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16 Feb 2013

Art & Craft : Sensory Play

This was last weekend’s activity. You will need syringe, glue, salt and watercolor.


bought the syringe and glue from daiso

Get your child to draw anything they wish using the glue, then pour salt all over it. just tilt the paper over to remove the extra salts. and start dropping watercolors (mix your watercolor with water, make it liquid form) on it using the syringe. the color will move along the salt trail and make a nice color blend 🙂


i enjoyed doing it just as much as the kids 🙂



16 Feb 2013

School Hunting

*photos inserted in this entry are not in line with the topic discussed, just to add some colors to the entry. Photos of the kids doing their sensory play. Getting their hands in jelly.

How time flies, elder 2 turning 6 soon. Thus the school hunting getting more tense. But actually it shouldn’t be coz the father already said they are going to the usual Sekolah Kebangsaan. In fact we already registered them last year. BUT deep inside I wish to send them to Integrated Islamic School, but there are a long list of consideration to be done. One of the issues are most integrated schools are are mostly shop lots or houses. We would want our children to have grounds for them to play sports, grass…not cement ground. Husband came across a saying that says a good school is one with big school field, i think what the phrase meant is, the bigger the field, students will ended up doing more physical sports, and when the students are actives, so do the brains, thus the school produce smarter kids. (just an anology i could think of) . Besides school facilitis, logistic is also an issue. I heard a lot that Adni is good, but too far away. The mileage, the toll and oh the traffic. And of coz, the fees too. Adni seems to be more expensive than the other schools i look into. Well, they have proven their school has good quality, that explains the price i guess.


I heard good review of ISSA too, price is not that expensive comparatively to other schools. And the fees are to be paid monthly (even better). Most other school, i notice the fees are to be paid each term. It would be a lot for us to pay up front for 2 kids’ fees. Another plus point for ISSA, they have secondary too…you will have option of doing Tahfiz too. At the end of form 5, insyaAllah the child will be Hafiz and at the same time sit for their SPM / IGSCE. Anak anak kan saham akhirat. Masih teringat my secondary ustazah used to say to us “if kamu jalani kehidupan dunia ni macam syurga, kelak nanti balasannye neraka. dan jika kamu jalani dunia ini macam neraka, kelak nanti balasannye syurga” Please do NOT take the word literally, of coz she doesnt mean life now is like hell. What she meant is if you live your life according to the permissible and prohibited in Islam, you will get the reward in hereafter…but if you live your life as you wish…kelak nanti balasannye di akhirat. She elaborated, dunia ni kan banyak godaan, so be patient and strive for the aakhirah, where u can have anything u desire and the best part is…that would be forever . Dulu masa kat UIA, impressed dgn those who can speak both english and arabic so well. Yes, honestly..i do feel less of a muslim for not knowing the arabic language. I believe kids pick up languages better than adults. Would be nice to see my kids know arabic well.

Oh there is another school, GreenView Islamic school, from the website, it stated that at the end of Year 7, students will finish studying all of Arabic Grammar which would enable them to understand at least 50-60% of the Quran. Something i really wish my kids could achieve. Oh and they are using the Cambridge Primary syllabus, not the government KSSR. Sounds interesting BUT it is at shoplots. However, the advantage they have as compared to other school using shop lots is, they have front huge public field in front of the school. Thus they will have their PE at the field. If you are interested to enroll in this school, their Year 1 starts at age of 6 years old and their semester starts in September as opposed to usual January intake. Thus supposedly if im interested to send elder 2 here…they should already be in Year 1 starting September last year.


Other integrated islamic school that i know of are; Itqan , At-Taimi in Subang, Integrated Islamic School Kota Damansara (shop lots), Baseerah in Gombak, Khalifah Model School in Ampang (heard very very good review of this school). Logistic will be an issue if their school are far coz i have to be back at my area to send younger 2 for their kindergarten. Thus i cant afford to be stuck in jam for long. Oh and also, even if i dont mind…will have to consider expenses of petrol and toll too. Kay maybe its time to consider NGV fot our starex…haha

Another reason im considering Integrated School is sbb the aspect of their basic deeniyah. They will study it as a whole not a separated subject on its own. If they go sek kebangsaan, petang they will go sekolah agama. I prefer if evrything is integrated in. Honestly, something i wish i had when i was schooling.


Tapi yes, ade pros and cons to everything. One of the common issues i heard is about the teachers turn over rate…these private school, teachers slalu tukar2, well i dont blame them. if dapat better offer somewhere else, sure lah pegi kan..huhu. And another issue raised is their multiracial friends. They will not mix with the diversity of culture we have here in Malaysia.

I would really love to send them Integrated school…but after much research pun kang bapak budak suruh anta sek kebangsaan je, errr. Tapi kenapa now ministry fickle minded eh? non stop tukar itu ini…arrgghhh. and the fact they have about 40 kids in a classroom of standard 1 is really a turn off for me. I dont blame the teacher…they have 40+ newbies in the classroom..that is definitely not easy to handle. Oh and i was wondering, sekolah yg berprestasi tinggi tu…is it because mmg teachers are very good or students are from well to do family and can afford extra classes outside hence the good performance. This was something i experience when i was in secondary school…almost all my classmates pegi tuition, some even went for History tuition, and i know off friends yg pergi tuition for subject Moral. Ade yg pergi 2 different tuition for their bahasa melayu subject. Well, I dont wish to go any further in this takut kang ade yg misunderstood im condemning our government teachers. I know they are bunch of dedicated people but they are also loaded with lots of paperworks and what not, how are they supposed to perform their best when they have tons of reports to do and such. And also because at the end of the day i might ended up sending them there too…

And for the private school sometimes you love what the founder or principal aspires to accomplish, but implementation wise by some of their teachers may not be up to the standard set. Best is to pay a visit to the school.


