps trip to the neighbourhood playground as well. hArith been requesting to go to the small river pass few days. Will have to make a trip to the river as well. But will need extra hand to go to the nearby stream coz usually the boys will be busy playing water but athirAh on the other hand is more interested to climb about at the playground and going down the slides.

Besides the usual activities, i have to think of something new, to keep them occupied. Ideas are most welcome!! Something not too tiring please.

And oh i think hArith associate work with shopping. I fetched him from school today and told him that pApa is getting ready to work at home.

mOmmy: hArith, pApa going to work tau (yes, need to prepare him if syauQi going to work)

hArith: pApa go beli ape?

mOmmy: go to work lah

hArith: ye, go to work beli ape?

hmm… i guess work means shopping to him…hahaha

Looks like i’ll be going for my gynae check-up alone again. So far baru once syauQi was around to accompany me. Everytime tunggu waiting for my number, it will be only me alone without husband. Pastu bile ade yg ajak borak, and ask me anak ke berapa, tekejut whenever i answer anak ke-5 (im sure dlm hati diorang kate…oh patut lah husband dah tak teman..hahahah)

Tomorrow we will be going to the Kleenex Family Day at Kidzports OU. Anyone else going? My face recognition is really really bad, if i tak recognize any of you, i apologize in advance. And if i didn’t say hi or tegur, im very2 sorry…not that i’m sombong or such but i got to do headcount every 5 seconds. So i might be looking into ur face, but actually im looking around if my daughter / son is there. I’ll be going alone with the 3 kids

On a Different Topic:

Few days back while i was lepaking on the bed with syauQi, playing angry birds (trying to make new high score) hArith came to me asking for help, cucuk straw for his packet milk. After i cucuk the straw, within minutes i saw him finishing the whole 250ml box of milk. So i told syauQi:

me: i think this is one of my biggest achievement, weaning them off from the bottle and getting them to drink from the packet. And hArith consistently drinks 2 boxes a day (at times 3) . What do you think? dont u think ni my achievement yg besar? (coz i did this all by myself, by the time syauQi balik keja…all bottles thrown away)

syauQi: tak..

me: then u rase ape achievement i yg besar?

syauQi: achievement u yg besar is jaga i yg besar ni

me: hahaha, tu dh mcm perli i. cheh

17 Oct 2010


Yes, ive been “shouting”  and flooding my twitter about babywearing, asking what is best. We used to have baby bjorn but we let it go coz we thought we no longer need it. To our surprise just couple of weeks after we let it go i came to know that i am pregnant. Haha, so much of being confident “im done” hahhaha.

Nway, was looking for another babywear and came across ergo. Well i dont foresee that i’ll be wearing the baby all the time coz im number 1 fan of strollers. Yes when u have 3 toddlers to move about in the mall, you will be sooo thankful to whoever invented stroller. Especially the twin stroller 😀 However, in case baby scream his/her lungs out we will then have to babywear for awhile to comfort him/her. We will need to babywear coz we need our hands to push the stroller of the other 3 kids.

As i was browsing through online, i saw few range of Ergo, anybody care to share with me the difference of ergo range. I believe they have the ergo baby carrier, ergo organic range, ergo performance , ergo baby sport. anyone can share with me wat are the difference between one range to another?

Yes i know, i should go to the shop and give it a try…but baby is not out yet and i have a dateline to propose to En Suami to get one ergo for me. So i badly need help based on reviews from moms out there.

I saw in the Ergo Facebook, these 2 came from their new range, the ergo performance

comes in lime green

and also in grey.

hmm, the limegreen abit too bright while the grey lak mcm dull…which is better for you. Bear in mind this carrier will be worn by both, either me or syauQi, so need something that is unisex

however i somehow like the pattern of the ergo organic from the older version, i like the emboidery..but do you think its suitable for men then (the emboidery pattern)?

i saw in the Ergobaby FB recently, they have new range of ergo organic, but i find that the colour is rather kusam…didnt attract my attention at all…so i gonna cross that out in my list

oh and also, do i really need the infant insert to carry newborn?

wats’ the different between these 2 infant insert?

heart2heart infant insert

ni mcm kain padded biasa je, same tak if i just gune a blanket then?

really appreciate reviews and feedback from mom out there, as my dateline is tomorrow!

oh chop, the mobywrap have nice patterns too! yummy..nak mobywrap jugak

luv this the most!

but i can never say no to blue

yummy blue with sweet lovely pattern

n i have few people recommend me to get beco…


how now?

thank you in advance 😀

*chop if i have a very easy baby, no fuss at all (AMEEN!) and i wish to let go my carrier yg nk beli ni, ade potential buyer tak? sila angkat tangan..hihi

