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Progress of their weaning off…

March 25, 2010

Been wanting to update on my kids progress of weaning off but didnt have the time. I haven’t watermark my photos so here’s an entry without photos

-uZAir no longer bf during the day, but he will ask for it middle of night. I still have no idea how to stop him coz he will scream on top of his lung and will definitely wake the other 2 up.

-we need to go for a drive everynite to put all three to sleep. i do think that it will be possible for hArith n athirAh to sleep without their bottle, but i can’t be putting all 3 to sleep all by myself, thus easiest way is to go for a drive. How the other 2 sleep without bottle? hArith can sleep if i do story telling or any kind of coversation we will doze off after answering much of why this and that. athirAh, will fall asleep if tepuk2 pat her while she watches the mickey mouse / dibo / barney programme. But there’s no way uZAir can fall asleep without pacifying with breastfeed, thus we have to bring him for a drive. so ended up all 3 go for a drive coz i can’t be doing story telling with hArith while patting athirAh who is watching the tv.

-the elder two is doing superb without their bottle. however they dont like the fresh milk that much coz it is not as sweet as their formula milk. yes, do u know that formula milk is sweet? And the other day we happen to be at my in-laws and the only milk left in the fridge is the anlene concentrated milk. the love it! it is sweet like their formula milk. BUT it is rather pricey to stock that up in the house. anyone knows of any other milk brand (for kids preferable of coz) the size as small as the anlene?

-i have mentioned before that my elder 2 still wakes up at night for milk aight. surprisingly since we stop bottle, they no longer wake up at night! when i first started weaning them off, my maid’s concern was “cik, malam2 mintaq susu macam mane?” if only i knew earlier the only way to stop them from waking up middle of the nite is to wean them off from bottle, i would have done earlier…haha

-hArith eat more than i do nowadays, SERIOUS!  in most day he will have 2 serving for lunch in skool, and he will eat again at home, as much as i do. i do think it is a good idea to wean off bottle, they eat more rather than just relying on the milk.

To be continued…

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  1. dear..nape stop formula milk?


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    i started wean off bottles,coz pengsan poket nk kena beli tukar puting every week..they suke sgt gigit. mmg diorang nk kayakan Dr Brown tu kot. so now ajar minum gune cawan. if kt umah bleh lah nk bancuh formula dlm cup tp nk kuar to payah kang. so now kuar bwk susu kotak. one thing good about weaning off from bottle is diorang dh tak bgn malam so far. if not hARith sure bgn mintaq susu, kadang tu bgn smpai 2 kali lak tu. and they eat more now sbb perut tak kenyang susu kan.


  2. hi munirah,
    1st time commenting here..i ada a few ques. nak tanya u..i ada dengar org cakap fresh milk is better than formula milk..u nak tukar to fresh milk sebab tu ke?fyi, i dah fully bf my son..he’s now 2yrs1week..ingatkan nk 2 yrs je tapi sampai sekarang taknampak gaya bole stop..tried giving him fresh milk dia reject, bagi pediasure vanilla reject..last2 i gave him pediasure choc bolehla telan sikit2..but if u tau kalau fresh milk tu better n why, let me know ye..coz i surely want the best for my son..

    lagi satu, u hantar ur kids pegi sekolah mana..i’m staying in ttdi too..tengah survey sekolah dia..haritu hantar lorna whiston weekend class tapi my son tak berapa enjoy..bila hantar alimkids playgroup enjoy sangat kalau ada sekolah betul best it tadika diyana?


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    i dh email u dear =)


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