Launch of Coway Spa Water Softener

By on July 15, 2011

Remember my previous post of my substitute beauty regime? It is almost 2 weeks since we had ours installed and even the husband notice the different. He can feel the after effect; skin feels softer after his shower. Not only his skin but also his hair. I always thought he would be the last to feel any difference coz usually men couldn’t be bothered..hihi. In fact in my previous post, a reader left a comment saying after a week using the Coway Water Softener, her husband commented “kulit makin licin n gebu” and she no longer need to standby lotion at the office for her dry skin.

Recently Coway Spa Water Softener had their Grand Launch and Family Day at Sunway Lagoon. It was launch by Mr. Andy Kim Ja-Joong, Head of Strategy Planning Department and Mr.Hoe Kian Choon, Senior Sales GM of Coway Malaysia

It was just ideal to have the launch at Sunway Lagoon, after long hours in the pool there is nothing better than having a shower with Coway Spa Water Softener, to keep our skin moisturize. It was indeed a new shower experience for all. We even had celebrities on that launching day 🙂

from left: Ms. May June, Ms. Ning Baizura, Mr. Andy Kim Ja-Joong, Head of Strategy Planning Department, Mr.Hoe Kian Choon, Senior Sales GM of Coway Malaysia, 988’s DJ Sam and Ms. Vanidah Imran.
Ms. Vanidah Imran shared some insight on Coway’s new Spa Water Softener. She shared with the crowd that the Coway Spa Water Softener helps to moisturize skin.

Another speaker shared her experience as well. Apparently her daughter sweat a lot and often has rashes issue. But since the family started using the Coway Spa Water Softener her daughter’s skin showed lots of improvement, say bye bye to rashes 🙂 Those with sensitive skin you should really give Coway Spa Water Softener a try. Especially those with hectic schedule, you hardly have time to pamper your skin, rubbing lotion after every shower, so why not give this Coway Spa Water Softener a try.

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My substitute beauty regime

By on July 8, 2011

I always envy people who have the time to be consistent in applying their beauty regime. With 4 small kids, having the chance to shower without anyone knocking the door calling for me is considered a luxury. Although at times there was no knocking, I still have to cut short my shower time cause I can hear my elder 2 giggle about. Whenever both of them happily giggle away, it surely means they are up to their mischievous act. Thus I can never take my own sweet time taking my shower. Sadly, despite having a dry skin, I never have the chance to apply lotion n other beauty regime for my skin.

When I heard there’s new water softener in the market, I was keen to know more about it. It is from the water itself, thus I need not apply any other additional lotion to my skin. The water softener is by Coway – the leading home-wellness appliances manufacturer from Korea.

Just like swimming pool, our tap water contains chlorine too. The residual chlorine in tap water causes skin dryness. Besides that, it can also accelerate hair loss and skin aging because it destroys vitamins in our skin. The Coway Spa Water Softener is able to do exactly that – transform tap water in our homes to soft water making it a healthier option for our bodies while giving us smoother softer skin. This is just ideal for me, I need not do any additional steps (i.e. applying lotion) for a smoother and moisturize skin.

I guess we never place importance in the water we shower as much as we place importance in the water we drink. Hardly you hear people drink water directly from the tap water. We either boil it or use the water filter. We should be doing the same to our skin. During my university years, I had a Thailand course mate, Nuraya Ramsamkee. She is so beautiful masyaAlah. Her skin is flawless No make-up yet it was simply flawless. Unfortunately she is rather quiet, I didn’t have the opportunity to ask her beauty secrets.

However one of the terms, our rooms happened to be side by side. Believe it or not, she actually boils the water every time she takes shower! I thought she did that because se wanted to bathe with warm water. But one day, I saw her boil the water but didn’t immediately take her bath. By the time she bathes, the water was already cold. I guess now I know the reason, she boils the water to removes contaminant particles. Hence the superb flawless skin

Coway Spa Water Softener removes contaminant particles to ensure our skin absorbs only clean water with several layers of protection. The composite filters remove harmful substances such as chlorine and floating substances in tap water to minimize irritation to skin. It also has cation ion exchange resin for removal of substances causing water hardness.

