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I said it too s0on…

October 25, 2007

Just when I thought my daily trips to the hospital are over,yet another new chapter of hospital begins. And just when I thought I now have my complete family members at home, one had to be readmitted to the hospital…

Yes, the long hiatus is not because I’m busy handling two babies at home but because I still have to squeeze time in between to go see my darling athirAh at the hospital. On the 2nd day of rAya, while changing athirAh’s diaper I noticed her groin part was a bit harden and as if there was a lump. mOmmy pointed it out to pAh and she agreed. On top of that athirAh didn’t pass motion for 2 days so I thought of bringing her to the hospital for the nurse to insert enema to help with her constipation. And since I’m already there, having the doctors around, I used the opportunity to get one of the doctor to see the harden part around her groin…..and there goes the word I don’t want to hear….she need to be readmitted because the lump that I enquire about was actually hernia. She needed urgent surgery.

Being premature, we need to deal with after surgery consequences. And most importantly…her breathing. Being born premature at only 26 weeks (as opposed to the usual 40 weeks) she has chronic lung. Thus the main concern was once intubated for the surgery would she be able to breath by herself after the surgery without any help from ventilator machine and/or extra oxygen. Becauce once she’s on the machine it will take a long time to wean off the machine (which explain her 123 days in the hospital).

Now, 9 days has passed since her surgery. The surgery went well and she’s showing better progress. Initially she needed to be on ventilator then move on to nasal catheter where they make holes at the tube and place it near her nose, so she’ll get extra supply of oxygen. Hoping that she’ll join us at home very soon.

Oh, did i mention before that whenever athirAh is not well, hArith will feel the discomfort too? We discovered this when athirAh did her eye laser. Again, this time around when athirAh had to undergo the surgery, hArith became very grumpy. Everything seems to be wrong. Even after being fed and diaper changed, he still looks unsettle. So pApa said, if hArith looks uneasy next time, first thing we should do is to check on athirAh.

p/s: i’m searching for a nice car seat 4 lil’ darlings, tp xnk lar yg baru pakai few months tp dh out grow. any suggestion?

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