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Another One Night Trip

December 28, 2009

After the trip back to Lorong Haji Badri over the weekend, we made last min decision to make another one nite trip to Kuantan on Tuesday. Parents-in-law had to go there for work purposes, and we decided to join them there. I always love Hyatt Kuantan. The place is strategically located, its by the beach, the swimming pool is nice and most importantly food is soo convinient if we want other than the hotel food. The have few hawkers by the beach and the last time we came here, they only have McD, but now they also have KFC. That’s so convinient for my kids, mash patato! =) I really love this place. And best of all it is only 2 hours drive. I think 2 hours drive is just ideal for my kids. Coz i notice, if we balik Penang or Pontian my kids will be restless halfway the journey, which is after 2 hours. So after this, if nk plan for any trip..kena cari yg 2 hours drive.

Err, can’t remember what time we reached the place. After lazing around in the room for awhile..we decided to head to the beach before hujan turun coz it looked rather gloomy. hArith was simply amazed and stunned to see such a big “sand pit” a never ending sand pit!


The wave was really rough, it really did scare athirAh. Sbb die takut, she doesnt allow anyone else into the sea as well. Org lain masuk, die yg nangis.


athirAh then pulled syauQi’s hand, and walk towards the pool. She was really scared with the wave. Mmg the wave was really really rough actually. While syauQi brought athirAh to the pool, my bro went for a dip in the sea and my two boys played with the sand with my sis-inlaw. (syauqi’s sister)




hArith supposedly nk gi amiq air kt sea tp ombak kuat sgt, patah balik..hihi. kecewa jer uZAir yg beria tunggu


adik syauQi sempat lah amiq gmbar satu without the kids. gmbar lain sume with the kids


yer, pompuan ni single and available. sape berminat sila tinggal contact number =)

uZAir ade gaya surfer boy tak? hihi


after puas main pasir, we joined athirAh at the pool. tapi athirAh refused to wear her floaties. good thing she was aware about the depth of the pool. she main kat tepi2 tu je busy splashing away. if nk masuk je will call syauQi to carry her in.



oh did i mentioned,we bumped into Lana & Co?


we were there for only 1 nite. tot blk tu nk singgah kuala gandah again but we cek out late. cant make it there by 2pm.

a photo sblum balik, yg cam impossible nk get all 3 kids to look at the camera,


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  1. ur children memg bertuah dapt a mom lyk u who tak kisah letting kids experience things on their own…kacak sungguh uzair n harith n athirah makin cun laa…:p


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    u can let ur kids do the same thing too =)


    farahliyana Reply:

    tak kawin lg…but ill make sure they will explore things on their own 🙂


  2. beruntung ur children, maknya memang kasi lepas, my children idaklah dpt jadi camtu, my baby ada pneumonia, asyik kena jer pun, so takleh lah asyik lepas jer.. btw, munirah kasi supplement apa kat bebudak ni, diorang selalu sakit tak?

    p/s: biar betul from kl to kuantan 2 hours? bukan 5 hours ker?


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    hArith and athirAh born at 26weeks (6 1/2 months) lung diorng mase tu mmg tak fully develop. penumonia tu was part of them mase battle to survive. but bile dh besar skit ni i slowly exposed them so they can build their own immune system. sbb if tak expose langsung, kang if tetiba main kat luar lagi badan tekejut.
    supplement tu mmg i kurang displin. bile ingat je kasi. hihi. i kasi scott emulsion and organic syrup yg contain high vitamin c

    err pasal kuantan tu, mmg i rase 2 jam lebih skit je. skrang kn ade new highway tu. i dont think it exceed 3 jam. nanti i cek balik ngan syauQi since die yg drive.


  3. a’ah kl-kuantan memang 2 hours plus drive. and hyatt memang the best becoz they have private beach kan?

    i love that first pic of harith!!! serious macho! bakal jadi heartbreaker ni 😉


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