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Triple Celebration 2010

July 20, 2010

*warning! lotsa photos involved in this entry

It has been a month plus since we had the celebration. I really have to start doing a post on it before i lupe the things that had happen. This post might not be in the proper sequence since i really cant think straight especially after going through the photos. I really dont know why this time around, my pregnancy really anti the laptop and going through all the photos just make my nausea worst.

So where do i start? The preparation i guess. Well i cant remember how long it took me to prepare. But based on the email of graphic design that i received for the birthday theme, it was on the 2nd May and i dont remember printing it straight away and cutting it . Well, i used the trial version of adobe acrobat, and the trial is only for 30days, after the birthday my trial version was still valid, so i guess i did it all in less than 30 days. Yes there was certainly lots of priniting and cutting to do. I used up the whole ink catridge ,coloured as well as black n white. and of coz lots of papers involved ;). Anyway, the graphic design was done by Partiesbyhardie . i requested for the theme and also came out with the idea of boarding pass as card invitation.

Among the decoration made using those graphic designs were for the straws, cupcake topper, and table centre piece

The 4 pictures below credits to lana from her facebook, she came early and managed to snap photos of the deco

besides cutting the papers, i bake the cupcakes and cookies. sorry no fancy creamy cupcakes as syauQi said that will only caused mess and such, leceh budak nk makan, so just simple cupcakes and cookies for kids AND parents to munch. I wanted to make the “burger cupcake” myself but i doubt it i have the time so i  requested my reliable trusted friend Fadd to do it. I told her how i wish to have it and gave her the link of the burger so she knows what i was talking about and wallaaa, she came with trays of burger!

those who wants to order this yummy burger im pretty sure she’ll be more than happy to accept orders (wahh i lak yg sukahati confident she takes order, hihi)

Other decos involved were…


table centrepiece which was various “pattern” of roads with choc cars and cupcake toppers as road signs. I had the idea but due to terrible “gastric” (yes back then i thought i was having gastric but few days b4 the bday i came to know that i was pregnant, hence the no appetite in eating and caused empty stomach / gastric). so i rely on my another trusted friend Alia to help me out with this. Pagi tu she came over, we potong the sterofoam and tampal the roads,rumput cucuk signage and we place the choc the very last min takut ended up my kids makan)

balloons of coz, to fill up the sitting room as well as ikat at the chairs outside

oh, i also made photobooth but i think i didnt place it strategically, it went unnoticed by most people sadly, jenuh nak potong carboard tv and get it painted. mayb sbb it didnt stand properly tu org tak notice (i want to blame syauqi on this, hahaha *evil laugh* sbb each time bgtau he will say nanti die pegi hardware shop tp tak pegi2 pun) nway here’s the big red car

and a photo of mak2 budak since budak2 syok main mende lain, so mak budak amiq gmbar

photo credits to yaya

and the “main wall” was done that morning. i had my skool friends, the twins who came over pagi to help me with the last min thingy

cakes were done by i requested for such cake, the elder 2 to have 3 tier as a symbol they turned 3 and uZair had 2 tier as he turned 2 years old. surprisingly yesterday we were talking about cakes and hArith still remembers that he had car on his cake and uZair had trucks while athirAh had princess on it. see, syauQi…who said they wont remember a thing! hihi (hint hint, sila approve next year punye bday party..haha)

My sister and i sesat went we wanted to collect the cake, spend an hour plus on the road, then baru teringat candle tak beli lagi. it was already 3, my tummy was empty trus pening coz i think gas dh naik kepala, almost vomited in hanah’s car, pheww lukcy thing i didnt. when we reached home few guests already arrived.

i  had a very quick shower and set things up. few things were still not yet done. i didnt do the food labeling yet. and didnt set up the activities booth properly. i didnt have siganage for it, thus nobody knows wat was on the table. but i guess everyone was pretty much occupied with other things thats why it was unnoticed. i had homemade finger painting, homemade playdough and also DIY cupcakes. The cupcakes were already ready, for the kids to put their own icing.

My bad, i cant expect ppl to know wat is wat without any label/signage. See the dough was still in the tupperware,obviously ppl were cluless wat was it. i was suppose to bring out the shapes and all for kids to play with the dough but i forgotten. (see photo below). beside the scissors were the icing for the DIY cupcakes. And i was suppose to bring out aprons to place it there so kids can look like lil chef but again i miss out on that. Had 5 aprons ready but didnt bring out, aiyoo.

photo credit to hanis

Then again, as i said mayb all kids were very much occupied that they didnt bother to explore this section.

i dont have any pics of kids in the sanpit n trampoline. managed to get photos of the sandpit from lana, thanks again lana. Wah lana’s boy dah macho conquer the sandpit. last year he was screaming when his mom got him to touch the sand, he graduated from his OCD aight lana? bravo! looks like u can have more diving trip lana while hQ enjoy the beach!

