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It is a new year and athirah is already talking about her birthday,which is 6 months away. She said “mommy, i want a messy party!” , and that reminds me i have yet make any blog post on their last year birthday party. We had a Lego theme birthday, LegoLand was not open yet, thus it wasnt easy to get much of lego decorations and such, but anyhow i made do with whatever i could think of, and afterall kids don’t really pay attention to those details, do they?


(Pic by phone)



stick these lego man at the glass of the sliding door, but my friends kate mcm Digi “i will follow you” , cait 😛


(pic by phone)

the “main table” half way decorated, some food are not out yet, and cakes,



i took the extra effort to create lego blocks that involve food as decoration on the table. hmm, does it look like lego to u,no?




(pic by phone)

i wrapped lots of tissue boxes and place jelly on top of it to make it look like lego, yes i did use the ikea glass candle holder…but i made jelly in it, sadly most of the guests thought it was candle thus it was left untoched. oh i had a friend who ate it but decided not to eat more fear that she (n her husband) might ruin my decoration



oh although i did place knives for the cakes, people seems “sayang” to cut the cake, i was too busy moving about to notice the cake were uncut, when almost everyone left baru i sedar all cakes were untouched…that left is with a lot, a lot of cakes to eat.



Oh wondering, why athirah refered her birthday as a messy one? Coz we literally had a messy one 🙂

Here’s pic before party starts,


opps sorry, mom’s duty calling, i shall continue in my next entry 😐


*all photos taken by Taufiq (Aida’s husband ; unless stated otherwise



31 Dec 2012

Uzair’s Progress

Year 2012 is coming to an end and we are praying that year 2013 will be a better year for all of us. Honestly speaking im starting to get worried for Uzair. He will be 5 next year, which means we have 2 more years to help him so he could enter mainstream schooling for primary school. Yes to most people, Uzair seems like any other boy who loves outdoor and very much adventurous. While a lot of people say not to worry, he will outgrow it ( alhamdulillah for the positive thinking, we take that as prayers for Uzair) but as parents, our instinct feels that Uzair needs the extra help to be “normal”. He is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder  (ADHD) with some over laping traits of Autism.



We started sending him Early Intervention Programme (EIP), at WQ Park in October. Back then he was attending both, his kindergarten in the morning and EIP in the afternoon (since we have paid the term fees for his kindergarten). Logistic arrangement was an issue because i had to go back and forth. Uzair’s school finishes by 1230pm while elder 2 finishes at 2pm. Previously, i paid extra for day care, so i could fetch uzair the same time as elder 2. But since his EIP starts at 1:30pm, i now need to fetch Uzair first, send him for his EIP in Kelana Jaya and back to fetch elder 2. Although it means i ended up spending more time on the road, i do feel grateful that it is still possible to arrange the logistic, at least the time doesnt clashes.Kids at the EIP are from various background, I’m very impressed seeing the sacrifice made by other parents. They are parents from, Sg Buloh, Keramat and even Rawang. They would send their child and wait there for 3 hours till the class finishes as it is not cost savvy to return home . Waiting for 3 hours on daily basis surely requires lots of patience and sacrifice. at least my house isnt that far for me to go back and forth. There is always a reason to be grateful, always.

Innitialy our plan for next year is to only continue with the EIP since they fees would be a bit steep if we were to continue both. But looking at uzair’s behaviour during this school holiday, (he continue going for his EIP, EIP doesnt follow the same school holiday) he seems better of going to school morning and afternoon. He needs structured activities. Unfortunately i cant really provide this for him. He ended up sleeping in since he doest have school in the morning, and also his bed time is much later now. He throws tantrum whenever he doesnt get what he wants. We raised concern about his tantrum to his teachers, but the teachers have no idea of the tantrums coz that doesnt happen in school. Basically they are no elements/stimulus that trigger the tantrum in school. At home whenever he doesnt get what he want, he will have his melt down / tantrums moment. One example is, wanting to  play outdoor at inappropriate time (i.e noon). Whenever anyone goes out / open the door he will want to run and play outside. if he try bringing him in, he will start crying and all.

We had his progress review with his teacher, therapists and doctors last week. Alhamdulillah syauqi is willing to stretch the limit and continue sending uzair both morning and afternoon. I can never thank syauQi enough for putting this as his number one priority. The fees for EIP and his kindergarten a year is bout RM32k. As much as i would like to supplement with home base therapy for uZair, i somehow still fail at juggling my time with uzair’s need and the other 3 needs. For this school holiday, im trying to improve athirah’s focus before the school reopens so she is more prepared for next year. that is another topic that requires a blog entry on its on.

