Hawaii Race To The Finish 2018 Young Living #Bucketlist

By on August 15, 2018

Yesss, I managed to cross off one of my bucket list, Hawaii!!!

And, it couldn’t get any better than an all paid full board trip. How did I get this lucky? Of coz with work and effort put into it. Young Living was having year-end Race To The Finish contest. I didn’t pay attention to the mechanism until my friend, Jiey pointed to me, my name is in the running on the leaderboard. Started reading the mechanism and strategize some plan.

Gave heads up to the husband, I would like to go. Few previous Young Living trips I passed..but this time around, Hawaii…how can I say No Thanks? Crazy! haha. He managed to work around his leave n off days. He took 6 days leave n another 3 days kids were with my parents. Alhamdulillah for a good support system back home.

Our retreat was at Big Island, Hawaii. Upon arrival, we were to pick up our car rental. Yes, how cool is that! We were given a car each so we can move around the island. And it was my first time driving left-hand seat. The husband told me the mantra LORI (lorry) Left-Out-Right-In. Take the outer lane when u turn left, and inner lane when u turn right. But but, have I mentioned this before… I still get my left n right mixed up, hahaha…but the drive went well 🙂

Young Living is well known for their generosity, lots of free gifts at registration. We were spoiled!

yup a bag full of goodies! We got to choose sunglasses too, there were about 14-16 options to choose from.


view from my room balcony

Started the retreat by Welcoming Dinner, we had coconut drink with NXR and infused with essential oil. Oh our coconut got themselves branded by YL too, haha

We had activities in line for our retreat buttttt the one deserves a lil more highlights than the other would be swimming with the dolphins! MasyaaAllah, a dream come through. We had four activities to choose from. Hiking to the waterfall, snorkelling with the manta ray, ATV or swims with the dolphins. I was the only one from Malaysia who chose this option, coz some said you dont really get to swim with the dolphins, you will be on the boat chasing them. and that’s about it. I was contemplating, I have motion sickness thus was worried if we ended up just on the boat the entire trip..may not be a good idea for me. But after weighing the thought  (after all, we have an oil for that – motion sickness) I stick with my option, hoping for the best. It was superbly amazing. As our boat set off, just minutes after we saw a school of dolphins around us. Of coz I was eager to get off the boat but the captain of the boat told us her plan, she will head on to where the dolphins were heading, then we shall jump off the boat and wait for the dolphins to pass us. And that was exactly what happened.

As I jumped in, looked down…submerge myself in the water, I felt exactly like how if I were to watch the movies…that sound echo from the dolphins. Felt so surreal. I heard them, look around…next thing I realised, they swam just below me! SubhanAllah. Im not a fast swimmer, I was breathing so heavily trying to catch up with them, then our tour guide gave signal underwater, another batch is coming, I decided just to stay put and wait for the next batch. No words to describe the feeling. We spent an hour plus open water swimming.

A Young Living trip is not complete without a trip to their farm. But a lil different this time, instead of visiting farm, we went to a reforestation land. The family repurchase the land that was sold by their great great grandmother. When they got the land all trees were cut and grass were planted to breed cows. More then 200 cows were cleared from the land. Them repurchasing, adopting and managing the land is reassuming the stewardship of their ancestor land.
And we learn something new on that day, the sandalwood trees are hemiparasitic plants. It will grow at a very young stage independently but in order to reach maturity and grow nice and healthy, it has to grow roots and tap into other trees for nutrition and water. The surrounding trees fix nitrogen from the ground and produce nitrogen as well while the sandalwood cannot produce its own nitrogen. so it has modified roots connection, haustoria. Sandalwood trees will kill 7 trees in it lifespan. They would plant trees surrounding Sandalwood, not just any trees but either one of these Koa, Aalii, Mamane or Noa to maintain the nature endemic reforestation.


Took this photo as a proof for the kids that im away for work 😛 . Hihi

Time passes by fast, we had a good time during the farewell dinner with Hawaiian Culture Performance.

Customize souvenier to bring home 🙂

Oh, after the end of our retreat..we extended 2 nights in Honolulu. And that’s the Hawaii I see on tv screen..haha. Beach was full all day long, all sorts of characters and colours. Plenty of surfers. One thing I was fascinated with, the homeless keep the public area clean. I notice a couple of times where the homeless help to pick up litter on the ground.

