parasiteS are turning my sister into a monster!

By on February 8, 2007
For the first time, it crossed my mind, i am actually thankful for being away for these next 9 months (well…7 months I guess) here’s a sneak preview of wut’s in store these next few months, which of coz I’ll be missing out on …demands of all the expensive things in the world – hana! Kaknem nak apple! Nak apple yang besar2 tu,xnk yg biasa tu! (among others). “I cannot eat!! I’m hungry but I cannot eat! I want blablablabla”, which conveniently is nothing within her reach. Come to think of it, there, nothing is within her reach hence the “pass me this and get me that” that’s constantly in my ear, owh, and as I’m writing I hear this, exactly this, “ma my tummy’s not happy, it’s upset”, in that whiny voice of hers. The only time we don’t hear anything as such probably is when she’s sleeping. Fortunately for the rest of us she sleeps as much as cosmin, the house cat.thing is she wakes up at 2 or 3 am. Then there’s tis distant voice in my sleep or a soft distant knock on mama’s door asking for bread. Toasted. no less. Just to waste my precious sleeping time, I can go on and on but I knoe that people in this house are gonna suffer more and more as she gets bloated enough that she topples over. Owh did I mention she has ‘all day’ sickness instead of morning sickness? I’m assuming that once I say that u need not be a mensa member to knoe what im talking about. And to think that after all this, once 3 little heads pop out of my sister, the real ‘adventure’ begins…

p/s anyone willing to adopt her for these few months are welcome to send in their applications. No previous experience necessary.

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