Slip Disc,Recovered Completely with USANA – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Slip Disc,Recovered Completely with USANA

February 22, 2010

Remember the story of Slip Disc and USANA? If you need to refresh your memory, u can go to this previous link

I saw the wife on YM this morning, and buzz her. Was asking how is her husband and she answered ” recovered completely!”

Wahh sgt lah teruja when i heard that. In fact, doctor’s check ¬†up pun dh tukar jadi next 6 months instead of monthly. So i asked, doctor tak confused ke cepat sgt recovered, considering he was supposed to undergo surgery? She said, doctor mmg tau he is taking USANA and know about USANA, cume physio punye org confused y cepat sgt recover, coz org lain takes monthss to show improvement, whereas husband die, afer amiq USANA, his number of session slowly reduce.

Husband die took about 2 months plus to recover. Some might say “lamanyee??”. Well USANA does not contain any drugs and neither it is a painkiller. it is a cellular nutrition, where it provides sufficient nutrition to improve cell2 in the body. Hence it is not an overnite thingy to repair all the cells in the body.

Alhamdulillah with the cost of RM293, her husband managed to avoid from undergo surgery and now has compeletely recover =)

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