#bucketlist checked! yuhuuuuu , Alhamdulillah 🙂

Interested to know more about Young Living Essential oils? Head over here. Would love to get your hands on those lovely bottles? Click here

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Bathe Using Water and Thieves Essential Oil

By on November 27, 2017


What I am going to say next is going to shock some of you. My kids bathe with just water. That’s right. They bathe just using water.

My sons enjoy rugby. They enjoy splashing in the muddy waters more!
Look at those two rascals bathing, one can’t help teasing the other!
Clean kids done and packing up.

Last weekend, I went to Indonesia for a sharing session with the current and new members of Young Living Indonesia. I did mention to the crowd there about removing chemicals from my kids lives for good. Then, I mentioned my kids only shower with just water. No soaps. I got this response,”Eww, gross”, “Are you out of your mind?” kind of look. The overall look of disbelief and disapproval.

But it is true I do not give my kids soap. Even if I did, they would end up finishing it within a week playing with the bubbles.

So, you think it is unhygienic, oily, stacks many layers of dead skin and smells bad. Not really. Actually, it is very safe to bathe with just water. After their shower, I would rub a drop of Thieves Essential Oil on their sole.  This helps to fight against germs and viral infection. My kids’ skin is also no longer prone to dryness. And no more money wasted to buy soap stocks and goodbye harsh chemicals!

There are reasons why I don’t like the over the counter bath gel and shampoo but mainly it is the synthetic chemicals. Our skin has pores and it easily absorbs chemicals onto the skin and into the bloodstream. These things happen while bathing, washing plates, wearing over the counter lotions and applying impure oils. The risk of synthetic chemicals is obvious, oxidative stress, allergic reactions, wax covering the pores, artificial scent sticks to the skin, flaking and dry skin. Why not completely change that by opting for a healthier and natural way of handling life’s routine?

I always encourage my kids to play outdoors, rain or shine. Most parents would freak out or limit their kids from playing in the rain. Fear that they might catch colds. But I wouldn’t worry. Despite playing with mud and dirt, I am grateful they are healthy and no cold in sight. The key here is (1) boost their immune system, (2) chemical free product lifestyle and (3) restful sleep because only during deep sleep the immune system and growth hormone production reaches its maximum.

During a hot sunny day, before my kids out and running under the sun, I would place a drop of Frankincense on their head and if they play during rain or swimming, I would put a drop on their chest, just to seal so that their chest doesn’t become cold and directly preventing them from flu.

Play under the hot sun? No worries, mom has Frankincense Essential Oil!
Enjoying the beach and the clear waters. Having a blast under the sun, eh, kids? What happens if you become overheated? No worries, play as much as you like. Mom has Frankincense Essential Oil and Lavender Oil to help you rest like a baby.
Experiment with your toys? Go and play.

At night, to ensure deep sleep, I would diffuse Essential Oils in their rooms. Then they will have a good night sleep and could wake up early with no fuss.

So you can let kids be kids and worry less about your kids’ health. Need to know more about how I help my kids maintain good immune system? Get them to sleep soundly at night? Contact me here.



***Do you know?

According to the Environmental Working Group, women use an average of 12 products a day, containing 168 different chemicals. Men use fewer products, but still put 85 chemicals on their bodies. Teens on average use 17 personal care products a day, according to the group, which tested 20 teens’ blood and urine seven years ago to find out which chemicals from these products were ending up in their bodies. They said they found 16 hormone-altering chemicals, including parabens and phthalates. 



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11 Essential Oils Must-Haves

By on November 8, 2017

Do you know what is great about the 11 Essential Oils must-haves? They are great because they SOLVE your daily discomforts and provide a natural environment to combat illnesses and fight off infections as well as keeping you and your family refreshed and calm throughout the day. You need them on daily basis and they are the recommended oils for great living. These are the compulsory oils in the Premium Essential Oils Starter Kit!! I am going to elaborate in detail here so that you know what you are getting exactly from the starter kit.

Here are the list of oils you will be getting: Lemongrass, Lemon, Purification, Melaleuca Alternifolia, Frankincense, R.C., Peppermint, Lavender, PanAway, Stress Away.