**all pics via google

16 Oct 2010

24 weeks

Alhamdulillah, i am now entering my 24th week of pregnancy, that marks me being 6 months preggie. Glad condition is getting much much better as compared to the first few months. No more throwing out as i already eliminate food that i cant take, and sadly i have to say…this lil  baby of mine anak omputih, i can’t take rice. Well white rice especially. Every now and then i will try to eat fried rice or so, but i gonna need it to be just a plain fried rice, no perencah tumis watsoever, it will make my tekak rase kembang lalu mahu muntah. So what do i eat if im not taking rice? Seriously i dont know how to answer to that question. I eat randomly, nothing in particular everyday kena piki what to eat. I think skit lagi syauQi akn muntah tak larat dgr my soalan “lapar lah…nak makan ape eh?”

As i approached 24 weeks, i do feel rather panic. It reminds me of giving birth at 26 weeks to my triplets. Making lotsa doa’ it wont happen again. During uZAir’s pregnancy, i had contraction at 32 weeks, lucky thing by then i already knew how contraction was like and immediately rush to the hospital and they managed to stop the contraction. As most of you might already know the story, during the triplets, i had no idea what contraction was like. Doctor said macam period pain, but i dont get period pain…so i was cluless how it feels. When i was actually having my contraction i though it was just one of those pregnancy discomfort thus i slept through it. In fact seblum tido tu i remembered clearly, i was chatting with syauQi (he was in Melbourne) and halfway tru the chat i told him,”jap rase mcm nak berak, sakit perut…tp dh gi toilet 2 kali tak pulak berak” (first pregnancy mah, mane nk tau).  As i slept through the pain, subuh baru lah rase sakit sgt, woke my mom up  mintaq tlg bwk gi hosp. (husband was away for work) . At the hospital heard nurses and doctor said i was 9cm dilated, n my first question was “maximum brapa cm?” when the doctor told me 10cm i was like “haa? im only 1cm away? but im only 26weeks?” pastu mula lah episode kena “bebel” kenapa tak dtg earlier?

Making lotsa doa’ that this 3rd pregnancy will b another full term baby, insyaAllah: uZAir was born at 38 weeks.

14 Oct 2010

Prof CT Lim in d house!

Two weeks back, we went to my friend’s open house. Her sister happen to be one of the doctor in the SCN (Special Care Nursery – PPUM) team. Yes, she was there when hArith n athirAh spent months in the hospital, fighting to survive for their life. As we entered the house, we were surprised to see Prof CT Lim there (Prof leads the SCN team). After seeing him every single day for four months, we build a good relationship with him. Our kids still go to him for their paeds madical check up. Initially when we go for their follow-up check up at PPUM, the chances of seeing him was rather slim, it will be any random paeds doctor that will do the check-up, thus we decided to register our kids at the UMSC to enable us to see Prof CT Lim personally.

Coincidently, we had a lil gift for Prof and was just telling syauQi we should pay him a visit the following week. But since we bump into him, we tried our luck to invite him over to our house (since ourhouse is just 5 mins away from my friend’s house) To our delight, he agreed. Wahhh it was such an honour to have him as our guest.

Funny thing was, when Prof entered the house, suddenly hArith asked “mane telinga doctor?” I thought Prof’s hair was long that it covered his hair, but nope his ears wasnt covered. So i asked hArith for some clarification on his question. Again he said “mane telinga doctor? Then it triggered to me….ohhhh he was asking mane doctor’s stethoscope, hahah. He associate doctor with a stethoscope since every check up doctor will use that to check on him.

Prof stayed for tea for more than an hour or so, he saw the true colours of my kids behaviour and activities. Kids and syauqi managed to take a quick snap with Prof

hArith (760gram) and athirAh (600gram), born at 26 gestation weeks: one of Prof success story 😀


Prof is such an observant man, each time die buat rounding, bukan je nurse, i pun kecut perut skali, making sure my nails are really short, no rings , bracelet or watsoever. If not sure kena tegur. Malu wo kena tegur. By the look at it, mcm die tgk sekali arung je at the babies, but no he actually sees every single detail. cadar katil budak tak tegang pun nurse kena woo. I remembered one of the days i asked him “Prof, how’s my kids’ progressing” and he answered ” you tell me, since u sit here longer than i do, i only come for couple of minutes and leave but as a mother i see that you sit by your kids for hours, so what do you see?” hihihih. And we  had a casual discussion on their progress and suprisingly my observation “report” was correct 😀

Oh and as usual, athirAh will be doing her own stuff mase Prof ade. but bile Prof nak balik, i called her to say goodbye to Prof, dgn muka selenge nye she came to the front door and said “Bye doc!” wave her hand and pegi balik to the tv. Wah sukehati je panggil doc instead of doctor…haha

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