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One may often catch Munirah Hanim running around, jumping about and crawling on her knees together with her three spirited kids! Nothing changes with a camera in her hands. A photography session with Munirah is like playtime for your kids – and you can be rest assured Munirah will join in their fun to capture those beautiful moments of your lil’ ones.

Her love and enthusiasm for little people mixes beautifully with her passion for photography. Capturing moments for lasting memories holds true especially with her own lovely children and Munirah is a proud Mom to be able to give you those memories to have and hold for years to come.



I love the sun! I like and rely on natural lighting in my photography. Natural lighting is at its best outdoors and I know a few favourite parks for lovely outdoor portraiture. Do you already have a location in mind? Do let me know. I am opened to suggestions and with whatever is most comfortable for you and your loved ones.


The wonderful thing about children is that they are all unique and different. While some sessions can be as quick as thirty minutes with some little darlings, sessions generally take 1 – 2 hours with most. I believe in being sensitive to your children’s cue to get the best out of our photo session. It is also important to first spend some time to get to know my little subjects and get them to warm up to the camera.

As all parents know, the best time for anything is when your lil’ ones are feeling god. So it is best to consider a time when your child is usually happiest and not supposed to take a nap. It is a challenge to get a child to laugh and play when all she really wants is to sleep!

The best time to photograph newborns are in their early days, between the first and second week of life. Working with precious and delicate beings, it is most comfortable and favorable for babies to be in quiet and peaceful environments. I request that our newborn photography sessions be conducted in such an environment with only parents and child. This is to encourage calm, comfort and creativity for precious newborn, parents and photographer for best newborn portraiture.

What to wear

We should feel and look our best, especially when these photos are going to last for a very long time. These are some tips to consider while putting together your outfits for our photo session:

For children n babies: ┬áPlease choose cute and adorable outfits that are comfortable for your lil’ ones.

Extra clothing is always a good idea, especially when we are encouraging kids to run wild in the park!

For newborns: I like to photograph newborns in as little as possible. I love to capture the delicate beauty of a new baby’s soft and translucent skin. Why hide it?

For group photos: It would be great if you could try to coordinate colours for more pleasing and uncluttered images.

Other Tips:

For small children, it is encouraged to bring their favourite toys as it would help them feel more at ease during our photo session.


If you are interested in a photography session with me, please do get in touch with me through either e-mail, YahooMessenger or phone call. I would love to get to know you better and best learn how we can work together with your style and preferences. Once we’ve covered this step, we can begin! My contact details are as follows:

Email: info@tripletsplusone.com

YM: munirahpunye

Phone: 019- 23 25 747

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