Let’s take a look at Figure 1

Lemongrass is the Serai, you know Pokok Serai the one that looks like tall grass but not grass. The aromatic stalk we used most commonly in rendang and tomyam. Extracted as essential oil, it invokes the calming and relaxing effect because of its sophisticated scent. A famous fashion designer, Anna Sui used this oil in one of her perfume collection. Imagine having this in your regime, natural, sophisticated scent that calms, cleans things and repels insects and more. Just a tiny dab on your skin, massage it and you will feel immediately invigorated. A drop in your floor cleaning water will make the house smelled heavenly.

Purification is your best bet to beat bad stench.  With a blend of Citronella, Lavandin, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Myrtle and Tea Tree, this concoction smells so fresh and bright. It is great for diffusing, freshens and refines, neutralizes mildew and disagreeable odors. Place few drops on cotton ball to deodorize closets, drawers and stinky shoes. It is also the perfect choice for insect bites. I would keep one on the go for me and kids.

Thieves is a super blend of Clove, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Lemon and Eucalyptus Radiata essential oils. This mix is called Thieves not because the oils steal stuffs or a “steal”. They are named after the infamous legendary 15th-century French thieves, a sneaky bunch, who wore those oils to protect themselves while they robbed the dead or the dying due to the Black Plague. Thieves Oil is a spicy mix and great for preventing infections and repelling bugs. You can use it to diffuse spicy aroma into your home while simultaneously cleaning the air.

Frankincense essential oil has a strong earthy and uplifting aroma. It is known to be used in meditation and spiritual engagement. However, don’t let this stigma fool you. Frankincense essential oil is great for your beauty regime. I have been using it for my eye and youthful skin. In fact, it has been used in many creams and lotions. It is also great for increasing focus and concentration during studies, yoga practice and praying.

Melaleuca alternifolia essential oil was a very popular essential oil once. Everything was about Melaleuca a.k.a Tea Tree Oil. The market was hyped about this refreshing scent and it was included in almost all cleansers, facial and body shampoo. Now, this special oil is available as pure therapeutic grade for your D.I.Y. home remedies, home cleaners and home skin care products. This is great because if you like the smell like I do, I want to dab it everywhere in my home and in my homemade perfume.

R.C. essential oil is especially minty, cooling and strong. It is a blend of Spruce, Cypress and three types of Eucalyptus Oils. Because of its minty and cool feel, it is great to keep away me and my kids’ morning sniffles. I also use it when I am going to grind during my workout. It is also great for an uplifting massage and when you are super exhausted. If you wake up feeling dazed and sleepy, take a tiny drop of this to get those eyes open wide.

Now, let’s observe Figure 2.

PanAway is a popular blend for tired and sore muscles. D. Gary Young, Young Living Founder, recommend this himself. Its marvelous effect is the speak of the town. When you exercise or lift heavy, and your body is sore the next day, look no further than this super essential oil blend. It is a unique combo of Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove, and Peppermint essential oils. Use it when your body feels a little sore on the neck or the back. You can feel the cooling sensation and the invigorating cooling aroma immediately and resolve those tired bones away. Yup, a definite must have for those who walks and runs up and down all day.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is the ultimate Swiss Army Knife of all essential oils. Its function is what gives  this essential oil this label.Known to be one of the most versatile oils out there It is great for almost everything such as homemade perfumes, soaps, fresheners and beauty products. It is also a wonderful beginner oil. Whenever the whole family feel exhausted, I would infuse this scent to calms and invigorate the whole family. It is also great for bruise and cuts. When my kids bumped, slipped and fall during their sports practice, this oil comes in really handy.

Lemon Oil is a fantastic vibrant aromatic oil just like the color yellow of the lemon, all bright and happy. You guessed it, the oil is extracted, cold-pressed, from the skin of lemons. Lemon is an amazing source of d-limonene, which is known to help support the immune system and encourage overall wellness within the body. Its fresh, citrus aroma makes this oil uplifting and energizing when diffused or inhaled. Lemon is also powerhouse oil when it comes to non-toxic cleaning, as it is often referred to as “nature’s degreaser”. Add some lemon eo with soda bicarbonate, you will have shiny stove. If you or your kids are feeling a bit under the weather, dab a tiny drop and run it up and down the spine and apply on sole.

