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Space are limited

May 29, 2007

I’m now in my 24th week. Having problem of discomfort lately. I think the babies are growing and they needed the extra space, thus explains why my rib are in pain. The easiest explanation for it is because the babies are taking up more space thus pushing my rib. I feel the pain, right above my tummy, below my breast. I’ll be awaken by the pain about every hour or two at night. And during the day, the pain come and go. Went to see the doctor at a nearby clinic, he said nothing much can be done. It’s not advisable to take any painkiller, afraid of the side effect that might occur. Since I wouldn’t want to risk or rather jeopardize my babies health, I would just have to tolerate the pain.

When the doctor first saw my tummy, he asked what’s my height. I guess it was pretty obvious that the size of my uterus is rather large for my height. I just can’t imagine how it would be like for the next couple weeks. Babies growing in this small petite body of mine. I’m only 157cm and my current weight is 51kg. I was 40kg before pregnant, but the first trimester my weight drop to 38kg, due to terrible or rather horrible morning sickness. Or shall I say, all-day-long-sickness.

I asked the doctor, what’s the earliest for delivery, he told me 28th weeks. Gosh it then hit me…that means I have possibilities of giving birth in 4 weeks! Am I ready? Hard for me to answer to that question. Through the readings I did, most triplet cases give birth between 32 to 34 weeks, the most up to 36 weeks.

Hope things get better for me =)

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