Toddler and co-sleeping

By on October 31, 2010

All my 3 kids co-sleep with us, yup we managed to find a way to squeeze all of us on the king size bed. Now that a newborn is coming, i have to think of a sleeping arrangement. Im trying to move them to their own bed. So far it is possible for athirAh and uZair. I will let them fall asleep on my bed first and later carry to their own bed. But somehow it is not possible to do this on hArith. He will wake up middle of night and climb to our bed. He need body contact, he wants to touch someone by his side.

I will often praise the other 2 on how good they are for sleeping on their own bed. Kept telling him that uZAir n athirAh are big boy and big gal sleeping by themselves but why cant he. And guess how he respond to it?

“tapi pApa also very big boy, why pApa tak sleep on his own bed?”

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By on October 29, 2010

If you notice, i often write on hArith’s conversation but nothing much on athirah’s. The reason: athirAh doesnt talk much until recently…her fav word is “mane” . Sume mende tanye “mane this…that..” mcm2 lah soalan mane die

hArith been asking all sorts of question and wont stop until he gets the specific answer he wants to hear. If he is not satisfied with the answer, he will keep on asking “kenapa”

I can foresee after this not only i get physically tired looking after them but also mentally tired, answering to their 1001 question. Wish me luck.

Found this photo of my gal while clearing up the hard disk

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Honda Accord MAS 8757

By on October 28, 2010

I was about to wake up for my subuh prayers today when my mom entered the room

mama: hanim solat subuh doa kan skali, kereta mama kena curi kat rumah abang.

My brother borrowed mom’s car last night and brought it to his house over night. It was parked inside, he has automatic gate yet the robbers managed to force open the auto gate and took the car away. The extra effort they had to do, to open the gate and all, where else there were lots of other cars park outside by the road side.

I guess, takde rezeki kami. But dont you find it frustrating, waking up in the morning to find our your car is no longer where you park.

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Cataract & USANA ( and High Blood Pressure )

By on October 27, 2010

About a year ago,  my mom’s maid who have been working with us for more than 10 years told us her eye feels “heavy”. She also mentioned about her affected eyesight. Mom then brought her to UMSC to see eye specialist Prof Angeline. The standard procedure upon seeing the doctor consists of the basic check up ; get her to read the letters on the board and also check her blood pressure. We were surprised to find out her BP was very high, it was 240 (as opposed to the usual of 120).

Prof said her eye sight was affected due to her high BP. Prof did mentioned about having a surgery for her, as she was diagnosed with cataracts. Meanwhile she was given medication for both, her BP as well as her cataract.

A year have passed, and BP drop with the help of doctor medication but her last check up in June, Prof confirmed that a cataract surgery need to be scheduled for her after her next check up (in October; last week). Of coz she gets panic upon hearing the word surgery. My mom wasnt around then, (followed dad who was posted in Jeddah for a year), i called my mom to inform of maid’s condition and suggested why not give Usana Visionex a try. No harm trying afterall Prof said a surgery need to be done, who knows if Usana can help improve her cataract, if it doesn’t then will just have to proceed with the surgery. In July i bought her the Usana Visionex, she is now into her 2nd bottle of Usana Visionex.

Came last week, she reminded my mom of her appointment. Wah, she even told my mom that it can be her last appointment, after this just take the supplement i’m giving : “cik lepas ni takyah pegi dah, makan ubat hanim kasi je,mata dah tak berat” Afterall she said,the past 1 year not much of improvement and besides the fear of having to go through the surgery, she feels bad that mom have to spend for her medical fees. So she suggested that,to go for the last check up and need not scheduled for another check up, instead to continue with Usana Visionex.

Mom said, we have a look first of your eye condition and decided late . And oh to our surprise wow , during the check up her eye condition improve a lot and no longer need to undergo surgery. Alhamdulillah. Maid pun senyum panjang lah takyah surgery!

