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Gold Coast with Children | Part 1

By on August 23, 2018

I wanted to do a post to share some travel tips we had last year to Gold Coast…but procrastination happen huhu. and we ended up with another trip this year. This time around I have to make sure I share the lovely part of the trip. The accommodation. It was perfect, the unit, the location and everything about it.

We wanted to book this place last year; O Residence, but it was all fully booked. Thus we settled with Chevron Renaissance. The unit is perfect, lovely place and bigger than O Residence, but the location of O Residence deserves the Trophy over Chevron.

O Residence is actually same building as Hilton, but they have few floors taken up as Residence units. It is only bout 30mtres walk to the Esplanade, or maybe 2o metres, just 2 minutes walk. Plenty of Halal food around. Nearest was Oporto. It was very convenient, most of the nights we cook rice and bought whole chicken from Oporto and add on few other simple dishes…omelette and our trusted Sup Kambing Adabi hihi. Halal Chinese (Malaysian) restaurant is just bout 200metres away. The beach is also 200mtres away.

     took this photo from our balcony. the stretch of walk to the beach

Here are photos of our unit. It is a 3 bedroom apartment with a complete kitchenette, washing machine n dryer facilities. Sofa bed in the sitting room. Basically, it sleeps 8 comfortably.

All rooms with a superb view of the sea


For the master bedroom, what harith was pointing…is the view  in next photo below

After dinner..we would go down walk along Esplanade and spent time at the beach. The weather was perfect for me, it was around 16-18C at night. Kids go crazy on the beach.

Oh what happened last year was, it was chilly but since kids were running everywhere, they didn’t feel cold. Unfortunately, athirah ended up vomiting on the last day coz of wind in the tummy. Athirah has always been the sensitive one with wind since young. I thought she outgrew it, dangg i was wrong. During previous trip, lucky thing it was our the last day she unwell.  Can’t imagine if it happens from the beginning of the trip. We learn our lesson this time around. I applied Aroma Ease essential oil on her tummy every morning, so if she’s without layers at least she is a lil more protected. You know, kids refused to wear layers when they are going up n down the rides at the amusement park.

How was Uzair during the flight? Alhamdulillah, no fuss from him. We took the night flight, he slept throughout. Besides the help of Essential Oils, I pretty much feels he knows the drill, where we have to wait for boarding and in flight you have to sit throughout. Tranquil essential oil was a great help during our recent trip for Umrah, it really helped settle him down. For someone who loves jumping for sensory seeking, he waited long hours seated at the airport before boarding, it was about 4 hours wait. And once boarding, we got on the plane and had to wait another 45 minutes on ground. He fell asleep even before the plane took off.

We will never travel without Tranquil. In fact, we pack extras for just in case 🙂



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Seedlings Baby Line Young Living

By on

Well there is a saying; If you can’t eat it – don’t put on your skin. This is something to ponder over especially because babies’ skin is much different compared to adults n children. Although you may say it is a small amount, alarr skit je…but this chemicals will be accumulated and toxins the body, called bioaccumulation. When ada continuous exposure, our body natural detoxification systems jadi overload and ended up these chemicals and toxins stay and build up in our body. And also babies and children less able to expel certain toxins than adults.

Few boxes of this lovely Seedlings products were sent out for my member’s with newborn  – Oiled Since Birth

Research mentioned that there is a link between children exposed to toxins and neurobehavioral disorders. I know some will argue not valid research lah, not proven can say whatever, but I notice it very significant when Uzair shower with those common products you get from the supermarket shelves. I kid you not! It is so obvious; he gets very active. I can even tell which brand can make him hyper. Ada one particular brand, makes his skin mcm habis kena kapur whole body, whitish. Yes, some would say, “nothing happen to my kids when they used”. Well as I said, different body has different capacity of expelling it. Although you kids may expel the toxins well, but remember of the bioaccumulation, I mentioned.

Nowadays, we are being exposed to all sort of toxin daily. Minimize whatever that you have control off.

Oh by the way, do you know that it only takes 26 seconds for the cleaning chemicals on your floor to enter your child’s bloodstream through their feet. You may want to consider the Thieves Household Cleaner to protect your lil’ ones from harsh chemicals.

Thieves Products Line

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Back To School

By on January 4, 2018

Yeay, it is back to school again! Aren’t you excited? Not really right? You need to deal with a lot when school time arrives: the morning alarm clock, the healthy breakfast, the absorbing school, the exhausting afternoon, the demanding homework and finally the cranky nighttime. No doubt it is  routine, but it does take a toll on you and your kids. Dealing with their emotions and struggles on daily basis is never a walk in the park. But with these marvelous essential oils, you can make things to move in your way.