Before the party, we rushed to curve to get more sand to replenish the sand that my kids been throwing out of the sandpit. bought 3 new pack but my gardener didnt undestand my instruction, he didnt bukak all 3 pack and isi the sandpit. instead he place the pack tepi sandpit. sorry kids if the sand tak cukup for u all to bury ur hand and kaki

And since the theme were vehicle/tranportation, we had the “racing car”. again the wheels were last minute glued so it didnt stay well, tecabut habis tayar, aiyak.

most of the kids malu2 to join the race. if u notice the cars number plate were after the kids innitial and age, we had AH3, AZ3 and AU2 . syauQi asked me asal old skool sgt number plate, zaman bile punye keta from Perak ni, haha.

Besides having the inflatable bouncer and big ball in the air, we had the mini pool. but i guess kids were very smart, despite it being covered, twice kids went it before time.

my boys were supposed to wear their 3/4 white pants with that shirt but hArith insists on wearing jeans for both of them. i was afraid die panas, tp nak jugak pakai jeans.

kids were already eager to jump into the pool, uZair was asleep..had to wake him up to have the cake cutting session before all kids get wet. he was lil cranky of coz, woke up so early in the morning to help/busybody with the preparation and ended up knock out the minute guest started coming.

And sorry peeps, i made all of you sang the bday song 3 times. I really love the look on hArith’s face when ppl sang the song for him. He was delighted! Thanks to hanim from pinkertonic for capturing that lovely moment! PRICELESS!

muka hArith masih teruja!

not only his cake, the other 2 punye cake pun hArith beria nk tiup

and uZAir was still half asleep refused to stand on his own,

my brother kate the kids baju make them look like circus trio, haha

and after the cake cutting, all kids were ready to get wet.

the pool cover pun tak sempat remove betul2, all kids dah jump in.

and the peak was the Kamikaze Blast i guess…here’s hArith doing the demo

and here’s syauQi doing the demo on athirAh , “what if” ur child doesnt want to run and skid on it?

here’s the answer…throw her!

yes, if your child does not want to run n skid, you “throw” him/her instead…hihi

and after seeing athirAh’s happy face being “thrown”, other parents were confident to allow syauQi to “throw” their kids too 😀

Kids were queueing up for their turn to be “thrown” by syauQi.

while the Kamikaze Blast were going on, my sister came with a pail of water balloons!

while busy throwing water ballon, i had a surprise visit by my aunt and family all the way from kg Pontian, if kawan ade istilah bestfriend,  ni my bestauntie. every week sure call borak2. kadang tu a week smpai 4 5 kali call!

uZair was fully awake when he saw the water play, he was very much occupied with the water sprinkler

among other photos to share,

kids were enjoying the swings

the transportation theme also include water vehicle,

we had trouble getting athirAh out of the water. It was already gloomy (but alhamdulillah it didnt rain, despite it being very very gloomy, heard there was puting beliung in kota damansara, all pokok besar tumbang akar tercabut). athirAh actually jumped again into the pool after we brought her into the house. so ended up i had to inflate the pool and buang the air, but she was enjoying to the very last drop of the water in the pool

hAppy faces of the parents seeing their kids happily enjoying the day

this photo taken by yaya’s husband, husband die jadi paparazi snapping away bini munching cookies, hihi

among the things that i forgotten and need to take note for future reference (some i’ve mentioned though)