This was how the graph for her eyes looks like, tgk the circle tu..looks like sunny side up egg (telur mata kerbau), the orange with big white circle patch in it indicates how swollen her eyes were. This was the graph back in June 2010

And here’s the recent graph of last week’s check up; The “sunny side up egg get smaller and the white circle in the orange circle is already smaller)

Here’s a lil close up of before and after

Look how swollen the left picture below, big white circle in the orange circle and on the right side you can only see a lil of white circle.

and this graph below, the one before you can see very obvious jaggered line and rocky below, and in last check up the jaggered have also improved and only one “rocky stone” left

Now that we have help with her eye condition, i told my mom we have to counter the root problem; which is her High BP. So gave her the Usana supplement for High BP too. Will see how it goes from here, insyaAllah.

** syauQi asked if i wanna go anywhere for a short trip, say 2 nites perhaps coz he have long leave for Raya Haji, of coz i would like to go somewhere but i kind of “phobia” now after our trip to ClubMed. Spend soo much but yet a stressful trip. We went to A’Famosa 2 years back because they had quite a good bargain but it didnt turn out that well, poor quality service. We didnt complain much coz for the money we paid, it was tolerable. So we thought going to ClubMed a five star resort, things will be better…but yet it didn’t. In fact even worse. So bayar murah pun camtu, bayar mahal pun camtu….so where should we go. How come this only happen when we go for local holiday? Any suggestion where can we go that wont disappoint us? Number one priority…where food is convinient. Oh so far Hyatt Kuantan never disappoint us…alhamdulillah

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On Strollers

By on October 26, 2010

When we found out i was pregnant with triplets, we were searching for strollers solution. I think it will look like a train pushing around triplets stroller like the pic below, and also kesian the two that seat at the back wont be getting a clear view infront…

and i doubt it we can move around the shopping mall aisle if we use this kind of triplets stroller

even now, with the twin stroller we have prob moving around to pass through the shopping mall aisle, especially during sales, they just love putting extra baskets in the middle of the aisle making the not-so-big aisle even smaller than it is.

We didnt buy the stroller till i gave birth, well lucky thing we didnt. Since hArith and athirAh spent months in the SCN, we had ample time to look around for the twin stroller, and we finally settled for this Cosatto twin stroller simply because i love the colours…a stroller that clearly tells the gender of my twins 😀

(obviously we had the footmuff remove)

When uZair pops out, we got another single stroller for him. But now hArith ended up sitting on uZAir’s single stroller as he find it more comfortable for his bigger body build, thus uZAir share the stroller with athirAh.

My kids are always strap in their stroller whenever we are out, it is just not possible to chase after them if i were to let them out of the stroller. Now that i am pregnant, we were wondering how to solve our stroller issue. To get another twin stroller like the Cossatto? We were not so keen on that coz dont think hArith would want to sit on it, so we thought of getting the buggy board where we can attach to the stroller and get hArith to stand on it. But prob is, we will need to detach the buggyboard each time we fold the stroller, that would be too much of a hassle.

Thus after much googling and browsing through the net,we found this BabyTrend Sit n Stand

It’s even better coz if hArith gets too tired standing, he have the option of sitting down. The front sit cant be fully recline though. So will get athirAh to sit there since she can sleep in any kind of position (even while standing) and the cossato twin stroller for uZair and the newborn (but opsss what if the newborn is not a girl?)

But apparently most infant car seat would fit on it, it you wish to put a newborn on it (if im not mistaken, preg prego pun boleh)

This is how it looks like when hArith sits

and when he stands

however last sunday,brought all 3 kids to the stream nearby and managed to get all three on the stroller…tadaaaaa

instead of hArith sit down and face the the other way round, i get him to face fwd and put his leg in the basket, so athirAh could also stand….they do have belt for the one standing, so die cam bleh sandar against the belt

Oh i really thing it is such a good buy getting this stroller. Thanks to syauQi for the hassle of brining it all the way from US. I saw a local blog selling this stoller, cant remember the blog though, price at RM850.

*photos of the strollers via google and photos of my kids took using the phone

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