It is always a hassle to wake young kids, get them dressed and done with their before-school routines. I always wish that they would grow up faster. But Alhamdullilah, daily school routine is definitely made easier with these essential oils.


The Breakfast

After their bath and fully dressed for school, it is time to give them a breakfast boost. Although chocolate like those in Chocolate Malt is the fav choice for kids’ instant energy, NingXia Red is better. It is the superjuice for the immediate booster. It is filling as it contains fibers and multitude of vitamins, such as Vitamin B and C and minerals to fill those little bodies.


The Sleepy Heads

If those little heads still groggy during breakfast, diffuse Lemon (or any citrus essential oil of your choice) + Joy Essential Oil. This is to gently wake their brains and get ready for the day. Diffuse this for an uplifting and positive attitude as well as brightening up the mood. It is also good to calm the emotions. Other than Joy, you may wanna diffuse Motivation Essential Oil.

Another alternative for a wakeup call is the Cedarwood Essential Oil. Cedarwood is high in sesquiterpenes. It helps oxygenate the brain. Apply on temple after their shower. Cedarwood also stimulates the release of melatonin and serotonin depending on the body requirements, to regulate wake and sleep cycle. Alternative oil to diffuse at night!


The Resistant Immune System

Just before you let them wear their socks,  apply a bit of Thieves Essential Oils to the soles. It can be overwhelming to think about all the absents days that may happen along the school year. Get your kids ahead of the game with this blend.


The Enthusiastic Bunch

On the way to the school, diffuse Peppermint Oil for the car ride to school for nice boost of energy. The strong aroma will help those sluggish feeling. Peppermint helps improves mental accuracy too. No car diffuser? Fret not, few drops on cotton ball and place it at the aircond vent. Alternatively, two drops on your palm and rub both hands for 10-15 seconds, you could start to smell the strong aroma lingering in the car.


The Attentive Student

At school, it can be a challenge for kids to stand out and compete or stay positive all the way to the end. . Apply these on kids before they leave for school; Valor Essential Oil helps to instill confidence and self-esteem. Also apply Clarity and Brain Power Essential Oil on the brain stem at the neck and the temples to enhance mental clarity and memory. It also promotes a clear mind and increases alertness.


The Consistent Student

When the kids are back from school and it is homework time, diffuse Rosemary Oil in the air. Researchers concluded that people who smelled Rosemary Oil experienced improvements in their memory. Or diffuse Peppermint to increase alertness which aids in the ability to focus and concentrate. You can also apply Clarity / Brain Power to the temples and brain stem.


The Tired Little Bones

Finally, it is bedtime for kids. Some kids throw tantrums just before sleep. Apply Thieves to their soles. Diffuse Lavender/Peace and Calming for a restful sleep. To help those kids who often wakes up in the morning cranky, here’s a lil life saver. Apply Joy and Idaho Blue Spruce on their spine before bedtime. It never fail one me! Kids wake up all chirpy. Here’s your secret weapon to a cranky whiny child!


The Dutiful Mom

Moms almost always reward herself last. But that doesn’t mean you don’t get your daily dose to keep you calm and stress free. Stress Away is a great calming oil for you. Apply this before you start your day and when you are done with the kids and its time for you to finally wind down before you hit the sack.


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Bathe Using Water and Thieves Essential Oil

By on November 27, 2017


What I am going to say next is going to shock some of you. My kids bathe with just water. That’s right. They bathe just using water.

My sons enjoy rugby. They enjoy splashing in the muddy waters more!
Look at those two rascals bathing, one can’t help teasing the other!
Clean kids done and packing up.

Last weekend, I went to Indonesia for a sharing session with the current and new members of Young Living Indonesia. I did mention to the crowd there about removing chemicals from my kids lives for good. Then, I mentioned my kids only shower with just water. No soaps. I got this response,”Eww, gross”, “Are you out of your mind?” kind of look. The overall look of disbelief and disapproval.

But it is true I do not give my kids soap. Even if I did, they would end up finishing it within a week playing with the bubbles.

So, you think it is unhygienic, oily, stacks many layers of dead skin and smells bad. Not really. Actually, it is very safe to bathe with just water. After their shower, I would rub a drop of Thieves Essential Oil on their sole.  This helps to fight against germs and viral infection. My kids’ skin is also no longer prone to dryness. And no more money wasted to buy soap stocks and goodbye harsh chemicals!

