Moments by TRIPLETS Plus ONE

Hanah and frens

By on September 25, 2009

On Wednesday, group of my sister’s friend came for raya…and conviniently they park themselves at the garden.

Since i know these gals for quite sometime, i didnt really mind taking their photos.


the guys lak..suruh lompat, tp bleh pulak gi buat “accident” in the air



All of them wear heels, padahal dulu mase i gi TKC to fetch my sister…sume comot2 jer, and if 2 3 org ikut balik kl, bleh pengsan wo dlm keta…sume bau haprak…hihihi. peace gals =)… oh and can u believe it the only time i wore heels was on my wedding day! hihi




i’ll just put up the photos below…tak tau ape nk di-bebelkn…hihi

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psst, jama n buddy…sila lah jeles u all xde dlm gmbr ni…hihi

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Moments by TRIPLETS Plus ONE

Casual Potraiture: 3 Cousins

By on September 13, 2009

Three cousins came yesterday of age, 2, 5 and 7 years old. And again had the same problem…they were more interested to play than taking photos. So each time nk take a shot kena promise “okay, after gmbar kt pagar bleh main swing…” ade one time tu siap chop the swing…org lain takleh naik sbb after amiq gmbar nk smbung main…hihih. Kids are simply adorable with their very own character

The first few mins of the session bleh lagi nk instruct where to pose…



After few clicks..all three were occupied with the toys around. So that’s when ThePhotoMama came in handy, sbb ade tutorial tips on how to take photos of active children. I pun ape lagi..lintang pukang kejar them here and there to get shots of them


these were them playing with the swings. tu okay lagi nk amiq gmbar…tapi bile dah start berlari…aiyo penat gak wo



Pastu kejar yg naik motor pulak


Fuh, mmg penat…but i had a good time though =).

Enjoy more of their photos below

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And again, thanks to their parents for having TRIPLETS plus ONE to capture moment of ur kids =)

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Moments by TRIPLETS Plus ONE

Malaeka Casual Portraiture

By on September 7, 2009

Remember the little darl who had a photo sitting in my mom’s fruit bowl? Here are more photos of her. Again, she was well behaved, parents change her outfir couple of times and it didn’t bother her at all.

Placed her surrounded by Barney..kelam kabut athirAh busybody nk amiq barney2 die…haha


We turned her into bunny…



Malaika luvs plants and flowers very much



And kalau korang nk tau, my garden ade bunga baru…name die Bunga Malaika


Tgk ni, berkerut2 muka Malaika when parents kiss her


Enjoy more photos of this luvly gal =)

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Mini Raya Portraiture

By on August 28, 2009

This morning the weather looks good. Decided to dress all my 3 lil’ rascals in their raya attire and get some potraiture done. Unfortunately…just when i thought it was a perfect weather…it started to drizzle.

Anyhow, managed to get these few shots.  Will definitely do more shots when the weather is good





 Those interested to have this Mini Raya Portraiture, you may email me at

You’ll get unlimited shots during the 30mins session for just RM70

Photo session will be held at my very own garden through out the Ramadhan. So bleh lar berteduh in my house, minimum movement since takyah terkejar2 kat big open space, just ideal for fasting =)

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