Some may already know that uzair has this “stimming” behavior where he likes to knock  2 objects together. This could go on up to an hour plus. It is one the trait for autism. We tried to stop this behavior but he keeps on going to the kitchen to take new objects for him to knock. Common object would be the ikea cups/bowls and food container. Recently i had a friend who attended a Son-Rise programme in the State, who shared with me that i should join the child in his world – rather than force them to conform to a world they dont understand. This is to help solitary play become tandem play. To take part in their games before asking them to take part in ours. Maka dgn itu, the whole house akn berdendang with uZair :))

I had a friend came over the other day, i quietly passed two objects to her and told her to knock whenever uzair does. Uzair showed a positive reaction/facial expression. He usually ignores any guest in the house, but on that day, we could see at the corner of his eyes, he did look at my friend  later on went nearer to my friend. My friend sang one of his fav song, he pause, stood infront of her till the end of the song. It may be just a minute or so, but such attention span from him was not something easy to achieve. We actually desperately need to have a room dedicate for his therapy, to enable us to reduce any distraction and such when therapy is in progress. Unfortunately we dont have spare room for that.

We are trying to be more strict with his Gluten Free Casseine Free diet but it really aint easy, especially when we go out, or visit friends and relative.But on my side, i try my very best to make it really GFCF diet as i believe diet plays a very important role

May Allah guide and ease our journey, praying that 2013 will be a better year ahead.

27 Dec 2012

Fresh From The Oven

I have not been posting up photos i took due to time constraints. I really wish i have the time to share with all of you the photos, meanwhile i shall put up some photos of newborn, Fresh from the Oven 🙂









23 Dec 2012

His current fave ride






9 Oct 2012

Random photos

Yesterday i wrote about Uzair, today i shall put up random photos of my other 3 kids. Alhamdulillah they are growing well. Uwais has started picking up lotsa new vocabulary. Its cute seeing how the elder 2 being so alert whenever uwais picked up new words. They will be happily telling me, mommy uwais said this and that. After experiencing their brother Uzair having speech delay, they tend to be so alert of new words Uwais can say. And each time that happens, harith will say “mommy, Uwais will soon talk like me” . Harith and Uwais are very much attach to each other. Uwais gets so excited each time Harith returns home from school, will run towards harith and hug the big brother. And Harith will always gives in to Uwais, and prob now is..Uwais’ thinks it is always his right. Now sume org lah kena beralah dgn die…even athirah ended up having to give in to him.



Harith has been asking to go on a camping trip, told him we can set up a tent in the house compound/garden but he said he wants campfire. That is certainly not possible to set fire on Pah’s grass. Here he is setting his imaginary campfire,


but within seconds, this boy will come and disturb (read: destroy) the campfire

of coz Harith gets all upset and frustrated…but here’s the trick. I will act like as though i gonna scold Uwais..immediately Harith will say “it’s okay mummy, i can set up another fire over there” Yup, thats the trick, act like im gonna get angry with Uwais, Harith will ended up protecting Uwais and ensure Uwais doesnt get scolded.


And my girl, she certainly has grown longer my baby girl. MasyaAllah look at her now, my 26 weeker baby, our miracle baby


She may look all dainty in the pic above…but climbing is her favorite. She really loves the rope ladder


and spend most of her time on the climbing frame too.




These children, they are such a blessing, subhanAllah 🙂



I wrote previously on Uzair’s progress about his Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and developmental paedsUnfortunately after months of therapy he is not showing progress as how we would expect. He also attends kindergarten and has adapt himself well but still not following the lessons per se. My definition of adapts here is he doesnt cry when i drop him off at school and basically knows his routine at school. We went for his follow up with Dr Rajini and doctor raised issue of his development. The fact that he has been attending therapy session but showing little improvement is an indication he needs more than just weekly therapy. 

 As i mentioned some would say “takpe nanti cakap lah tu” ” XY ckp masa die 4 years old tp now dah jadi doctor dah” In uzair’s case he was given the extra aid but however not progressing much. We wouldnt want to take the risk of “takpe nanti cakap lah tu” thus Doctor told us about Early Intervention Programme (EIP) .  She didnt suggest EIP on our first visit because when she asked me whether uzair is attending school (it was end of last year), i mentioned he will start schooling early of the year (2012) and doctor said it would be good for him to mix with other kids. some children improve a lot when they are with their peers. BUT since not much progress, we are left with no choice but to take a step back, which is to send him for EIP.

I know the existence of EIP before but didnt know the details of the programme. I asked uzair’s Occupational Therapy (OT) and she was rather optimistic and said uzair doesnt need it. And pretty much gave assurance uzair will improve. However it wasnt easy to get slot for his OT on a weekly basis, kadang once in 2 weeks. I would say the contact hours is really important. in fact by looking at uzair’s condition he would need to get slot twive a week.

I decided to pay WQ Park a visit. It’s located in Kelana Jaya. After looking at their programme..husband and i immediately agree to send him there. If only i visited this place earlier…i would definitely enrolled him pronto. I should have send him there instead of normal kindergarten and hopefully after a year he is ready to attend normal mainstream. However we are certainly glad to know this place now rather than later. The EIP will be from Monday – Friday either morning session ( 930-1230pm) or afternoon session (130 – 430pm). Since we have paid his school fees till end of the year, we decided to take the afternoon session, thus he will be attending school in the morning and EIP in the afternoon. Yes it sounds hectic, but hopefully this will make him less active — > more focus –> better progress, insyaAllah

In the EIP, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy is tailored in their daily scheduled. They have 8 contact hours of ST and OT a month. Teachers and therapist will set up a timetable for uzair, for example a week he might have 4 session of 30mins in a week. The therapist will “pull him” out of his class to have one to one session with him of therapy. If they think uzair can focus for 30mins, they might make 20 mins instead but more session…and total will always be 8 hours a month.