This slim and compact product benefits has been proved by a 4 month test done by Woongjin Coway Cosmetics R&D Center, SMCTC (A clinical test organization) & KATRI (Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute)

Basically it is a 2 in 1 product for me, it helps increase my skin’s moisture level while taking my shower, without the need of applying other product after shower. It is said to increase skin’s moisture level up to 69%, hence preventing loss of skin moisture and reduces skin friction up to 20%. Besides or skin, it also soften our hair and scalp; helps those with dandruff problem. Everyone knows the effect of chlorine, thus this Coway Spa Water Softener does exactly that; reduces chlorine effects.

The product is easy to use and maintain. They also have rental unit available for only RM70 a month, and you will be entitled free product maintenance every 2 months for 5 years. If you would like to purchase it, the price is RM1900 with free 1 year maintenance (for every 2 months). Or if you wish to give it a try, they currently having a 14 days free trial for the public to try out the Spa Water Softener (1,000 units) in the comfort of their homes. Absolutely free & no hidden charge. You may call them at 1800-888-111 or logon to www.coway.com.my


my boy enjoying his shower 😀

lil’ uWais enjoying his bath time

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By on June 24, 2011

Few weeks back i had problem of breast engorgement. One of my duct was clogged. I even caught fever and whole body was aching due to the engorgement. Asked around what should i do, mostly replied i should dap with hot towel. It was so painful to even touch it. For 2 days i was lying on my bed in pain. Uwais direct feed but didnt manage to unclog it. Sis-in-law asked around for me and contacted a family friend who is a gynae doctor (my gynae was away for umrah). Doctor is a male but i was desperate. Went to his clinic, was told engorgement smpai infection, lucky thing blum tahap pus (nanah) that required surgery. Was given antibiotic n was told not to feed uwais with the infected b00bs. i have to express the milk and throw away all milk from infected breast for 5 days till i finish my antibiotic.

Thus obviously that lead to drop in milk supply for uwais. I happen to see uwais’ paed the following day for his jab. Asked if its okay to give uwais fresh milk (coz i find that convenient…;) but doctor said it is not advisable coz the content of needed nutrition (i.e calcium, magnesium ect) is higher (not suitable for babies). I then asked the doctor, why is breastmilk sweet? He told breastmilk is sweet because of lactose. Breastmilk is up to 90% of lactose.(Yes, this was what my son’s paeds told me.)

Lactose is a disaccharide sugar formed from galactose and glucose. As we all know breast milk is the best but not everyone is bless to breast feed their child, thus the have to choose the next best milk.

Have you actually taste you baby’s powder milk. It is also sweet! In fact very sweet! no joke. Most powder milk has additional sugar as years of research showed that high percentage of Malaysian children having lactose tolerance problem when they drink powder milk, hence the addition of natural plant sugar to solve this issue in powder milk. Most mom think sugar source from natural plant source is okay, but think again. Even those with diabetic can’t simply take a large amount of fruits (despite the fruits are natural source of sugar). No doubt our growing child need carbohydrate, but do u think the added sugar in their milk is necessary?  Among the common name for sugar that are being used are natural sugars, added sugars, corn syrup solids, sucrose and glucose syrup solids. Whatever name it may be, at the end of the day it is still sugar and ends up in our child’s body. Well yes, sugar are not necessarily bad as they can help provide energy that a growing child needs. However problem occurs when the level of added sugar in the milk powder becomes excessive. This could increase risk of health problems for children. In fact this does not align with any local nor international recommendation.

In fact under the Malaysian food labelling regulation, the ‘carbohydrates per serve’ number in the Nutrition Information Panel on child’s growing milk powder is only made out of two things; sugar that is naturally present in the milk powder. And the only naturally present sugar in milk is lactose. For your information the natural lactose level in a glass of standard milk is approximatly 11g-12g per serve. Thus the bottom line is anything higher than 11g-12g is added sugar. Check the packaging Nutrition Information Panel on this (amount of carbohydrate) and be on look out for names like this in the ingredient list ; corn syrup, sucrose and glucose syrup. And yes, if you have not taste your child’s milk, it is time to do so 😉

Here’s a recent photo of my latest edition 😉

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Sugar Level

By on May 15, 2011

Remember this previous post of mine? I talk about sugar intake. Some products do  not mention the amount of sugar, but dont be trick, u can actually know the amount of sugar by looking at the level of carbohydrate. The higher the carbohydrate, the higher the sugar. And some use a substitute name of sugar; corn syrup solid, glucose syrup solid and sucrose. These are all the same; SUGAR.