Peppermint essential oil, cooling and leave a tingling sensation on the skin. Its explosive minty cooling scent goes all the way from your nose to your brain. An amazing oil for supporting mental focus. Drop it on cotton ball and stuff in the car air vent on drives to school. Try a drop on your palm and inhale deeply, clears brain fog as well as stuffy nose. A perfect wake me up for afternoon slump too. And on a hot hot day, definitely helps to cool you down, a tingling sensation on your skin.

Stress Away is the first essential oil blend to contain the Lime essential oil and Vanilla extract. The unique mix gives a strong, tropical with citrus notes, and gentle aroma to de-stress. Stress Away oil also contains Copaiba, Lavender, Ocotea and Cedarwood. This is my perfect oil to unwind. If I feel a little anxious, this is also the remedy to keep me positive and move ahead.

So there you have it, all the 11 essentially essential Essential Oils. Each for a specific or multiple situations and conditions. Great for homes as cleaning agent, repels germs, freshens air and house items, deodorize and eliminate bad musty stench. Also great for healthy, cleansing and beauty routine, for both your hair and skin. All of them are also wonderful for a spa treatment and calming effect for trying days. These also works as immediate relief for bodily discomforts.

You know the best part about this? You will also be getting a Diffuser and 2 more Essential Oils, Lemon and Lavender on top of that 11 Essential Oils! All 100% purity therapeutic grade oils. You will also be getting other stuffs with the oils and diffuser.  Nice right? It is a value for money premium starter set. Go here to know more about the set.

Or if you wanna know how you can get your hands on those 11 Essential Oils? Ask me (via email or call/WhatsApp) or go here directly to register.

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Does essential oil cure autism?

By on September 8, 2017

Lately i have people asking me, so does Young Living essential oil cure autism?

Well, it doesnt but it helps in so many ways. For instance, my boy used to spend half of the time of his therapy session to settle down. So instead of an hour session, only 20-30 minutes were spent doing therapy. But now, he enters the session, well seated and straight away start with the therapy. Well dont you think an hour session makes a lot different than 20-30minutes of crying before therapy session? When a child is much calmer, he / she benefits more from the session. Do you know that uzair has Special Aide teacher comes in Tues-Fri for 2 hours (3-5pm) for 1:1 session, and he has no problem to stay focus through out , despite after a whole morning in school 9-1230pm.

It used to be a battle to get Uzair to bed. He used to sleep only 4-5 hours a day. and now he gets 7-8 hours of sleep.Dont u think a body function better with adequate sleep?

Going out can be tiring and frustrating with a meltdown child. The stares we get, the whispered we saw and the remarks we overheard. Its heartbreaking. But now, a calm meal, in a restaurant, without stares, without stress, without judgment….is a testament to how much Uzair’s behavior has improved. SubhanAllah!

Few weeks back, Uzair had KC session after Jiey Wan Aziz‘s child. Jiey stayed on awhile and was simply impressed at how Uzair responded to KC. Previously ,we  had to get Uzair to sit on the ikea highchair just so he couldnt escape (though he was a big boy then 7 years old). But now, calmly seated on a chair and hey look at that eye contact he showed! Mashaa Allah!

It is definitely not an overnight process. Uzair has been a Young Living user for close to 3 years. So dont say “I have tried before but i dont see any difference” but upon asking, “how long did u use?” – “few months”. “What oils did you use?” – “I google and see pinterest” . Well there is more than just google and pinterest, understand the oils and get proper guidance :). The oils work wonders.

For someone with sensory issue, having plastic over him, hair falling on him was a big no no. A hairdresser had a big cut before while giving him a haircut. Now, he smiles through out the hair cut. Mashaa Allah!

Hari Raya are now pleasant too. We no longer have him screaming crying refusing to wear baju melayu. Happily playing around during Hari Raya.

Autism is a spectrum, we gotta peel layer by layer . Tackle one layer at a time. Each layer, with different oil.

p/s: i dont blog that often now, if im slow at replying your comment…alternatively you could give me a text at 0192325747




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On Anxiety and Grand Opening Young Living of Indonesia

By on May 12, 2017

“Hi, are you Munirah from tripletsplusone?”

