Once Upon A Time Munirah Hanim, Husband and Young Triplets.

One may often catch Munirah Hanim running around, jumping about and crawling on her knees together with her three spirited kids! Nothing changes with a camera in her hands. A photography session with Munirah is like playtime for your kids – and you can be rest assured Munirah will join in their fun to capture those beautiful moments of your lil’ ones.

Her love and enthusiasm for little people mixes beautifully with her passion for photography. Capturing moments for lasting memories holds true especially with her own lovely children and Munirah is a proud Mom to be able to give you those memories to have and hold for years to come.

Hi, I am Munirah, a proud mother of Ahmad Harith, Arwah Alesya Zara and Athirah Zahraa (Triplets), Ahmad Uzair and lastly Uwais. My triplets were born premature at 26 weeks (6 1/2 months). Harith was 760 gram, arwah Alesya: 564 gram and Athirah: 600 gram. Fast forward 13 months later; I was blessed with a new addition to the family, a healthy boy, Ahmad Uzair (2.96 kg) on the 19th July 2008. Ahmad Uwais was born on 24th January 2012.

I am very lucky girl to have a very supportive husband beside me. Well, I always knew I married the right man =)

How Triplets Plus One begin…

I started this blog in 2007 when I had my first child birth, the birth of the Triplets. About a year after, me and husband were surprised with another pregnancy and then came Uzair. Hence the name, Triplets Plus One. Since, we lost one of the triplets, and after Uzair, Uwais was born, we remain at the even number four up till today. So, we are still at three plus one. By the way, Triplets Plus One has a nice ring to it. So, I am keeping the domain.

Every mother has her own stories to tell. Children inspires the stories of mothers just as my children inspires the beginning of this blog. I was blessed with an amazing experience of having natural triplets. One out of 1000 births are natural triplets. Then, fate had another plan for me when my fourth son was born, Uzair. A test of faith and patience, a blessing in disguise, my son who is autistic, now brings more than joy to the whole family.

I love all of my children dearly but a test of such magnitude drains out all esteem and confidence. Year after year without any sign of ever finding a cure, I was a wreck trying all kinds of methods to understand him and soothe him.

Communication is the biggest horror. He was always very emotional, meltdowns every time and it is as if I never understood him. For a mom who has always dream of being a housewife, this is exactly what I feared most. I am at wit’s end.

My Big Break: Young Living Indonesia

That is me presenting at the Grand Opening of Young Living in Indonesia.

Then, an opportunity knocked on my door. A stranger mentioned to me about YoungLiving and how it could help my autistic son’s issues. Ever since then, I have become their regular and now holding the Diamond rank. Young Living products have helped my son to be more receptive, compliant, manageable and shows genuine interest to communicate. On the 29th of April 2017, I went to Indonesia and presented as one of the guest speakers for the Grand Opening of Young Living Indonesia.

I’m kept pretty busy with YL and the kids. But at the end of the day, the reason I do this, is for my family. And that remains my top priority. I do this so that although the kids see me working, I am still the one who send and fetches my kids to school and all their other activities.

I’m their Mom Taxi, their soccer mom, their biggest cheerleader. Just like how I imagined it to be.

My stories, I hope, is to inspire or benefit someone who is experiencing the same path as I do. Although life may be difficult, there is always a silver lining. We have plenty of fun despite our rainy days. Every problem is handled one at a time and negativities are pushed out of the way. My kids and I go through life just like any happy family even with Uzair. We try our best to adapt our plans around him so that we never have to leave him behind. And like any mother, I pray that he will catch up. Uzair will always have continuous support from me, his siblings, his father and his family.

Me and YoungLiving Essential Oils

I am their member since October 2014. I joined them for a very good reason, to help my Uzair who was diagnosed with autism. Uzair was the reason I joined. I have tried so many ways to help him. Our doctor suggested that he prescribed him medications but I was reluctant. I preferred a more natural approach. Then suddenly, the opportunity knock on my door with YL. Ever since then, Uzair has become more compliant and manageable. You can get the detail of the story here.

My Oily Shelf

Young Living Essential Oils and other products has been my daily regime up till date. From tummy aches to stuffed nose, it is always YL Essential Oils. Not only it is practical, you only need tiny drops of it to make it work. My kids are enjoying its benefits and now already applying the oils by themselves.

If you are interested to know more, go here or if you would like to contact me, go here.


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