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One Leg Out

December 19, 2009

“Mak, skrang kaki die dah okay, rajin berjalan shopping jer”

That was what one of testimonial i receive from my customer. The conversation above was said by her husband to her mom.

Baiti had problem with her leg out of sudden. One of her leg was out. While she was in the toilet suddenly a loud pop came from her lutut straight away jatuh and couldn’t stand and get up. she had to menyusut kuar from her office toilet to get help. She went to few doctors and they diagnose differently. Ade yg suruh operate of coz and ade gak yg tak tau what happen.

It was soo painful that she actually cried every now and then, at the office and at home. When she came to know about USANA, just like any other people (including me..hihi) was rather skeptical with the product. But after much pain and agony, her husband suggested to just give it a try, and so she did.

She been taking it for 2 weeks plus and alhamdulillah its showing good improvement. not fully recovered but definitely recovering. In fact her weekends, bleh ronda shopping complex seharian. Pastu siap kate, sbb kaki dah elok, gembira jalan2 with heels. She loves heels so much, thus that was the first thing she did after seeing kaki dah okay. Before that tak pakai heels pun takleh berdiri ape lagi pakai heels kan.

On another note, im happy to share with you a testimonial on pregnancy. A lady who had previous miscarrige, alhamdulillah dah conceive after consuming USANA =)

And on my progress? All this while i never took note of my nails, but it looks healthier now! im not like my sister yg rajin pegi manicure and pedicure so my nails slalalu ade cam kulit koyak2 skit kt tepi2 nails tu. Now takde langsung. and instead of yellowish nails…its white and healthy!!! Basically, with good and enough nutrition…sume pun jadi healthy =) and also tiada rambut gugur bagai =)

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  1. saya nak tanya awak ada katelog tak utk produk usana ni? saya nak tau kberkesanan n affordable ke tak utk pendapatan sederhana.


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    i’ll email u dear


    nora Reply:

    r u bz?
    still waiting for your mail regarding usana product


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    i dah email u dear to the other email

  2. true.. coz taking multi vitamins tu my rambut also tak gugur byk lg and kuku pun cantik (dulu kulit tepi kuku selalu terkoyak2 i didn’t eat green vege. i dun like it)


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    haah i punye camtu lah i meant..kulit kt tepi tu tekoyak2, now tiada lagi =). Thanks tu Essential USANA aight


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