Baby Irfan

By on August 2, 2009

Today, we went over to visit Baby Irfan. Irfan’s father and syauQi were skoolmate back in Sek Teknik Sg Buloh. Irfan weight at birth was 2.67 but he’s pretty much on the smaller size. When i first look at him, he sure did remind me of hArith and athirAh.

He was well behaved when we took his photo, tapi if bukak bedung he wasn’t that comfortable…and his father pun lex je tebalik2 kn baby tu macam tgh masak burger…hihi



kami telah mem-black studio-kn rumah die jugak..hihi




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More on Baby Iva

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I went over to bAby Iva’s house to pass her previous photos and since Iva’s father is so expert at handling her…lex jer tebalik2 kan macam tebalik kn burger…and Iva is such an easy baby, she has no problem being tebalik2 kan. Maybe because her father is so calm, thus she does not sense any anxiety and made her calm too although she was being toss and turned.

So this time around i decided to do my all time fav “black studio”, yes i really luv photos of “black studio”…mase uZAir dulu i was clueless how to amiq gmbar macam ni, if not mmg dah tonggang tebalik uZAir, hihi. But now, thanks to ThePhotoMama, i managed to learn how to do it.

Nway, here are some of the photos:





And here’s the proud parents =)



And again, congratulations to Ina and Azmi.

And oh to Izlin ( Ina’s twin), although i didn’t do such speech for you since i dlm pantang mase u kawen…but given the chance, i would end my speech just like how i did for Ina…so here’s a lil pressure for you ” Lin you bile pulak? ” hihi *peace*

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