Kay back to my concern, i would really want to see my children practising the islam way of life naturally, and most importantly willingly. Having everything integrated in their daily life, i hope this would be a big help in materializing it. Of coz parents play important role too, no doubt on that. My hope is that they would become mature and wise, and see things holistically. I had people raising the issue of their future, takut tak dapat masuk local uni and such, i believe everything has been plan by Allah. Insya Allah they will have their place to further their studies later on. Dulu most friends yang i impressed with at UIA, i got to know mostly came from private sekolah agama…hence the consideration here.

oh the other day i passed by Sapura Smart School, it made me wonder takde ke muslim yang kaya raya yang nak tolong set up kan such school with infrastructure and facilities like that?


It was a saturday noon when i received a text msg asking of my availability for a newborn photoshoot. How can i say no to that, i love newborns :). Syauqi was on his off day thus he can help handle the kids at home, simply perfect… I packed up my props, solat and left the house…

Baby Amin would be every photographers’ dream! He slept through out the session despite us putting him into position after position.



although nicely asleep, yet he gave us a smile 🙂




after almost 3 hours taking photos of him, we decided to wake him up pulak. no problem, didnt get cranky despite the interrupted sleep. masyaAllah. it was such a pleasant moment to take photos of baby Amin 🙂



3 Feb 2013

Ahmad Uwais turns 2

Alhamdulillah, our lil’ man turn 2 on the 24th January. How time flies. I can clearly remember rushing from One Utama to home, nak mintak tolong my mom to drive me to the hospital. I could have driven myself but thinking that parking would be a problem to get..decided to get parents to drop me off instead. Went up to the ward and straight into the labour room, it was 12:58pm when i stepped into the labour room, and I gave birth to Uwais at 1:10pm. Syauqi didnt manage to make it on time, he had had just finished his exam and was on the way to the hospital. He was searching for a parking space when i called him to say i dah deliver. Felt so grateful Allah made it easy for me.

Here’s the birthday boy, enjoying his cake cutting




with siblings and cousin



yes we had 2 cakes for him. instead of getting one big cake, we decided to get 2 small cakes so we will have 2 different flavours 🙂 We bought icecream cake, thus no issue of gluten for Uzair, alhamdulillah.
I sew a corduroy pants for the birthday boy, with a side patch pocket and sew number 2 of the matching fabric of his pocket on a plain white tshirt. Managed to sew it before birthday boy wakes up.
He is growing so fast, mashaa Allah. Talks a lot, in fact keja die memerintah orang unfortunately. Loves remote control plane a lot, a lot. There are times i feel like throwing it when he throws tantrum coz he cant be patient enough to wait for the battery to recharge.  But i would say, he maneuvers the remote control airplane, better than me! Loves outdoor just like his brothers and sister. Enjoys all the sensory play we often have. Eats almost about everything. Pantang lalu kedai makan, he will say  “mommy, jom makan” . In the process of potty training . Oh like any other boys, he loves football too 🙂
May he grow to be a good khalifah of Allah, amin

19 Jan 2013

Sensory Play: Slime

There were a lot of considerations took place when before decided to enroll elder 2 for primary 1 KAFA. Mainly because it means taking away their Petang Playtime, which has been their daily routine. KAFA is from 430-630pm. When I finally decide to enroll them, i told myself, in return i will organize some play time over the weekend and it should be double the fun than their ordinary petang playtime.


Instead of the usual slime we often play, this time around we make it even more thrill for the kids (and for me too!)



Unfortunately we didnt have enough corn flour. but good enough to make a mess. Initial idea was to have all 3 basket with slimes and “shower” the kids



I couldnt take much photo, coz half way through i joined the kids and were covered with slimes as well 🙂


and as usual, the cleaning up part took longer than the play time. While we scrub off the floor, kids washed their car and rides too. Perhaps next week i shall let the kids wash my car :))

She is soo adorable, masyAllah. dont you u feel like having another baby instantly…hihi






10 Jan 2013

Triple Celebration 2012 : Part 4

And the next activity was, water balloon fight!







and my sister threw to syauQi, and it hit right to syauqi’s nose, nicely captured by the photographer.



we did hundredss of waterballoons but it all fnished within minutes. kids were not wet enough and wanted more…so we took this out

syauqi throwing uzair…








oh did i mention we also had musical chairs and statue dance, requested by the birthday girl. this was when everyone still dry




My kids really had a good time especially elder 2. uzair were everywhere too…but instead of playing with friends, he was with his stimming behaviour / isms where he likes to knock two objects to his rhythm




to me, the after mess was an indication kids were comfortable playing around. i wanted kids to be kids 🙂





Thanks to those who come :))


*all photos were taken by Taufiq (Aida’s husband of unless stated otherwise

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