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Balancing on their Little Tikes

April 16, 2010

Look at this two adik beradik, searching for some thrill in their daily activities. Instead of the usual ride in their little tikes, athirAh came out with something new,

hArith have to stand on the other side to so the car wont topple over while athirAh climb on it. He’s putting his weight to help stable kn the car

it’s cute to see their teamwork. After much trial and error, and the car asyik topple over, hArith figured out to stand there and place his weight on that side of the car

I don’t hae picture of athirAh standing on it coz i was there in case togolek jatuh. But by the time hArith wanted to stand, the maid was already around to jaga incase tegolek. so i had a chance to take photo of him

athirAh got excited to see hArith standing on the car, and she insisted to take photo of hArith. Here’s the photo taken by athirAh

Hihi, nampak kepala jer, without the car. hArith actually smiled for athirAh hokey! =)

p/s: jom mOmmy bawak rock climbing nak?

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  1. munirah if you’re interested to bring the kids for wall climbing, u can join us at camp5 or even better at Putrajaya Challenge park, ada satu bilik cilmb for kids only and its totally free. IM sure hQ would enjoy the company of athirah and harith.


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    yup heard about the one in Putrajaya, where is it actually? jom one day playdate, but now diorang tgh runny nose. once dh clear we arrange one kay


    Lana Reply:

    ok cun, usually helos will go on friday ptg but we can try one of the weekend. if nak dekat, camp5 OU je lah but thats soo small mcm x syok sgt. Kalau betul2 nak climb puas2 then we go PCP at precint 5, just gi ke arah dengkil, or we can convoy. ajak jua skali lah 🙂 nanti kita email2 ok senang. twitter gue kena block lah.


  2. Hey….baru got the chance to view ur blog….such a wonderful things u have here mun 🙂

    This pict yg actually caught my eye!!! yeah, u be surprise with what they would do with their toys kan……my iris blm berdiri mcm harith lagi….mau berderau jantung if i see her do that….coz dia buat stunt ala “superman” on it while another niece is driving it dh cukup buat i mengucap panjang!! sayang didnt hv my camera that time….definitely not showing her this pict of harith….hehe


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    haha, u rase berderau jantung, i lak on the other hand was cheering for him “okay skit lagi tu hArith, push ur self up” bile dh diri i was like “balance yourself hArith, mOmmy nak take photo” hahah

    p/s: if u wish to have portraiture session for ur lil one can book a slot with me ya 😉


  3. huiuh…..coz i lupe nk mention she did it when she’s only around 1…jalan pun x balance sgt lagi….i guess coz i only had 1 at that time, if have 3 mcm u, guess byk lagi yg she will do….same2 team up la bak kate u kan….

    what’s ur rate like?? do email me ya!! thanx

    yeah, should have rock climbing for kids mesti best 🙂


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