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19 Apr 2010

Kamikaze Blast

Guess what is this?

Need a lil hint?

Yup something to do with water, for our hot sunny weather. WE had so much fun in the garden yesterday. Mak pak budak pun skali naik syok, sanggup baju2 proper2 pun basah. Tak sempat nk masuk dalam tukar baju pun, jeles tgk budak2 syiok sgt…so nk lah jugak pekena seround dua.

Orait2, what am i talking about? You are supposed to guess aight




















I got my bro to do the demo for the kids coz at first i didn’t want to get myself wet.

hArith was soo excited that straight away giving it a try without changing his diaper.

It was funny to see when hArith had the idea that he should start running further for greater impact. Well, yes he got the idea right tapi his running speed remains the same so it makes no different actually went he reaches the thingy. In fact it make it worst coz by the time he reaches the zone dah cam tired…hihi. very cute though

psst, ade gaya cam bodygurad baywatch tak? hihi

athirAh refused to run like hArith, she was enjoying the water in the middle of it, where the water berkumpul. So we had to do the manual way to get her to slide down the Kamikaze Blast. Please note, not to copy this action of bapak “campak” anak if your kids have never been exposed to this kind of stunt ya.

after seeing the kids, i couldnt stop myself from giving it a try..hihi

Thank you pApa,

Yes, our Sunday was definitely a blast!

17 Apr 2010

Complete wean off

Im so happy and impress with the progress of weaning off uZAir. As i mentioned in previous post, i started weaning him off during the day. At night he still wakes up and bf. But i was firm enough not to let him bf to sleep. Only when he wakes up middle of nite he bf. After 3 weeks of complete success of no bf during the day, and “complete success” means he no longer ask for it at all. The first week, he did ask but i distract him from asking for it.

On last Tuesday, my instinct said i should start to wean off during the night too. As much as I expect, he scream on top of his lung. That woke both the brother and sister up. And even my maid. He was screaming non-stop, hempas2 badan and all. I carried him out to watch the tv. That kept him silent for a minute or so and then he started pointing to the bedroom. brought him in, he showed sign that he wanted to lie down on the bed. Place him on the bed, on The Wiggles and he started crying less. I hug him and tried to put him to sleep. After total of 20 mins of screaming and yelling, he finally slept. But it didn’t end there. He woke up 3 times. So the drama repeated 3 times too.

On the 2nd nite, samething happen, 3 episode of the same drama. At first i was so sleepy that i couldnt bother to go tru the drama. I was sooo close to lifting up my tshirt to bf him so i could continue my sleep. But alhamdulillah i had the determination to proceed with the battle of weaning off. I told myself, there’s no turning back or else he will be wondering what actually happen yesterday that he was denied access to my b**by.

On the 3rd nite, syauQi was already back from work. Uzair, woke up as usual and started screaming. I brought him out to watch the tv to distract him. He was till screaming out loud, and syauQi came out with annoyed face “ssshhh, quiett uZAir!!” i told syauQi not to scold him coz it is not as though by choice he wishes to go through that drama, all he knows is that he wants to bf but not getting it hence the anger. I continued hugging and kissing him telling him how much i love him and that he is such a good boy yada yada yada. Again, went through 3 episode of it .

On the 4th nite, he gets the idea of it. He woke up, cried a lil for a while, i hug him and he continued sleeping.

Last nite (5th nite), things got smoother, the moment he woke up…he’ll come to me. He’ll sleep in my arm while i tepuk2 him and continue his sleep…

Alhamdulillah, things are getting better by nite. Hope tonite, he will sleep through the whole nite. hihi

Looks like im getting closer in getting my beauty sleep, insyaAllah =)

16 Apr 2010

Balancing on their Little Tikes

Look at this two adik beradik, searching for some thrill in their daily activities. Instead of the usual ride in their little tikes, athirAh came out with something new,

hArith have to stand on the other side to so the car wont topple over while athirAh climb on it. He’s putting his weight to help stable kn the car

it’s cute to see their teamwork. After much trial and error, and the car asyik topple over, hArith figured out to stand there and place his weight on that side of the car

I don’t hae picture of athirAh standing on it coz i was there in case togolek jatuh. But by the time hArith wanted to stand, the maid was already around to jaga incase tegolek. so i had a chance to take photo of him

athirAh got excited to see hArith standing on the car, and she insisted to take photo of hArith. Here’s the photo taken by athirAh

Hihi, nampak kepala jer, without the car. hArith actually smiled for athirAh hokey! =)

p/s: jom mOmmy bawak rock climbing nak?

