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April 24, 2010

to those wondering what happen to my fren,

tu dah ade jawapan at the comment section. I shall paste it here:

kalo story tu difilemkan sure best ala2 Ayat2 Cinta gitu…

Well, mula2 she redha with her parents decision…tp after sometimes taaruf (kenal2) with the tunang, she realized dats he compared her with her sister. she asked for putus tunang. parents get mad. nk balik to BF tp dats guy xnk coz he thinkin bout the gal’s parents feelings.

so she tots dia xkn kawen sampai bila2 coz sebaik2 laki like the BF dh xnk dia. BUT she was totally wrong! Allah knows best… after 4yrs, she gets married to a fren of her [yg dia xnk langsung, xde feeling, pernah reject…

tp tu dolu and now dia syg giler suami dia.suami yg terima segala kekurangan dia, yg sempurna dn tutup kekurangan tu, yg sentiasa mengalah n treats her like princess everyday…and now after 2yrs of marriage n she x yet gets pregnant due some health prob….tp really enjoys her journey of life….

AdaMaya ~ The End…

well as stated above,of coz she had trouble to accept the fact mak die tunangkn die without her knowledge. bf yg jiran tu punye mak sure lah terasa hati kn, cam secara terang2 reject anak die bulat2. my friend tried to accept the fact tp of coz it wasnt easy, bak kate Hanz in her comment,  each time tunang tu kuar ngan die, tunang tu sure akn terkenang kn arwah kakak die. to cut the story short, die bertindak tuk putuskn tunang without her parents knowledge. Bile parents tau sure lah marah giler2, tak silap mak die smpai jatuh sakit takleh bangun.

zaman uni continue as per usual,  ade bf lain tp things didnt work out well gak. dh grad tu since die still single  mak die percubaan nak paduk kn die lagi. Trus die tekad tuk cari bf sendiri sblum mak die paksa kawen ngan pilihan keluarga. And i guess if dah jodoh tu mmg takkan lari ke mane, die dgn one of her fren yg die kenal mase early days of uni, that time die langsung taknk kt the guy even though the guy nak kat die. Skrang live happily every after

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  1. moral of the story, Allah knows best…. rite???


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    moral of the story, zaman skrang susah kot nk cari org kawen mak bapak paduk kan…hihi


  2. hadoi i cannot imagine lah zaman now pun ada parents dok nak satu satukan org2 ni. & i think i would do the same what she did. Do wats best for us. Ikut naluri hati sebab ini life jugak. Wishing her all the best and happiness in the world 🙂


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    but on the other hand, my sis-in-law mmg dok sibuk suruh family cari kn. die kate if family cr sure yg the best kn, so die nk mak pak carikn. tu sure pengaruh tv kuat tu..hahah


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