Above is something I often get lately when people see me with Young Living. Yup, thats me. I know I have been MIA for quite sometime. Things have been crazy hectic on my side, being ‘supirmom’ and everything [nope not complaining :)]

So what made me decide to make a comeback here? Well, first is to answer the above question…secondly, coz i promised myself i owe a blog entry for the 30 minutes life changing experience I had; being one of the speakers for the Young Living Grand Opening of Indonesia. 30 minutes that took over 3 weeks of my life (and probably quite a bit of a few other lives too haha)

It was somewhere in early March while we were having Diamond Leaders meeting when Tai, the President of Regional APAC mentioned casually that i will be speaking for the Grand Opening Indonesia. I wasn’t really paying attention as it was in between conversations and I can’t recall when exactly he mentioned it again, but i think i was complaining on something too much, and i said… okay i’m done, i’m talking too much, bye, in which he replied “You’re practicing for your Indonesia Convention speech so just keep talking!  I was like nooo way, not happening.

It ended there untillllll I received a phone call from Pak Anggit, the Country Manager for Indonesia to give me a formal invitation. I was shocked, I paused and said “Hey, he was just joking, I’m not doing it.” I could sense Pak Anggit was a lil confused by what said. I guess he had the instruction to contact me but there I was, dismissing the invitation. His reply to me was “No, it was not a joke. I was told you are good”….and at that very moment, i realised…they were serious…I was scheduled for it! I contacted Tai asking what on earth he was thinking, but he was as cool as cucumber, as though saying “Didn’t I tell you?” I panicked. I have never spoken in front of a huge crowd, what  more a proper event. I gave 101 excuses to Tai, but he was so persistent and I would say very, really good at convincing… full of positive words and remarks that I should do it.  After much excuses, it came to a point where I realised, this guy wouldn’t  take No as an answer and he rationalized things pretty well.

Another reason I couldn’t say yes was because my boys had the KL Tigers International Rugby tournament that weekend, and it’s in Sepang…a lil too far to ask my parents to bring them AND wait there the entire day. I had to wait for Syauqi’s roster to be out. I guess it was meant to be, husband’s roster was out and he was scheduled to work the entire week EXCEPT for Saturday, the day of the event. I took it as a sign that it’s meant to be. I am meant to be one of the speaker. So, I said yes to the invitation. After texting Tai to give him a yes, not more than 5 minutes later Pak Anggit called me. From that minute…my life was all about trying to get my speech done. I bugged so many people, from family to friends to YL staff. I didn’t tell my team though.

I had so many worries. Like, would I disappoint the crowd? What if my context doesn’t meet their expectation? What if my speech is dull, not interesting, I’d bore them and they would leave! What if I get stage fright and words don’t come out of my mouth. And the list goes on and on, the what-if this and that. I received lots of comforting words and motivation from the YL staff. These 3 ladies were among those i bugged the most prior to the speech. From agreeing to it in the first place, to ensuring the content is compliant, to slide presentation, to killing the anxiety n keeping me sane. And i was pretty annoying too,bugging them at work… haha. Oh these ladies are my fashion police too. They were more worried of my attire than my speech haha.And I had Ezlin to be the victim for my morning coffee.

 If only i could pack them 3 in my luggage!

When I agreed to be the speaker, I made Tai promise me that he would help with the speech. He did, he promised to sit down and architect the story with me…. but with his busy work schedule that requires him to travel a lot, it wasn’t easy for my timing to coincide with his availability.  I wrote up a draft of the text first, using the pointers Tai had texted me (sister n brother helped me with this. I chased after my sister and forced her to sit down with me to go through it), so at least i had something to show him rather than an empty piece of paper.  Since we couldn’t meet up, I just sent it to Tai. He replied saying it was good to go (honestly, I wasn’t sure if he read it or not haha). We talked over it and he gave me a few tips on doing public speaking. Just thinking about it, gave me a sudden rush of panic attack. No kidding.