There are reasons why I don’t like the over the counter bath gel and shampoo but mainly it is the synthetic chemicals. Our skin has pores and it easily absorbs chemicals onto the skin and into the bloodstream. These things happen while bathing, washing plates, wearing over the counter lotions and applying impure oils. The risk of synthetic chemicals is obvious, oxidative stress, allergic reactions, wax covering the pores, artificial scent sticks to the skin, flaking and dry skin. Why not completely change that by opting for a healthier and natural way of handling life’s routine?

I always encourage my kids to play outdoors, rain or shine. Most parents would freak out or limit their kids from playing in the rain. Fear that they might catch colds. But I wouldn’t worry. Despite playing with mud and dirt, I am grateful they are healthy and no cold in sight. The key here is (1) boost their immune system, (2) chemical free product lifestyle and (3) restful sleep because only during deep sleep the immune system and growth hormone production reaches its maximum.

During a hot sunny day, before my kids out and running under the sun, I would place a drop of Frankincense on their head and if they play during rain or swimming, I would put a drop on their chest, just to seal so that their chest doesn’t become cold and directly preventing them from flu.

Play under the hot sun? No worries, mom has Frankincense Essential Oil!
Enjoying the beach and the clear waters. Having a blast under the sun, eh, kids? What happens if you become overheated? No worries, play as much as you like. Mom has Frankincense Essential Oil and Lavender Oil to help you rest like a baby.
Experiment with your toys? Go and play.

At night, to ensure deep sleep, I would diffuse Essential Oils in their rooms. Then they will have a good night sleep and could wake up early with no fuss.

So you can let kids be kids and worry less about your kids’ health. Need to know more about how I help my kids maintain good immune system? Get them to sleep soundly at night? Contact me here.



***Do you know?

According to the Environmental Working Group, women use an average of 12 products a day, containing 168 different chemicals. Men use fewer products, but still put 85 chemicals on their bodies. Teens on average use 17 personal care products a day, according to the group, which tested 20 teens’ blood and urine seven years ago to find out which chemicals from these products were ending up in their bodies. They said they found 16 hormone-altering chemicals, including parabens and phthalates. 



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11 Essential Oils Must-Haves

By on November 8, 2017

Do you know what is great about the 11 Essential Oils must-haves? They are great because they SOLVE your daily discomforts and provide a natural environment to combat illnesses and fight off infections as well as keeping you and your family refreshed and calm throughout the day. You need them on daily basis and they are the recommended oils for great living. These are the compulsory oils in the Premium Essential Oils Starter Kit!! I am going to elaborate in detail here so that you know what you are getting exactly from the starter kit.

Here are the list of oils you will be getting: Lemongrass, Lemon, Purification, Melaleuca Alternifolia, Frankincense, R.C., Peppermint, Lavender, PanAway, Stress Away.

Let’s take a look at Figure 1

Lemongrass is the Serai, you know Pokok Serai the one that looks like tall grass but not grass. The aromatic stalk we used most commonly in rendang and tomyam. Extracted as essential oil, it invokes the calming and relaxing effect because of its sophisticated scent. A famous fashion designer, Anna Sui used this oil in one of her perfume collection. Imagine having this in your regime, natural, sophisticated scent that calms, cleans things and repels insects and more. Just a tiny dab on your skin, massage it and you will feel immediately invigorated. A drop in your floor cleaning water will make the house smelled heavenly.

Purification is your best bet to beat bad stench.  With a blend of Citronella, Lavandin, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Myrtle and Tea Tree, this concoction smells so fresh and bright. It is great for diffusing, freshens and refines, neutralizes mildew and disagreeable odors. Place few drops on cotton ball to deodorize closets, drawers and stinky shoes. It is also the perfect choice for insect bites. I would keep one on the go for me and kids.

Thieves is a super blend of Clove, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Lemon and Eucalyptus Radiata essential oils. This mix is called Thieves not because the oils steal stuffs or a “steal”. They are named after the infamous legendary 15th-century French thieves, a sneaky bunch, who wore those oils to protect themselves while they robbed the dead or the dying due to the Black Plague. Thieves Oil is a spicy mix and great for preventing infections and repelling bugs. You can use it to diffuse spicy aroma into your home while simultaneously cleaning the air.