  • proper label/siganage for activity booth
  • i wanted to decorate the kids eating table but seriously i was running out of time, tgk lah meja tak berlapik pun. i wanted to serve the cupcakes, “burger”  on the kiddies table so it is easily reachable for them. i wanted to make a road like on that table too and place the choc car on it.
  • syauqi lupe to on the bubble machine, it was nicely placed up at the corner but he didnt on it. penat je rush gi toys r us
  • instruction to fill up the sandpit was not understood by the gardener, next time kena double cek
  • almost forgotten the steam hotdog, half way tru the party baru kelam kabut suruh syauqi steam kan.
  • kids were looking fwd to jump into the pool, rushed for the cake cutting session till i forgotten to ensure all family members were around. My sis Hanah was not there during the cake cutting as she was busy filling up the water balloon at the back
  • i wanted to make a “black carpet” from the gate toward the garden. yup instead of red carpet, i wanted to have a black carpet representing road (in accordance to the transportation theme) to lead to the garden. but tak jumpe those cheap carpet nipis zaman dulu sek gune tuk surau.
  • this banner was only put up half way tru the party. (again pics credit to pinkertonic)
  • should have place the photobooth at a more strategic place, despite the signage it went unnoticed by majority, ke sbb my photobooth takde rupe photobooth ? *sob*sob =(
  • and most importantly, to let my family members know what i have in mind. that was the prob, each tim emy mom tanye this and that i just didnt have the energy to tell her my plan. so camane nk expect them to help with the final touches. but of coz they already did their part ALOT =) Thanks to my mom and Hanah. and Hanah dah risau nanti by the time anak die punye bday we all dah tak kose nk buat party..hahaha. n notice the “traffic lite” by the door? sadly we didnt have enough “tiang” to have a traffic light for uZair.

and of coz a BIG THANK YOU to En Ahmad Syauqi for approving my kertas keja and belanjawan to have a birthday party this year. although he was NOT part of the commitee print and potong bagai, he actually said this when he saw me cutting the papers n all

him: i penat lah

me: asal u penat, bukan i suruh u potong ke ape?

him: seryes, i penat tgk u prepare! potong lah, glue lah…brapa byk tah kena potong

(especially the goodie pack, die suruh i beli je those plastic party pack, and i kept telling him, “eh bukan i suruh u tolong i pun, and again he replied “ye lah…tapi i penat ah tgk u prepare”)

  • lupe nk amiq photo of the goodie packs individually and the crayon roll was suppose to be in a proper plastic bag with a thank you note tp again, running out of time. n hope i didnt miss out anyone, informing the parents that some of the chocs in the goodie pack contains nuts incase ade yg allergic to nuts
  • the crayon roll was sewn by Neeza from . oh yes, how  i wish im good at sewing straight lines and sew it myself, hihi. good thing Ikea ade stock those vehicle printed material to match the birthday theme =). parents you can put the crayon roll in ur handbag and whenever u eat out, while waiting for the food, kids can be occupied with colourings 😉
  • n opss, i think i miss out on few invitation. as i said prior to the bday i “gastric” mmg tak larat buat pape. lupe nk email few ppl nk invite. sorrryyy

Thanks everyone for spending your Sunday with  us for the TRIPLE Celebration 2010. I really wanted to to send a Thank You email to everyone individually but blame it on my hormone. i just couldnt sit down infront of the pc/laptop. thats y it takes me a month plus to do this entry

My kids, hArith especially was very very happy, especially when he saw his skoolmate

hmm, so what should we have next year? any idea? takkan waterplay lagi. wahh confident next year dpt approval lagi…hihi

Again, THANK YOU everyone. sorry for the short coming, i didnt get to chit chat with all of u. sorry if ade yg tak cukup tempat duduk and all. i think i had about 50 kids sbb we had almost 55 goodie pack and sume licin habis.

Hope u all had a great time =)

*and oh my dad made a surprise trip back for the bday party! my dad kena posted in Jeddah since last year, and tomorrow my parents will be back for good, hooray. i’ll have xtra hands that is! 😉

**photos credit to Hafiz from Wow photo. but i had to put my watermark sbb tanak org main cilok sebarangan. i dont have any other watermark besides that. so again, photos were by Hafiz unless stated otherwise

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  1. it WAS the party of the year ok munirah!!! & u did absolutely amazing on organizing everything up. Did not notice anything that u left out coz it was already full packed with activities. kudos 2 u n family! Hope the kids like the gifts 🙂


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    thanks lana. n also i lupe nk reconfirm with u,u cn swap shift or not, nk pass to u cd of the wiggles for u to learn the move n lead the kids
    yup kids were in heaven with the gift!


  2. Best gilak ur party. sadly i cudnt make it dat day ahhhh. haihhh boleh buat ulang tayang tak? hihi.

    tapi i pon cam nk cakap mcm soki cakap..i penat la tgk u potong-potong..glue-glue. Mmg salute la dgn u, dah la preggie pastu mabuk lagi, masih ada semangat tu nk party all out. Kalau i sure dah flat, takpon terus tk buat party. Hihi (mmg dasar pemalas actually)

    Nnt party Ichiro next year, i nk pinjam kerusi meja kecik tu boleh tak? (budget cut :D)


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    ulang tayang? kite tunggu thn depan lar ye, tu pun begantung pada finance minister, hihi

    meja kusi tu i ade 4 meja n 10 kusi jei. yg lebih tu i sewa


  3. Tahniah dan syabas di ucapkan kepada sang isteri.
    byk betul aktiviti yg dirancang sampai tak sempat nak buat semuanya, walaubagaimana
    pun semuanya berjln lancar. Al hamdulillah.
    Terima kasih kepada semua yg hadir !! U guys memang sporting giler.
    Sang Suami


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    oh knp sang suami sungguh skema?



