The bun is out of the oven – TRIPLETS plus ONE

The bun is out of the oven

January 24, 2011

Alhamdulillah safely delivered a baby boy weighing 2.535kg after 12mins entered the labour room. Didnt take anything this ethonox. evrything was so fast..syauQi pun x sempat datang as he was having his exam.Baby pops out while he was on the way.

a lil summary;

12:51pm: syauQi called me as he just finished his exam. i was in the lift heading to the ward

12.58pm: entered the room for labour. Prof examine and said 5cm, she further said once i ruptured ur amniotic fluid, in no time u’ll give birth

told prof dh x tahan dah ni….

1.10pm: alhamdulillah baby pops out. i brought along my camera tp x sempat syauqi nk dtg take photos

will update more once im home, insyaAllah

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  1. hahhaha.. same to me.. kena plak ader nurse kat umah yang lagik garang dr nurse kat spital…. adik2 plak dok komplot nak menggagalkan misi berpantang.. hehhe


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