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Newborn Photography : Baby Khalish Imran

May 6, 2010

Few months back i did promotion on my photography package, and one of them who took up this promotion was Neeza. At first we thought of having a maternity portraiture but due to her pregnancy condition we decided to have a newborn portraiture instead.

When i first got the news saying her baby was 2.2kg, it brought me back down to memory lane, those days when athirAh and hArith were soo tiny. Neeza’s husband is syauQi’s colleague, thus i forced syauQi to come along with me so he can convince Johan to allow me to tonggeng2 kn his son. I was also lucky this time around, not only i got support from syauQi, i also had Hafiz to mentor me during this assignment.

Lil Khalish grandparents and greatgrandmother were around, i’m glad i was still able to tonggeng2 kn the cucu/cicit. The moyang was super cool, she had no problem seeing the cicit without baju, siap boleh comment, wahh bes lah die tak pakai baju.

This was the longest photo session i had, from 2:30pm till 7:30pm! It took us awhile to comfort the baby. Baby sempat kecing 4 kali and poo poo 3 kali, three times were on me 🙂 There were couple of breastfeeding interval trying to get the baby to sleep. I was tellling myself, by hook or by crook i want to get my photos done; photos that i already visualize in my head. Im glad the parents, syauQi and Hafiz was being patience with me. Willing to wait.

I guess enough of rambling and let the photos do the talking. Im having problem choosing which photos to put up here though..

Hmm, and i dont kow why. im always attracted to those tiny lil toes of newborn 😉



as i mentioned earlier on, the moyang was so cool..even when she saw me placing her cicit in this hanging pod, she commented “oh besnye die duduk dlm endoi”.

I spent total of 5 hours at neeza’s place trying to get Khalish into various position. He was wide awake when we arrived. After few breastfeeding intervals, couple of times urinate and pass motion we finally get him to sleep peacefully =D

Khalish Imran bin Johan

13th April 2010


Thanks to the parents, Neeza and Johan for such patience allowing us to spent 5 hours at your place. In fact that was the first time we our the kids at home for such duration.

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  1. comel sgt yg dia tido dlm ‘endoi’ letak tangan atas kepala tuh! hehehe


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    gmbar the baby dlm ndoi, tgn atas kepala tu, same as when my boy says “oh nooo!” hihi


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