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Play Time

September 17, 2010

Im in the mood in updating my blog now coz i conveniently┬áinstall photoshop on syauqi’s mac. so takyah nk kena naik atas to use the house pc each time i wanna organise my photos.

These photos were taken during the fasting month, one of the their play time petang. This is what happen when u give them total freedom at the house compound. Now the internet signal is much better since we change to unifi, i can bring my laptop out at the patio, surf the net while i look out on them.

While i was browsing the net, suddenly there was a total silent for few seconds and followed by giggles by the elder two..i knew they were up to something…they were at the the other end of the garden playing with the garden tap…

the soaking wet kids

soon after, they felt uncomfortable walking around with wet clothes, heavy to move around i guess…and i caught them at the trampoline wearing nothing…

happily jumping about wearing nothing, kalah budak2 kt kampung

ni muka2 budak tak bersalah main air

and penutupnye of coz lah mandi di luar

and we now have problem, even if its only 330pm but the weather mendung…the kids demand tuk main luar. the minute the see its rather shady outside they will ask me to open the door

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  1. aww.. love the trampolin shot!
    the kids r so creative !!good for them! ­čśë


    mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE Reply:

    hihi as i mentioned before tat’s among the survival skill my kids need in this house…be creative, if not nanti sangap sendiri2…haha


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