My sleeping hours – TRIPLETS plus ONE

My sleeping hours

July 28, 2008
Slept at 12:40am….

1:15am – 2:20am : Breastfed uZair

3:40am- 4:30am: Breastfed uZair AGAIN

hArith woke up. Remember I told you he is a morning riser.
pApa did milk for him but he didn’t want to continue sleeping. He was doing his kuliyyah subuh “blaaaa ahhh, taaa tattttaaaa…..”
Tried putting him back to sleep..
He fell asleep at 6:15am

6:40am: AGAIN breastfed uZair

This was my sleeping hours last night (and same goes to other nights)
Like I said, I can’t remember having 2 hours uninterupted sleep
And during the day, my bAbies hardly have a long nap…thus making it impossible for me to have any nap…

*Last night athirAh slept wiz my parents, or else another extra to wake up…

Thus every minutes of sleep I have, is very precious to me

this boY is on night shift…

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