As the event grew nearer, the anxiety got worse. I had so many what-ifs going through my head. The 3 ladies above were my backbone together with my leader Jiey and Shida. Two days before flying out, Jiey called me in the morning while i was in the car doing the kids school drop off. The minute she asked me the details of my flight and event, i started having butterflies in my tummy. It wasn’t just butterflies though, i literally felt nauseous and sick. Reached home and started throwing up. What i thought was just  normal butterflies in my tummy (u know, the kind of feeling you get before entering the exam hall during uni days) was more than just that. After throwing up a few times, i then realise…it was actually an anxiety attack. Having experience it (anxiety attack) myself now, i kid you not, it is not something small that you can dismiss. It’s huge (and crazy) and affects your daily life terribly. Seriously. What add on to the hectic-ness was elder 2 had World Book Week Celebration, needed to work with them to get school project done.

A day before my flight, husband noticed how “white” (read : pale) my face was. He tried comforting me, but i remained anxious. I texted Tai to inform him about the crazy situation I am in. He was already in Indonesia then but he replied; Ok. Priority #1 now is: RELAX. Breath, take it easy, honestly – you will see this will be a great experience and the stress leading up to it was unnecessary 😉. What time do you get in today? Let’s set up a time today, you come a rehearse with me, we’ll nail this down and I’ll help you feel really good about it. 👌🏽.

Oh have i ever mentioned before, i’m afraid of taxi rides due to a past experience. So with the anxiety and the fact that i was gonna have to ride a cab to the hotel from the airport just made my anxiety worse. Got on the cab, trying, trying to stay calm..a text came in from Tai, ” You landed on Indonesian soil yet?” Seriously, receiving that message made a whole lot of different. It made me feel that somebody was there (in Jakarta) for me. To be honest, when he said to come rehearse with him… I didn’t put much expectation coz i knew he surely had his hands full with bigger things for the event. Thus, receiving his text to follow up on my arrival was a huge relief. He told me to get settled and ping him when I’m ready to meet at the ballroom and find some empty room to rehearse. Upon arriving at the ballroom, seeing this… i needed the washroom immediately. I’m not exaggerating.

We then went through each slide, he gave me some pointers (which were realllly helpful and helped me survive the stage). Next, we went up to the stage to get some feel of how it would be like. My knees were shaking as i stepped up and walked on the stage. Wanted to try and play my slides but the audio system wasn’t ready for it. Was told to come in early the next morning to give it a go.

That night, was the longest night in my entire life. We grabbed dinner at the mall next door, lucky thing I had Eric, Member Services from YL Malaysia there, he accompanied me for dinner. Tai told me: do not, do not rehearse it anymore. Just once and keep everything away. We finished dinner at about 9pm, obviously i wanted to rehearse it more than once the minute i reached my room. But I received msg from the US YL team and ended up joining them for a drink. That helped kill some anxiety out of me. They’re a great bunch of people.  By the time I reached my room, ironed my clothes for next day, get all other things ready, solat and rehearse once (yes, just once) i was so exhausted (haven’t been sleeping well the past 3 weeks). The room given was superb and was able to sleep without waking up too much.


THE Day.

Woke up that morning full of anxiety. Breakfast spread was good but i dare not eat much. Fear of throwing up or having a stomach ache. Couldn’t even enjoy a nice cup of latte. Proceeded to the ballroom, to test run my slideshow. Tai came about the same time as I did. Guess what… I almost fainted when I got to know that they did not have speaker’s view for my slides. They do have a screen for me, but it showed the same screen as what the audience would see. How am i suppose to know what’s my next slide? My keynotes!? I got really really panic then, really. I told Tai, no wayyyy, i need my keynotes! He looked at me and confidently said “u have everything in your head muni, you don’t need them”. I guess he prepped me for the worst case scenario. I was gasping-for-air panic, rehearsing in my heart to see if i really had everything in my head. While i was doing that, I saw Tai approaching the media guy, Country Manager and Sales & Marketing Manager.  I rushed to them (to demand for it) but he was already at it, trying to get the speaker’s view fixed for me. I started breathing better when i knew he had my back. Thank god everything was fixed, lucky thing Syauqi packed some additional wires (he really is the best packer :)).