Frankincense essential oil has a strong earthy and uplifting aroma. It is known to be used in meditation and spiritual engagement. However, don’t let this stigma fool you. Frankincense essential oil is great for your beauty regime. I have been using it for my eye and youthful skin. In fact, it has been used in many creams and lotions. It is also great for increasing focus and concentration during studies, yoga practice and praying.

Melaleuca alternifolia essential oil was a very popular essential oil once. Everything was about Melaleuca a.k.a Tea Tree Oil. The market was hyped about this refreshing scent and it was included in almost all cleansers, facial and body shampoo. Now, this special oil is available as pure therapeutic grade for your D.I.Y. home remedies, home cleaners and home skin care products. This is great because if you like the smell like I do, I want to dab it everywhere in my home and in my homemade perfume.

R.C. essential oil is especially minty, cooling and strong. It is a blend of Spruce, Cypress and three types of Eucalyptus Oils. Because of its minty and cool feel, it is great to keep away me and my kids’ morning sniffles. I also use it when I am going to grind during my workout. It is also great for an uplifting massage and when you are super exhausted. If you wake up feeling dazed and sleepy, take a tiny drop of this to get those eyes open wide.

Now, let’s observe Figure 2.

PanAway is a popular blend for tired and sore muscles. D. Gary Young, Young Living Founder, recommend this himself. Its marvelous effect is the speak of the town. When you exercise or lift heavy, and your body is sore the next day, look no further than this super essential oil blend. It is a unique combo of Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove, and Peppermint essential oils. Use it when your body feels a little sore on the neck or the back. You can feel the cooling sensation and the invigorating cooling aroma immediately and resolve those tired bones away. Yup, a definite must have for those who walks and runs up and down all day.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is the ultimate Swiss Army Knife of all essential oils. Its function is what gives  this essential oil this label.Known to be one of the most versatile oils out there It is great for almost everything such as homemade perfumes, soaps, fresheners and beauty products. It is also a wonderful beginner oil. Whenever the whole family feel exhausted, I would infuse this scent to calms and invigorate the whole family. It is also great for bruise and cuts. When my kids bumped, slipped and fall during their sports practice, this oil comes in really handy.

Lemon Oil is a fantastic vibrant aromatic oil just like the color yellow of the lemon, all bright and happy. You guessed it, the oil is extracted, cold-pressed, from the skin of lemons. Lemon is an amazing source of d-limonene, which is known to help support the immune system and encourage overall wellness within the body. Its fresh, citrus aroma makes this oil uplifting and energizing when diffused or inhaled. Lemon is also powerhouse oil when it comes to non-toxic cleaning, as it is often referred to as “nature’s degreaser”. Add some lemon eo with soda bicarbonate, you will have shiny stove. If you or your kids are feeling a bit under the weather, dab a tiny drop and run it up and down the spine and apply on sole.

Peppermint essential oil, cooling and leave a tingling sensation on the skin. Its explosive minty cooling scent goes all the way from your nose to your brain. An amazing oil for supporting mental focus. Drop it on cotton ball and stuff in the car air vent on drives to school. Try a drop on your palm and inhale deeply, clears brain fog as well as stuffy nose. A perfect wake me up for afternoon slump too. And on a hot hot day, definitely helps to cool you down, a tingling sensation on your skin.

Stress Away is the first essential oil blend to contain the Lime essential oil and Vanilla extract. The unique mix gives a strong, tropical with citrus notes, and gentle aroma to de-stress. Stress Away oil also contains Copaiba, Lavender, Ocotea and Cedarwood. This is my perfect oil to unwind. If I feel a little anxious, this is also the remedy to keep me positive and move ahead.

So there you have it, all the 11 essentially essential Essential Oils. Each for a specific or multiple situations and conditions. Great for homes as cleaning agent, repels germs, freshens air and house items, deodorize and eliminate bad musty stench. Also great for healthy, cleansing and beauty routine, for both your hair and skin. All of them are also wonderful for a spa treatment and calming effect for trying days. These also works as immediate relief for bodily discomforts.

You know the best part about this? You will also be getting a Diffuser and 2 more Essential Oils, Lemon and Lavender on top of that 11 Essential Oils! All 100% purity therapeutic grade oils. You will also be getting other stuffs with the oils and diffuser.  Nice right? It is a value for money premium starter set. Go here to know more about the set.

Or if you wanna know how you can get your hands on those 11 Essential Oils? Ask me (via email or call/WhatsApp) or go here directly to register.

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