When you hear of coca-cola, I am sure most of you know that a can of coke contains a lot of sugar. And to my shocking knowledge, I found out that even babies’ powdered milk could also contains a lot of sugar! Yes this can be shocking news to know the amount of sugar we feed our babies and imagine our babies drink 5 – 6 bottle of milk daily! And we often wonder why our child is so active, never ending energy. And we also real cute chubby babies. Yes of coz they are cute, feel like pinching their big thigh..geram. But have u ever wonder, the baby could be obese due to too much sugar intake? Of coz some say…”oh she/he has not start on solid food yet, just milk”. And have u actually taste your child’s milk? Give it a try, it is indeed sweet!

I found this cool website where u can calculate ur babies’ sugar level in the milk powder. Check it out! www.semakgula.com.my

Give it a try and see whats the shocking result you get.  You might be concern by now and would like to change you child’s milk. So what milk should you switch now?

The new Anmum Essential has no added sugar and 100% more DHA, yes growing up milk powder is the important source of nutrition for children growth and development , thus it is very important to ensure that there is no sugar added. Sugar is definitely not necessary in your child’s milk. They can get the sugar from natural / intrinsic sugar (i.e fruits )

It is important to check on your child’s milk to ensure no excessive sugar in it, do check the label of the product to know the level of sugar . Do inform your friends and relative to check their children growing milk. Use the sugar calculator and semakgula.com.my to calculate the amount of sugar the product has. It can be a real shocking news to some of us!

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Sugar Level n Bedtime

By on March 10, 2011

I think most parents will go through the phase where their kids bedtime goes haywire. For now, alhamdulillah elder two’s bedtime are rather consistent. Uzair’s bedtime will be at 8-ish IF he didnt sleep during the day, regardless a short or long nap. If he takes his nap…he’ll ended up sleeping pass midnite. As for the newborn, uwais..alhamdulillah his sleeping routine is consistent too.

Besides making sure uzair does not take his afternoon nap, i’m also controling his sugar level (since its obviously correlates with his energy level). I have stop giving him milo too since i was told milo do contain lotsa sugar. I believe now the government, NGOs and other consumer association are all rising the awareness of excessive sugars intake. I really have to control my kids’ (and mine of coz) sugar intake since we have history of diabetics in the family. Its not easy to stop my kids from eating sweet food,(cant blame them coz i have sweet tooth too…hihi) thus the best way is not to stock it up at home. I have stop making the milo visible to them. My kids love munching, they will be in and out of the kitchen “self-service” searching for food. Thus its important to control what we keep in the kitchen. There was once, nothing much left in the fridge, athirAh ended up munching on one big cucumber she found in the fridge, we then stock up more vegetable that can be munch (i.e baby carrot)

Im sure u are aware there are two types of sugars, the natural sugars where u get it from fruits, vegetables n honey and the other type is the added sugars which added to the processed food and drinks while they are being made by either the manufacturer or when we cook. And dont be surprise some even add sugar directly to the food. I was shocked to see a friend of mine makan roti canai with sugar. She add a spoon of sugar dalam kuah dhal die.

At times we overlook the product’s sugar level coz it uses a different terms to replace sugar, among the common names of added sugars found in children’s product are sucrose, corn syrups solids and glucose syrups solids. And do you know that if the sugar level is not stated on the product lable, you can check the carbohydrate lebel. The higher the carbohydrate means the higher the added sugars level.

Everyone knows besides diabetics, these added sugar can cause other health issues like heart disease, hypertension, obesity and dental problem. However we cant completely avoid taking sugar coz we do need it to give us energy to perform our daily task. But with excessive sugar intake, i will be having a jumping uZAir till pass midnite, making noises disturbing the other siblings who are already a sleep…and of coz that automatically makes me a zombie mommy the next day.

People are getting more health conscious nowadays, u can see lots of product labeled “no sugar added”, i do buy syrup for my kids from the organic store with the “no sugar added”. Since its difficult to stop them from drinking coloured drink (syrup), thus i get those organic syrup from them. Im rather impressed with some of my friends’ children who doesnt like any coloured drink, they prefer plain water. I have a friend who’s daughter feels that coloured drink is “dirty” and refused to drink it.

Can anyone out there who has children that dislike coloured drink teach me how to train them in such manner, hopefully i can train the same on Uwais, insyaAllah

Lets leave a healthy lifestyle 🙂

the dad running around with them, to burn their energy level hoping they sleep early at night..hihi

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