16 Apr 2010

Kumon WorkBook

After my entry on Kumon here, few have asked regarding the book. Here’s how the book looks like btw,


im not sure about the isbn number, is this sufficient enough?

(u may click on the image to have a bigger view)

They actually have a series of workbook,

13 Apr 2010


I was at MPH looking around for bedtime stories and came across a shelves of Kumon workbook. One of it stated for age 2,3 and 4. Glanced through the book and decided to give it a try. I  only bought one though, cause i wasn’t sure can my kids do it. I was thinking of to use the home copy machine and made a copy of the worksheet. Copy few copies per session and see if i should get the book one each.

When my sister did her undergraduate in aussie, she did part-time as a Kumon instructor, i made a deal with her that she will have fix classes with the elder two every Sunday morning, so the kids will associate Sunday morning is a session with Wan Ner for Kumon lesson. My sister told me that i should get another book coz if i were to copy it, i need to do it coloured too, that will be costly to buy the ink catridge might as well get  book each. And so I did, it coas RM25.90 if im not mistaken.

Here is hArith’s first lesson. My sis said, it is all about getting the kids to hold the pencil properly and to learn to have control of the pencil. It consists of making straight lines and curves. That would later be helpful for them to learn to write their A B C.

I do remember sometime back Jua did Shichida worksheet with his son Faris, doing lines too. I’m assuming it is about the same purpose

hArith doing one of the straight line, going from one bunny to another bunny

Ni muka teruja seeing the worksheet getting “harder”

and yayy hAppy, he managed to get his bunny across the woods (doing curves)

Wow this is cool, i save quite a lot here. Instead of paying their fees for 3 heads at Kumon, i get my sister to do it with them =)

They wrap up the lesson by doing some phonics sounds of the alphabet. Im glad Kumon uses phonics too or else my kids will get confused since they uses phonics in school.

Thank You Wan Ner, We love you too! 😉

11 Apr 2010

Malaeka Pool Party

When Malaeka’s mom text me to enquire for my birthday party package, i was already jumping about. I really adore this gal, her mood is always good and you may position her in any manner yet she wont make a sound. Such a lovely gal. And besides her great character i love her mom’s attitude too, who doesn’t mind her lil’ gal explore around and get messy. As i was replying to her msg, i was already imagining Malaeka will be given nice creamy cake for her to “play”. And YES, that certainly happen.

Invitations were sent out and all were reminded to bring along swimming attire,

The theme colour suits hArith and athirAh perfectly well as hArith fav colour is green while athirAh’s is pink.

Personalised banner,

Malaeka’s mom requested not to place her photos here so i gonna have to skip the photos of cutting the cake. Here’s the beautiful luvly creamy cake btw,

and the luvly cuppies

and here’s the Birthday Gal, in her beautiful tutu made with love by her mom

As much as i guess, birthday gal will be given the green light to “play” with the cake…

Err, Elle, ni tak consider nampak muka u kan? Your gal look so cute here, i can’t stop myself from putting this up 😉

Besides great decorations made, Malaeka had pinata, also made with love by her mom

And the peak of the event, splashing time!!!

The first boy to rasmikan the pool,

Then came Malaeka, testing the water

This boy tgh pujuk father to get permission nak masuk pool,

 The kids surely had a blast in the pool.

On another note, i was taking photo of this boy, and was telling myself “bila lah uZAir gonna have his hair long like this? ” hihi

9 Apr 2010


hArith came to my face and kept saying po-care-no (care as in english word for jaga)

i couldnt figure out what he’s trying to say, asked him to repeat it and again he said po-care-no. asked again, he repeated exact same pronunciation which i couldnt figure out, only this time it gets louder and louder

i told him, i still can’t figure out if u repeat the word in same manner but louder.

at last, i decided to call his teacher, Aunti Aishah to ask what new word did hArith learn today. Auntie Aishah asked me to pass the phone to hArith and happily he shouted po-care-no!!! he shouted couple of times, i took back the phone and asked auntie Aishah, what is that??

Aunti Aishah ” Volcano”

hahaha, sampai besok lah mOmmy can’t figure out.

They did subject on volcano today and most probably next week they gonna make their very own volcano, cool!

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