**Clarification (Update) : The ST and OT is 4 hours each. Each session will be for 30mins. Thus it will be 2 ST and 2 OT session in a week. 

Oh i forget to mention this,  initially doctor diagnose him as Sensory Processing Difficulties…on our last follow up doctor said Uzair is showing traits between Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and some over lapping traits of autism. I googled alot on this and came across forums.Quite a number of parents of the same boat started giving Gluten Free and Cassein Free Diets (GFCF) . Parents said their kids with autism improved once on the GFCF diet, they had better eye contact, and more bubbly. But the benefits is anecdotal. Ive started doing this on Uzair bout 2,3 weeks. We have also changed our rice to brown rice about a month. It certainly not easy going GFCF diet on uzair for someone who eats bread as his snacks. Yes while others snack on biscuit, he eats bread..he can have 3 to 4 slices at a go. And he munch on biscuits too. Jacob crackers are among his fav. I bought him few gluten free biscuits but none to his liking. the only thing he eats is the brown rice crackers. I even boiled spaghetti and macaroni (gluten free of coz) and he eats that as snack. I mean for his in between meal food. The thing is im staying with my parents it wont be fair for me to make everyone on GFCF diet, thus the house do have non-gluten free food around. Im having problem hiding it from uzair…but so far we managed to do so rather successfully (happened one, two incident he found the food). Any improvement? I would say he is more attentive.

Im praying all goes well for his EIP . It has been a week since he started EIP. Really hope he enjoys it and doesnt see it as a “punishment” since he will be attending classes morning and afternoon. Initially we were afraid it would be too tiring for him, he leaves house latest by 830am and reaches home around 5 – 515pm, but alhamdulillah he seems okay, still very much energetic. The minute we reach home, he gets off the car and run straight to the garden. The must thing for him to do is, the trampoline and monkey bars,




main air,


and all the other rides and swings

All these faces after attending classes morning and afternoon, he definitely doesnt look tired, does he?

My main reason of writing this entry is to share our experience and also to raise awareness among parents. Yes, it is normal to see kids who can’t sit still, has little focus,who never seems to listen or refused to listen to instruction. We the often hear this kids being labled , buas tak reti dok diam, degil. undisciplined and the list goes on. But in actual fact, it is something we should pay attention to, as it could be ADD/ADHD. Or on the other hand, we may have children who doesnt like to interact with others, poor eye contact, lack of respond to people and delayed speech development. These could be symptoms of Autism. Many of the austim traits start appearing between the age 2 to 3, thus i would strongly suggest parents who notice your child’s development to be a lil differ from other kids to seek advised rather than to wait. The purpose is not to be labled “oh my anak autism / ADHD” but to enable us parents to take the preventive measurement early. Yes, some children grow out of it, but should we take the risk? It is said every 1 out of 88 children are autism, thats pretty high percentage I feel.

We are that Uzair shows good improvement so we can get him back to the mainstream schooling.Looking at how difficult the standard 1 syllabus nowadays, i get pretty worried of coz. He will be 5 next year. Next year he will be attending only EIP and hoping by mid year the latest we could enrolled him back to Itqan and get supplement programme from WQ Park. Ideally, it would be better to let him continue both Itqan and EIP, but the fees would be steep for us. It is a tough journey but we are indeed grateful as we have seen others going through tougher. We accept this as a test from AlMighty in a positive manner despite the many many emotional, mental, physical and financial challenges we have to face. We will make the most out of it and do our best in raising this amanah from Allah S.W.T. Uzair has surely teaches me patience and also to tolerate nonsense…hihi. I could not thank the father enough, for putting the kids as his top 1 priority. It means a lot to me seeing him to agree in enrolling uzair for extra classes without hesitations.  “O Allah, pinjamkan lah kalam-Mu pada anak ku Uzair” Amin

“Allah does not charge a soul except [with that within] its capacity…”( Al-Baqarah : 286)


30 Sep 2012

Listen to your children

I watched this video clip sometime back, i did share the video on my facebook too. This, a reminder to all parents. A very well said video clip by Nouman Ali Khan. Please take time to listen to this clip, its less than 3 minutes


and recently i was reminded again about this, found this on pinterest


just sharing this with everyone.  Dont just buy toys with for your kids, but also play with them. that is even more important. I owe this blog an entry on Uzair’s progress. will definitely have to find time to do so. Perhaps we should make a campaign of playing with our children. I read somewhere but cant remember where it was a challenge to spend 30 minutes every day for a month playing WITH your kids. Yes, to play with them…not just to sit, facilitate and watch them but rather to participate along. not while you are on the phone / facebook / twitter / instagram and such but yes to be involved. lets do that, fully engaged, and fully theirs. to enter their world of imagination





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