My Lil Caliphs Activties | Where to buy it?


By on October 1, 2010

I can still remember clearly, during my childhood days i had sandpit in our house garden. Mom brought back pasir all the way from Langkawi. Having premature babies, we needed lots of developmental activities for them to catch up with their correctional age. And i believe benefit of sand play are endless. Among them are for the development of the sense of touch through the texture of the sand itself. Through sand play it also helps to develop the arm, wrist, and hand muscles, uses grasping and wrist control. Besides that by playing with the sand, the child will develop eye-hand cordination when they start pouring the sand form one container to another. And of cause this naturally Β provides for creativity and imagination.

I made proposal to syauQi in getting a sandpit for the kids. We search high and low for it. Recently i had few people asking me where did i buy my sandpit. Well, they do have it in toys r us but the one they have in toys r us cateer for single child to play in it. We needed something bigger that can fit all 3 in the sandpit.

And we came out with an alternative solution, a fish pond. Well u know those small fish pond they place in home garden. Yup this is actually a fish pond,

It consists of 2 item actually, the fiber container and a separate wooden frame to cover the fiber container. At first thought of cutting the budget, to just get the fiber container by itself btu was worried of sharp edges, so we bought the wooden frame too. You can get various sizes, i bought this at those nursery in sg buloh. most kedai yg jual pokok bunga ade gak jual fish pond ni. just tell them u want the container without any water filter system and such.

The only prob with this fish pond is that it does not have covers. Initially we made use of plywood and and a canvas over the plywood, but lame2 with our weather, it reput. So now we are using tikar getah to cover it, and so far so good πŸ™‚

And where did i get the sand? No we didn’t go to Langkawi. We bought it at Think Toys (formerly known as ELC) but i think Think Toys gonna close down and Mothercare took over ELC. I’m not too sure though if mothercare have the sand. You can check at Mothercare BSC coz i think they have bigger branch of Mothercare in BSC (with lots of ELC product)

We have no complain about the sand. Mase baru2 bukak die basah2 sbb compress kot, but leave it under the sun for awhile, and u’ll get white sandy beach sand in your very own courtyard/garden πŸ˜€

Oh talking bout my kids activities, i kind of miss my uni days where every petang confirm turun stadium. I clearly remember my first day masuk main campus, excited tgk running track kt stadium. first day dah all set nk do some running but lil did i know, pompuan takde langsung. sume laki. tp sbb dh pakai complete dgn kasut sume, cam rase ralat pulak nk patah balik bilik, so tebalkn je muka…it was akward at first, both; for me and the brothers at the stadium but after awhile i got used to it and made lotsa friend. And slowly the number of female runners increased kt stadium tu.

Smlm after the talkshow, few of my uni mate yg dh bezaman tak jumpe tegur kt fb and also here in my blog. It brought back memories of uni days. A phase of life i will never forget but never wish to return back (sbb malas nk sit for exam…hihihi)

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My Lil Caliphs Activties | Where to buy it?

Washable Paint in the Soal Jawab Montage

By on September 30, 2010

Yes, after much dilemma of what to wear, searching high and low for a good maternity clothes, i finally found a solution; in my house itself. The day before the show, i hunt high and low for baju at mall but found none. This is the thing about being a housewife, just not bothered to spend on maternity baju coz i can just slip on husband’s tees whenever i go out. (coz i do need to get any working attire) Yup, that was what ive been doing in the previous pregnancy, settled with husband’s tees πŸ˜‰

This time around i had to dress rather formal so my tees and husband is a No No. I usually fit in my tees up to 6 months preggie, and the 3rd trimester i’ll be sharing wardrobe with syauqi. Mom told me to wear kurung instead of potraying a profession look wearing a pant suits. I gave my sister’s baju a try and walllaaa i could fit hers. Problem solved! No money needed to get new attire.

So i settled with this baju

**did my intention to portrait myself as a young mother of 3 (soon 4) a success? hihi

and do u know that i never know how to put on make up except for foundation. I never know how to do eye liner, eye shadow and such (i dont even own a lipstick believe it or not!). The only time i had proper make up on my face was on my wedding day! So i did put on my foundation and told the man in-charge i need help for a lil touch up. The make up artist was generous enough to do more than just a lil touch up, and the result was this πŸ˜€

*syauQi takde so had to take self-potrait

Opps, main intention of writing this entry is to share bout the washable paint i used for my kids. When they told me they are coming to take some shots of my kids, i felt it wasnt appropriate to let them be in their diapers during the painting session (coz that’s the usual case whenever they do painting) So i hunt around for a washable finger painting (coz surely their tshirt will be painted as well ) and found it at the craft shop in One Utama. Cant remember the price though, RM29.90 per bottle if im not mistaken but they do sell it in smaller pack. But getting the big bottles were more value for money.

We struggled to tie athirAh’s hair, see how untidy it was. But i think it looks much better than untied

athirAh happily doing hand stamping

Kids getting more comfortable infront of the video,

and proudly showing off his hand full of paint

and uZair got the paint all over him, even on his forehead

and one of the final master pieace, cant remember whose though

Washed their white tshirt immediately after the session and the tshirt is white without any stain! However at the bottle it did state that you might not get rid of some stain, i think they have to write such before people sue them in case the stain does not go off. But mine was perfect white after washing it πŸ™‚

And do u know there are lots of developmental benefits in finger painting session? Do google for it, u get endless list of its benefit πŸ˜€

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