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How I started Young Living Essential Oil for my boy

By on April 20, 2015

” He is strong and will grow bigger and stronger, but u are small in size…soon you will have trouble handling him. You may need to consider giving him medication soon.” those were the words of Uzair’s doctor when we had his follow up check-up early last year.

” Errr…do let me try everything first before i resort to drugs ” i replied.


Few days later someone told me about Young Living essential oil. I was telling to myself “just when I’m about to search for something, (before i starts Uzair on medication)…this essential oil pops up. this must be Allah’s guidance” . And obviously,next thing i did was to ask Mr Google. Started typing on google ” Young Living Essential Oil and Autism ” and “Young Living Essential Oils ADHD” ,  I came across lots of blogs, parents of the same boat as I am. One of the blogs i stumbled upon, i felt goose bump while reading it…i was like “gosh, this entry is as though i am writing about uzair!” The mom’s descriptions, stories and experience sound exactly how uzair was behaving and what we were going through.

Being desperate for solution ( and a lil kiasu i suppose)  i ended up getting all oils that mom was using on the boy. If im not mistaken there were about 9 oils all together. Unfortunately i didn’t see much different. I tried doing my own research and tried getting some help, but sadly uzair wasn’t progressing much. Somehow rather, i did not loose hope on the oils. I was thinking if lots of parents out there have successful stories of the essential oils, then the problem could be me; either wrong selection of the essential oils or wrongly applied. I then became more determined to do further research on these essential oils.

I heard about a therapist in Singapore,Yonie. Badly wanted to bring uzair to see her but with Syauqi’s and her busy schedules, we could not get any earlier slot. We finally met her in August, made a trip to Singapore. And from August 2014 till now, we’ve been getting guidance from the therapist, Yonie, Alhamdulillah. I also get connected with other moms who were very helpful. They share their experience and testimonials. And best part is….regardless which part of the world they are…everyone is just a “wats app” / “telegram” away. It is such motivation to see how other moms handle their kids. Their stories, guidance,suggestion in helping our kids are simply amazing. Its and endless support. Every now and then u be hearing from a mom telling us their new regime they using and u be “running” to get those oils too ( didn’t i just mention I’m kiasu :P). Or a simple sharing on getting the kids phlegm out.



The journey is still long for us. Though he is far from a 7 year old boy, but he has surely progress a lot since. He no longer sleeps wayyy past midnite. If i ended up getting into bed as early as 9pm, he would also get in and have no problem of soothing himself to sleep. This boy who was once a non verbal boy,  already requesting things verbally. Oh and most importantly, we no longer have to face those periods of tantrum. I pray for  more progress and improvement, inshaa Allah.



Uzair will be 7 years old in July,diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and also ADHD when he was 3+. He is currently using Young Living Essential Oil. Weekly session of Craniosacral therapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy.

This year we place him in preschool , joining class of 4 years old and has Special Needs Teacher comes to the house daily for 2 hours.

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