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Cod Liver Oil

December 30, 2009

Well i guess Cod Liver Oil seems to be rather essential supplement for all of us regardless of age. If you could recall during your pregnancy, surely the doctor prescribe this supplement. I remembered taking Neurogain when i was pregnant. And during my childhood my mom made all of us makan Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil


And now, for my kids…since they can’t swallow tablets, i’m giving them Scott Emulsion.  Well, i know not all of u love reading long articles, so i wouldnt write long article of it but those who love to know more of it, u can simply google up Benefits of Omega 3 fish oil and you’ll get endless list of the benefits. If you are too lazy to google up u can just go here 

Recently Mrs Imran told me of this article


at first i wasnt really impress, coz for me i feel tat what the kids know solely depends on his interest n wat being exposed. if anak tu tetiap hari dh nmpak keta tu sure lah die ingat. cam hArith, coz often being exposed with animals he recognizes lots of animals n can even imitate how the animals walk / sounds. but then again, on cars i never taught him on it by tru observation he could recognize all family members’ and skoolmates car. Only that he wont say the name of the car but by the name of the person who rides/ drives it. Perhaps if i start telling him the name of the car and associate it with the person who rides / drives it…he will b able to know it anytime soon.

But then suddenly it strike me “oh ya, my kids been getting cod liver oil since 1 year old too (scott emulsion)” perhaps that explains the  perfomance of his memory ability. The fact that my kids were once less than 1kg and now showing such great progress, we never fail to say al-hamdulillah. They had problem with their lung, pneumonia but alhamdulillah they are now healthy with great immune system to play everywhere including the drain n bushes. but of coz every once in awhile they cant escape from getting flu.

Now that i really believe in USANA, i’ve decided to give USANA Biomega to my kids! How? They can’t swallow the tablet. I poke a hole at the bullet tablet n put it in their milk. At first i was afraid mende tu hanyir n they can detect the different taste in their milk, but i’m happy to know that they drank their milk as per normal yesterday!

Those who wish to place order of the Biomega, u can email me It is RM83 for a bottle of 12o tablets. Postage will be on me =)

It is not just for ur child, but can be for ur baby you are carrying (pregnant) or even for you, as ur daily supplement. Yes, I’m taking it too.

Oh, we stop taking Seven Seas sbb they use beef gelatin and the product takde tanda halal. USANA surely ade cert halal =)

So now i’ve started taking proflavanol and biomega ( on top of my essential n procosa). looking fwd to a healthier me in 2010! insyaAllah. n do u know they have chrmical free facial product range?

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  1. opinion on complexion become hormon pregnancy buat muka i skrg tidak lg..terima kasih biomega..hehehe


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    thanks for sharing dear. isnt that simply a good news for pregnant ladies..not only its good for ur baby but also for urself. sape taknk kn dpt kulit shantek.
    apprently kn for non preggie pun they say biomega helps with complexion..


  2. Salam, munirah..i nk try la biomega, for me & my twin..actually i’m preggy for 2nd one.. 🙂 so how nk order ya?


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    i’ll email u dear


  3. thank u for sharing the article. skrg saya pun ambil neurogain, tp rasanya biomega ni macam cheaper. I think I would like to give it a try. nak bagi orked sekali, letak dalam susu like what you did to your kids. harapnya dia minum le.

    boleh bgtau camne nak buat payment?



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