Where I almost fainted, knowing there was no speaker’s view slides for me

I tried calming myself by talking with others. But i think everyone could tell i was anxious and scared. It was just too obvious. I had people offering me oils too 🙂 Receiving 2 drops of valor on my palm was priceless! Those around me witnessed how terrible i was. Never have i gotten hugged that much in a day along with lots of comforting words, “Don’t worry, you will be fine”. But in my head, i was thinking, ‘How would u know? U haven’t heard me talk, how can u be confident I’d be fine?” My family text me too, asking how I am. At this point, victims of my anxiety were YL staff Sathiya, Prasad and Brady. I think i repeated the words “I’m scared” a thousand times to them. and each time I said sop…without fell they kept telling me “you will do fine muni”. My brother’s words were able to make me feel much better; Being nervous is a prerequisite to doing well. Kalau tak nervous, something’s wrong. It was really a strong statement to me, made me feel that it is not wrong to feel the way i was feeling. Bapak texted me too, gave me some tips.

My leaders from Indonesia arrived and i managed to put a smile for the camera! Phewh. My 3 fashion police texted me wishing me good luck and my dear friend Ayu texted me too. Touch One members were there too, Malaysians and Singaporeans comforting me… telling me everything will be okay.

Oh here is a pic of me with Frances Fuller, Leader from Singapore while i was having breakfast. She gave me her bracelet for good luck. See how obvious my face was, very not at ease haha.

There were a few slots before my speech, I lost count of the number of times i went to the washroom while waiting for my turn. Made me wonder how could I pee so much despite not drinking much. Crazy anxiety. While waiting for my turn, Tai texted me his last words of motivation. Again, it really made a lot of different. It felt like we were in this shitty situation together… not just him, putting me in it and leaving me to go figure it out myself. I might have fainted if that was the case haha. Those seated next to me, Jen Lim and Patricia also helped to keep me calm.

I didn’t check with the staff what the cue was for me to go backstage. Suddenly, I realised that my turn was coming up. Just when I was about to look around for the person in charged… I saw her running towards me, asking me to run a little. I was literally running when the MC called my name that the pin on my scarf to secure it to my shoulder fell off while i was running. I requested for mic to be clipped on my shirt, but there was no time. So it wasn’t really a good start to begin with as i was running towards backstage, grabbed the mic n boommm, there i am on that stage…. what an experience it was. The crowd were a bunch of really nice people, they engaged with me during my speech, clapped their hands and murmured the right responses at the right time and i felt a lot better for that.  My first few lines were not what I had planned. That was one of the pointers Tai told me the day before. He kept telling me not to look at the keynote, “Once you do that, you will keep on looking at the presenter viewer’s screen”. I managed to gather back my words, and the flow started getting better. However, my first slide didn’t appear when i click on the remote. Damn, just when I was about to get the hang of it, and so i lost the momentum slightly. I saw Tai giving me a signal to wait and stay calm and pointed to the audio guy. So i waited for the audio team to get my slide going.

My request for a rostrum was declined. I wanted to hide behind it, holding the papers containing my speech. “No Munirah, you don’t need it…walk around and engage with the audience. You be fine”.

I survived. Missed few points, but well, who knows right. Crowd played a major role for the success of me surviving it. They engaged with me throughout the 30 minutes talk, they clapped, they laugh (and I got to know later that I had people crying too).

That smile in the photo above, was a smile of relief. It was almost towards the end of my 30 minutes speech. Those 30 minutes on stage have given such an amazing new experience, particularly the anxiety… it was so crazy that it deserves a blog post here 🙂

So what actually was my biggest fear in regards to this talk? The fear of being dismissed. What if people are not interested with my story? What if I appeared to be, like, syok sendiri? Will i see people walking out of the hall during my talk? I told Tai (the man who put me in this spot), what if people get disappointed with me… after 30 minutes of listening , it’s all just about me. Whereas what they want to know, is about oils. It is the Grand Opening of YL afterall, surely people expect to listen about the oils. “No Munirah, this is not about teaching them. It is the Grand Opening. You are here to inspire. Education comes later”, he said.

At the the end of the talk, i received a standing ovation from the COO and Exec Corporate followed by others. MashaaAllah. As i step down from the stage, Tai was there at the side stage and gave me pat on my back and he said “told you the stress was unnecessary”. I took it as I did okay. As I  was walking back to my seat… people stopped me and said “That was inspiring”, “Inspirasi bu’ munirah”, “Very inspiring” … Alhamdulillah, I did what i had to do. To inspire.


But will i do it again?
No. The anxiety leading towards it was just too crazyyy. Don’t wish to go through it ever again.



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