On athirAh – TRIPLETS plus ONE

On athirAh

March 18, 2008

pApa was about to go out for a relative’s funeral and I had to drive our maid to the hospital coz her relative dah nazak. So I could only bring one with me since we will be waiting in the car while my maid run down to visit her sedara. If I were to bring both…mati lar I when both get restless. How on earth do I carry both at the same time in the car. So I decided to bring hArith since he would handle it better when the car is stationary. When I’m about to leave the house, my bro wanted to go for his social obligation, minum minum with his friends and Santai, and he offered to bring athirAh along. Before he changed his mind, I quickly packed a bottle of milk for athirAh. My mom thought it was a joke and kept asking us to bring athirAh up when I’m about to leave. But my bro wasn’t joking and with great confident he brought athirAh with him. And wallaaa…he did a good job. athirAh behaved well, drank about 20ml before falling asleep while my bro lepak2 minum.

nyenyaknye tido…safe & sound

they surived…hihi

And the other day, we went for a drive with Tuk Wan, mOmmy and pApa decided to hold baby one each instead of transfering the car seats to Tuk Wan’s car. After half way journey athirAh became restless, tried all position but she seems not comfortable. I thought she wanted to sit in her car seat, but I was wrong. She wanted to sleep, and since she’s not on her car seat… she wanted it no other than being on her tummy. Aiyakk dalam kereta pun nk tido meniarap ker?

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  1. Umi Nadhrah: Wah! Bagusnyer Athirah… join her uncle ‘lepaking’ with his friends.. i wish nadhrah would behave like that.. unfortunately, Nadhrah cume nak kat 3 org ni jek: Umi, Baba and Opah (my mom)… Tok Pa, Tok Ma, uncles and aunties, sume die tak nak..


  2. umi Nadhrah:
    my babies see their uncle almost everyday, tu sbb no problem kot. top of that my bro and and parents suke layan, lambung2 diorang.
    so pantang nmpak je, badan dah terkepak2 mintaq dilambung.


  3. mieza:
    mmg rajin..and my babies luv him. hArith can laugh non-stop when kena lambung2 by khairul.
    he’ll come over to the hse everyday to see the babies, if he smpai rumah and we are out, sure call us asking bile balik.
    kasi susu pun no prob


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