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October 11, 2009

Spend my Saturday morning taking photos in a nice cozy park. But this time around not the usual family or kids portraiture but photos of kids wearing bright colourful line of clothing from www.okinokiyo.com! The skirts are gorgeous. my gal was supposed to be one of the model but she was in the mood of being in her own world. The other two models were daughter of the okinokiyo owner and another gal Zara.

Photo session was held in the green to allow the colurful clothing be the centre of attention.  Have a look at these beautiful gals wearing the new line of clothing =)

DSC_2165 edited

Close up of the two skirts…

DSC_2132 edited

DSC_2157 edited

DSC_2196 edited

doesn’t the cupcakes look yummy! =D

i can never say no to polka dots!

DSC_1844 edited


DSC_1964 edited1


one of the few shots of athirAh,

DSC_1873 edited

DSC_1799 edited

Gal, flowers and polka dots…i just luv it =)


DSC_1952 copy 2 edited

i just luv this scene ,ala ala cam dlm forest!

Kids with okinokiyo.com clothing in action….DSC_1775 edited


DSC_2413 edited

nway, here’s the owner of okinokiyo.com


and one last group photo of the models with their moms

edited group

Maizura, how i wish i  can sew for my lil’ gal. I really do adore ur talent.  Well, readers, you can go either to www.okinokiyo.com or the blog.

 Congratulation on ur newly launch clothing!

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  1. munirah, suka tgk gambar gambar u..cantik sangat..ni yang buat teringin nak join photomama tu…i ada slr gak tapi tak reti sangat nak pakai..main belasah ajer…….


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    larr rugi tu dah ade dslr tap tak make full use of it. jom lah join photomama…i learn everything from there. if nk join membership photomama gune referal u’ll get cheaper


    jannah Reply:

    munirah…meh la citer citer skit pasal potomama tu kat kita…email ehhh…cheaper tu berapa RM?? fee dier 200+++++ kan…


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    aiyak i pun tak ingat brapa fees. tp if ade referal murah skit. to get referal u masuk photomama tru the banner on my blog =)


  2. adorable skirts and pictures!!! geram tgk zara with the colorful umbrella, and the one with the 3 girls in the lane, the forest and especially the skirts with the boots on both sides. COngrats mai.


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