    The party looked terrificly cool. Oh of cos it was awesome.

    Semoga Kak Munirah and family always have His blessings. Amin.



    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    ameen 🙂


  5. munirah..

    tahun depan sy balik msia boleh la jd pembantu x bergaji. eceehh..

    seronok tgok budak2 main…


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    betul punye offer ke ni?? nnti saya tuntut kate2 irma tau,tlg masak and bake skali if ade bday lagi, bab masak n bab saya fail, hihi

    oh x jd blk hujung thn ni yer?


    irma Reply:

    insyaallah.. sy balik hujung tahun ni..

    boleh kalau bgtau awal2 dan xde kerja masa tu. 🙂


  6. Kalaulah ada ulang tayang mmg u hantar anak2 i kesana..they will love it. I just don’t know manalah you dapat all the energy. mmg dari dulu i really adore ur sabar and determination.


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    sorry dear,i really had u in the invitation list, bt x jumpe ur email. wanted to ajk tru lana but hujung2 tu with the “gastric”, it slip off my mind


  7. wah.. bestnya! warna warni! 🙂


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    abg i kate mcm circus bile tgk baju the kids, byk sgt warna..haha


  8. i think this is by far, the best kid’s party in the year ever! 2 thumbs up 4 u! 🙂 it’s really nice throwing a party for kids over 2 years kan? then u get to have more fun activities like this involved and the best thing is, ur kids are old enough to appreciate the fun! cant wait for my son to turn 2 next year! 😛


  9. hi munirah,

    dun feel bad about the small2 things…. bad for baby…. ur party was awesome!!! we really had soooo much fun!!!!


  10. u “gastric”? ni gastric yg mcm i ke? glad tat u all had fun. oh ade yg comment mcm family day? well tat was the main idea of celebration,not just to celebrate the kids turn 3 n 2 but for us to celebrate the achievement n survival of us raising them without major incident, yes,it is meant for parents to njpy the day with the little ones 🙂
    ( alamak ape jd kt ur comment farah? i nk reply but it deleted ur comment n ganti with mine)


  11. patut lah u cakap,
    “tunggu jap i ambik goody pack…” so i said in my heart la “kan ke dah dapat crayon roll ni?” rupanya ada goodie box to give out.

    i thought u were saying that to someone else. 😛


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    crayon roll tuk kasi mase game lari2 tu, tp mmg buat cukup for all,even if x join lari tu 😉
    choc tu syauqi beli i buat kotak n isi 🙂


  12. oh wow i just love how ur so into things =D
    i’d love to hire u as an organizer one day, lol.
    your harith is so adorable hehe.
    take care!


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    haha, i’ll ended up being an organizer yg tak ter organize…hihi


  13. party tu mmg syok!
    mmg i tgk pun penatt juga.. mcm mana u sangattt la rajin buat semua tu. tak nampak kelam kabut pun.. budak2 mmg happy.mak bapak budak pun happy:)

    i pun tak buat2 lagi entry bday anak2 u. tp gambar tak la cantik dan canggih sgt. kat mana ye nak tgk gambar2 lain?i nak save kalau ada gambar hasya .. dia mmg enjoy betul. gambar bday hasya tu u tak yah edit pape la munirah.hopefully ada lagi .. i nak simpan kenang2an 🙂


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    glad ur kids enjoyed the party. kabut smpai i x sempat pun nk borak2 ngan u.

    n oh gmbr hasya i dh buat, i siapkn juz b4 g cherating.arini i balik. syauqi bising i x buat2 lg gmbr u, nnti i burn kt cd n pos. tp x byk mane sbb mase tu dh mendung kn, gmbr gelap


  14. hi munirah,

    nak tanye yg party box tuh u buat sdiri or beli?..where can i get it?



    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    i buat sendiri tu, gune coloured a4 paper


  15. Nice party, would love to do the same but huhuhu my place just aint big enuff *sigh* but boy do you gave me ideas, thanks for that :-). One Q thou, where did u get the cake from? ke i miss ur post on that.


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    salam dear,
    ordered the cake frm
    her price is vry reasonable as compared to most others 🙂


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